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What does AOL stand for?

Acronym Finder has 25 verified definitions for AOL

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
AOLAction Oriented Learning
AOLAccount for Only
AOLAdventures of Link
AOLAnnounced at Lotusphere
AOLAt One of the Libraries
AOLArginina Ornityna Lizyna
AOLAvailable in Other Languages
AOLAfter the Oklahoma
AOLAbove and the Latest
AOLAn Online Launch
AOLArmy of the Lord
AOLApproach the Limited
AOLAutomodel on Line
AOLAnd Once the List
AOLAnglo Operations Limited
AOLAdvertising On Line
AOLAssociation of Lincoln
AOLAnd of the Launch
AOLAdvani Oerlikon Ltd
AOLAlso by the Limited
AoLAlliance of Liberty
AOLAlbum on Limited
AOLAustralia On Line
AOLAban Offshore Limited
AOLAmerica Online to Launch
AOLAmerica OnLine Links
AOLAssholes on Line
AOLAmerica Off Line
AOLAmerika on Line
AoLAssurance of Learning
AOLAssociazione Orafa Lombarda
AOLAmerica Online Like
AOLAlgorithmic Oriented Language
AOLAlliance Of Overclocking
AOLAssociated Oregon Loggers
AOLAcronym for Limited
AOLAmerica Online the Leading
AOLAnnual Operating Loan
AOLAvon Organics Limited
AOLAny of the Other Large
AOLAlliance in Orlando
AoLArmy of Lunatics
AOLAsset to Our Little
AOLArbeitsgemeinschaft organisationsgebundene Landpresse
AOLAmerica Online Library
AOLAmateurs on Line
AOLAlways Off Line
AOLassoc or loggers
AOLAbsence Over Leave
AOLage of learning
AOLanterior oblique ligament
AOLAmerica Online Login
AOLAbsent on Leave
AOLAntigua in Orlando
AOLAdvantage On Line
AOLAirways in Orlando
AOLAtlantic Oceanographic Laboratory
AOLAmerica Online Lt
AOLAre the Owners of at Least
AOLage of L2 learning
AOLAnti Onion League
AOLAppointment of Oleg
AOLAstrology On Line
AOLAdopted and Lists
AOLAccessories in Laptop
AOLAll Others List
AOLAssembly on the Legislature
AOLAmerica Online Latino
AOLAgriculture On Line
AOLaussie online limited
AOLAmerica on the Line
AOLAll Others Left
AOLAntichrist on Line
AOLAmerica Online LONG
AOLAutos from Lexus
AOLAlready on Like
AOLAmateur on Line
AOLArray Oriented Language
AOLAnnounced as Love
AOLArtificial Organs Lab
AOLAchieved Overhaul Life
AOLAggravation on Line
AOLAll Operators Letter
AOLAugmentation of Labour
AOLAcronym Overload Land
AOLApplication Oriented Language
AOLAffiliation to Link
AOLAmerica Online Late
AoLAlliance of the Leaders
AOLAgreement for Outgoing Loans
AOLAccountants in Livermore
AOLAnother Ousted Leader
AOLAromatics Oman Ltd
AOLAbsolutely Out of Luck
AOLAnimated to Old
AOLArchitects of the Legend
AOLAtlapedia On Line
AOLAutos the Lotus
AOLAdvanced Oil Lifting
AOLAltoona On Line
AOLAbhinandan on Line
AOLAfrican Ocean Lines
AOLand order listserv
AOLApostles of Liberty
AOLApplied Optics Laboratory
AOLAll Operator Letters
AOLAlternate Opacity Limit
AOLAdvanced Organic Laboratory
AOLAnthracite Or Lignite
AOLAboriculture On Line
AOLAntigua On Line
AOLArtsakh On Line
AOLAdmission Of Liability
AOLAn Organization of Lawyers
AOLAn Outerwear Logo
AOLAnother Oceanography List
AOLAnticipation Of Litigation
AOLAssociation of Ontario Land