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What does API stand for?

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APIApplications Program Interface
APIAir Pollution Indices
APIAdded and Possibly
APIAu Pair International
APIAttachment Packet Interface
APIAs an Antiseptic It
APIAgainst to Provide
APIAnimal and Plant Inspection
APIAngiotech Pharmaceutical Interventions
APIApplied Physics Institute
APIAbroad Program Information
APIAsset Preservation Inc
APIApplication Programming Inteface
APIAsian Pacific Islanders
APIApplication Programing Interface
APIActive Pharma Ingredients
APIAbraham Path Initiative
APIA the Public Is
APIAustralian Property Investor
APIApproach of Producing
APIAnimals for Public
APIAims to Provide an Integrated
APIAnd A Professional
APIAdvantage Products Inc
APIApplication Programmer Interfaces
APIAmerican Physicians Insurance
APIAsian and Pacific Islanders
APIAdvance Passenger Information
APIAquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc
APIAsian or Pacific Islander
APIApplication and Image
APIAllocation Parent Isolé
APIAddition to the Plugin
APIActive Pharmaceuticals Ingredients
APIAmerican Pistol Institute
APIAmerican and Pacific Islander
APIAlliance Publications Inc
APIApplications Platform Independent
APIArmor Piercing Incendiary
APIAnd Partial Implementation
APIApplications to Include
APIApplication Programme Interface
APIApplication Protocol Interface
APIAgriculture Products Inc
APIAny of the Publicly
APIAsian and or Pacific Islander
APIAsia Paranormal Investigators
APIAnd Are Providers
APIAgricultural Policy Institute
APIAnsal Properties and Infrastructure
APIAnnual Parasite Incidence
APIAnton Proksch Institut
APIAllied Precision Industries
APIAssociation Phonetique Internationale
APIAre Provided Including
APIAgency Performance Indicators
APIAutomate Programmable Industriel
APIAn Application Profile
APIAcademic Performance Indicator
APIArea of Potential
APIAnd Protocols for Its
APIAbout Programming Issues
APIAplication Program Interface
APIApplications the Internet
APIApplications on an IBM
APIApplications Program Interfaces
APIAssociation for Pathology Informatics
APIApplication Programmable Interface
APIAwt Panel Implements
APIAdvanced Programming Interface
APIAchromobacter Protease I
APIAn Applet Import
APIAutori Produttori Indipendenti
APIAssociation of Petroleum Industry
APIabsolute playstation international
APIAmerican Poster Institute
APIAs A Potentially
APIApplications Programming Interfaces
APIArsitektur Perbankan Indonesia
APIAll Possible Input
APIAgricultural Production Index
APIAutomated Precision Inc
APIApplications and Industry
APIAsylum Policy Instructions
APIAssociation in Proceedings
APIAllows People to Install
APIAlpha Products International
APIApplication Programmatic Interface
APIAddition to the Preceding
APIArizona Preserve Initiative
APIAnnual Property Inspections
APIArcelor Packaging International
APIAnnouncements in the Public Interest
APIApplication Programming Internet
APIApplied Perception Inc
APIAdds the Provided
APIApproved Photographic Instructor
APIAlternative Press Index
APIAsociacia Poskytovatelov Internetu
APIAnnual Performance Index
APIAll Platforms I
APIAudio Products Inc
APIAssociacao Portuguesa de Informatica
APIAlso Provide an Interface
APIAplication Programming Interface
APIAstrological Psychology Institute
APIapplications programmers interface
APIAnd POSIX Interfaces
APIArt in the Public Interest
APIAcademic Program Inventory
APIAmerican Precision Industries
APIall points international
APIAmerican Preparatory Institute
APIAerospace Products International
APIAccess to Primary
APIAmerican Paranormal Investigations
APIAmerican Precision Instruments
APIAnd Pharmaceutical Intermediates
APIApplied Precision Inc
APIAngka Pengenal Importir
APIAssociazione Piccole Industrie
APIAn Application Programmers Interface
APIAssociation of Psychologists of Iraq
APIAdoption of ISO
APIAdvanced Pollution Instrumentation
APIAssociazione Piscicoltori Italiani
APIAdvanced Programs Inc
APIAdvanced Processing Imaging
APIAmerican Proficiency Institute
APIAviation Professionals Inc
APIAnkle Protection Inserts
APIAnnee Polaire Internationale
APIAvailable Plastics Inc
APIAssociated Products Inc
APIAgencia de Proyectos de Investigacion avanzada
APIAlso Provides an Interactive
APIAsians Pacific Islanders
APIAutomatic Products International
APIAthletic Performance Inc
APIAfrica Policy Institute
APIAmerican Petrolium Institute
APIAtlantic Planners Institute
APIAssociation of Pharmaceutical Importers
APIApplications Processor Interface
APIAnd People Interested
APIAtmospheric Pressure Interface
APIAdministrative Partners Inc
APIApplicazioni Plastiche Industriali
APIAtlas Products International
APIace private investigations
APIApplication Programme Interfaces
APIAerial Photograph Interpretation
APIAsia Pacific Internet
APIAny Possibility of Implementing
APIAmerican Petroleum Industry
APIA Proposed Industry
APIAnnualised Premium Income
APIActive Pack International
APIAs the Plugging
APIAnton Proksch Institute
APIAutomobile Products of India
APIAsia Properties Inc
APIAccess to Public Information
APIAction Plan Improved
APIAdvanced Performance Institute
APIAwards Program Is
APIAsociatia Presei Independente
APIAutomated Processes Incorporated
APIAmerica Petroleum Institute
APIAdvanced Placement Incentive
APIAxtell Productions International
APIAssociazione Pizzerie Italiane
APIAvailable in the Previous
APIAdvantage Property Inspections
APIAustralian Public Intellectuals
APIApplication Programm Ing
APIAssociazione Primatologica Italiana
APIAdvanced Policy Institute
APIAerial Photography Interpretation
APIAngkatan Pemuda Insaf
APIApproximal Plaque Index
APIAction Products International
APIAgency for the Promotion of Investments
APIApplication Progamming Interface
APIAutronic Plastics Inc
APIArmour Piercing Incendiary
APIAnnual Parasite Index
APIAnother Piece of the Infrastructure
APIAccredited Platform Integrator
APIAffiliated Physicians Inc
APIAircraft Parts International
APIadditional price information
APIAlliance for the Polyurethane Industry
APIActinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
APIAlso Provides Interactive
APIAnd Application Implementing
APIAdvanced Processing and Imaging
APIAssociated Professionals Inc
APIAderhold Properties Inc

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Note: Acronym Finder has 128 verified definitions for API

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