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What does AIDS stand for?

Acronym Finder has 31 verified definitions for AIDS

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
AIDSAnd Infectious Diseases Such
AIDSAt the Institute for Democracy in South
AIDSAccording to the Diocese
AIDSAgainst Infectious Diseases Such
AIDSAnd Implications for the Design
AIDSAmericans of the Dangers
AIDSAgencies Including the Department of State
AIDSAttention to the Disproportionate
AIDSAgency for International Development S
AIDSAn Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSAttention to the District S
AIDSAction for the Disabled
AIDSAvailable at the District
AIDSAnd Information and Does
AIDSAirborne Integrated Data Systems
AIDSAfrica in Dakar Senegal
AIDSAllergy and Infectious Disease S
AIDSAnd Implements the Department S
AIDSAwareness in the District
AIDSAttempt to Intimidate and Silence
AIDSAgain on the Domestic
AIDSAfrica Department of State
AIDSAlliance Dedicated to Saving
AIDSAnd International Development Since
AIDSAbuso Indiscriminato Del Sulo
AIDSAllergy and Infectious Diseases Sponsored
AIDSAt the Instituto De Salud
AIDSAfrica Is the Destination
AIDSAgency for International Development South
AIDSAction Day at the State
AIDSAnd Integrated Disease Surveillance
AIDSApproach Is on Display
AIDSAcute Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSAnd Information Dissemination Service
AIDSAgency for International Development Special
AIDSAttitudes of Discrimination and Stigmatization
AIDSArtistes in Direct Support
AIDSAJAX Image Dump System
AIDSAcquired Immure Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSArtists International Direct Support
AIDSAcquired Immune Disease Syndrome
AIDSAcquir Immune Def Syndr
AIDSAcquire Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSacquired immune deficiency syndromes
AIDSacquired immune deficient syndrome
AIDSacquired immunodefficiency disease syndrome
AIDSAcquired immunodeficiency deficiency syndrome
AIDSacquires immune deficiency syndrome
AIDSanti-acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIDScommunity-acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIDSHIV)/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSHIV/acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIDSnon-acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIDSAnd Analysis in Depth SUDAN
AIDSacquired immune deficiency disease syndrome
AIDSconditions-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSHIV)-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSHIV)-positive/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSHIV)/Acquired Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSHIV)/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSHIV-positive/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSHIV/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSHIVs)-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSinfection/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSlymphadenopathy-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSNon-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSnon-autoimmune deficiency syndrome
AIDSpre-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDStransfusion-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSa human immune deficiency syndrome
AIDSacquired immune deficiency disease
AIDSAgainst the DNA Sequence
AIDSAnd Infectious Disease Science
AIDSAnother Idea for Stopping
AIDSacquired immune deficiency virus
AIDSAdditional Income for Dependants or Spouse
AIDSAnd Industry and Showing
AIDSAnally Injected Death Sentence
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficency Syndrome
AIDSAssistance in the Diocese
AIDSAcquired Immuned Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSAllergy and Infectious Diseases Since
AIDSAquired Immune Difficiency Syndrome
AIDSAccident Incident Data Subsystem
AIDSActivities in the Indian State
AIDSAcquired Imuno Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSacquired human immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSacquired immunodeficiency syndrome incidence
AIDSacquired immunodeficiency virus syndrome
AIDSacquired-immunodeficiency syndrome patients
AIDSAdios Infected Dick Sucker
AIDSand human immunodeficiency syndrome
AIDSArt Installation on Display
AIDSAnd Incidence of STI
AIDSAnnihilating the Inner Decay of Species
AIDSAnd the Instituto De Salud
AIDSacquired immune deficience syndrome
AIDSAdvanced Interactive Debugging System
AIDSAmericans Interested in the Stigma
AIDSAgricultural Information and Documentation System
AIDSAkvirírani Imúnski Deficítni Sindróm
AIDSA I Drugih Seksualno
AIDSAnd or Infectious Diseases Such
AIDSAnnlochd Inneamh Dìon Slàinte
AIDSand inspection data sheet
AIDSAre in Impoverished Sub
AIDSAs Injuries and Deaths
AIDSAutomated Information Display System
AIDSAnd Interest from the District
AIDSAvailable to Download Stop
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency System
AIDSAdditional Income for Dependants of Spouse
AIDSAfrica and India in South
AIDSAfrica ICASA Dakar Senegal
AIDSAkirita Imuno Deficita Simptomaro
AIDSA Iniciativa De Sistematizar
AIDSAnd Available Data Systems
AIDSAre Impoverished and Disabled
AIDSAccident Incident Data System
AIDSAcquir Immune Deflc Syndr
AIDSAfrica to Deal Specifically
AIDSAnd About Including Some
AIDSAsthma Immunodeficiency Diseases Such
AIDSAuto Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiencies Syndrome
AIDSAerospace Intelligence Data System
AIDSAnd Infectious Diseases Strategy
AIDSAny Increase in Domestic Spending
AIDSArizona Is Dedicated to Stopping
AIDSacquired immno deficiency syndrome
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficienty Syndrome
AIDSAdvanced Information Distribution System
AIDSAdvisor Division of Service
AIDSArmy Information Data Systems
AIDSAwareness and Information Day Substance
AIDSAbstinence Including Delay of Sexual
AIDSAcqiured Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSAdaptive Intrusion Data System
AIDSAgainst Drugs and the Spread
AIDSAre Implemented and Scaled
AIDSAfrica and the Dispatch
AIDSAjax Integrated Development System
AIDSAlliance Internal Defense Supervisor
AIDSAquired Immuno Defiency Syndrome
AIDSAutomated Identification Division System
AIDSActivity Information Data Systems
AIDSAuto Immune Defficiency Syndrome
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Sybdrome
AIDSApplications to Discovery of Small
AIDSAsociaci=n de Instituciones de Desarollo y Servicios