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What does AS stand for?

AS stands for AETHER SYS


This definition appears somewhat frequently

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Gestalt Aether Theory :Big Bang Theory By D. D.
Play the game of life and win. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Nature, Metal and the Aether.
The Warp Field is nothing else than the Aether Engineering: http://www. ioannisxydous.
Because he observed dark "spots" on the moon, craters, he remarked that the moon was not a perfect celestial body as had been previously conceived. This was the first time someone could see imperfections on a celestial body that was supposed to be composed of perfect aether. As such, because the moon's imperfections could now be related to those seen on Earth, one could argue that neither was unique: rather, they were both just celestial bodies made from earth-like material.
He considered each as "disconnected termi?nals" to ground. Electrical radiance spread out in all directions from the el?evated copper sphere of his transmitter. The secret in receiving a maximum signal was to match the transmitter's copper mass with the receiver mass. Then, the Aether streams would actually focus into the matched receiver. This affinity would take time, the transmitter energy "searching" for better ground sites.
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This was not the first time Continental Drift had been proposed. Continental Drift was proposed by Ortelius (1596), corroborated by Snider-Pellegrini (1858) who suggested the rather fanciful and unsubstantiated mechanism of continents driven apart by a massive volcanic eruption on the sixth day of creation, and later corroborated by Wegener (1912) who declined to argue a mechanism. Montovani (1889) presents us with the first attempt to explain the mechanism of Continental Drift without invoking any supernatural meddling. With Continental Drift the product of Yarkovsy's Earth Expansion, it still remained to find a more plausible mechanism for Earth Expansion than Yarkovsy's aether.
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