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What does ABP stand for?

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ABPACCU BREAK Pharmaceuticals
ABPAssociation of Business Psychologists
ABPAutomated Blood Pressure
ABPAgricultural Based Products
ABPAuxin Binding Protein
ABPAttending the Baptist
ABPActive Braking Pivot
ABPArea Based Plans
ABPAgricultural Biotechnology Park
ABPAcute Bacterial Prostatitis
ABPAnugerah Bintang Popular
ABPAssociation Belgo Palestinienne
ABPAgence Benin Presse
ABPAutomatic Bill Payment
ABPAcritum Batch Processor
ABPAssociation of Black Professionals
ABPAn American Border Patrol
ABPAutomatic Blood Pressure
ABPActin Binding Proteins
ABPAlternate Benefit Program
ABPAmerican Benefit Plans
ABPAttitude Behavior and Practice
ABPArabinose Binding Protein
ABPAmerican Business Payroll
ABPAnand Bazaar Patrika
ABPAbsolute Best Plan
ABPArbeitsstelle Bildungsforschung Primarstufe
ABPAlberta Beef Producers
ABPAlliances for Broadening Participation
ABPAsien Brasilien Portugal
ABPArmy Blood Program
ABPAnza Borrego Partners
ABPAmerican Board of Psychiatry
ABPAssured British Pigs
ABPAdvanced Building Performance
ABPActivity Based Physics
ABPAdvertising and Brand Performance
ABPAuto Body Panels
ABPAfghanistan Border Police
ABPAnglo Beef Processors
ABPAustralian Business Publishers
ABPAfghanistan Border Patrol
ABPAlliance of Biblical Pentecostals
ABPAssessment Budgeting and Planning
ABPAlternate Benefits Program
ABPAsset Buyers Program
ABPAlt Binary Pictures
ABPAyurvedic Body Polish
ABPAmerican Board of Physical
ABP125I-iodo]androgen-binding protein
ABPA1M/bikunin precursor
ABPacalculous biliary pain
ABPAchyranthes bidentata polysaccharides
ABPactivity , blood pressure
ABPAcute bacterial parotitis
ABPadrogen-binding protein
ABPaffective bodily perception
ABPalbumin binding protein
ABPalbumin binding proteins
ABPalbumin-binding proteins
ABPallogeneic blood products
ABPambulatory blood pressures
ABPAMPA binding protein
ABPAmyloid Beta Protein
ABPamyloid beta-peptide
ABPanastomosis bursting pressure
ABPanastomotic bursting pressure
ABPandrogen binding proteins
ABPandrogen-binding proteins
ABPandrostenedione binding protein
ABPangle blade plate
ABPankle blood pressure
ABPanorganic bone particles
ABPantibody-binding protein
ABPaortic blood pressure
ABPAra-binding protein
ABParterial blood pressures
ABPautologous blood predonation
ABPavidin/biotinylated peroxidase
ABPDHT)-androgen binding protein
ABPfollistatin/activin-binding protein
ABPGPIb/IX-actin-binding protein
ABPintra-aortic balloon pumping
ABPL-arabinose binding protein
ABPL-arabinose-binding protein
ABPAmerican Board of Preventive
ABPAcademy of Behavioral Profiling
ABPAmerican Board of Plastic
ABPArea Based Programmes
ABPAtomic Bear Press
ABPAutomated Bulk Provisioning
ABPAutomated Business Power
ABPacid receptor-binding protein
ABPadenosine deaminase binding protein
ABPadenosine-deaminase-binding protein
ABPadriamycin, bleomycin and prednisone
ABPadriamycin, bleomycin, and prednisone
ABPalso measure blood pressure
ABPAmadori product binding protein
ABPambulatory blood pressure monitoring
ABPambulatory blood pressure levels
ABPambulatory blood pressure monitoring
ABPAMPA receptor binding protein
ABPAMPA receptor-binding protein
ABPand NH4+ break point
ABPAnkle blood pressure measurement
ABPankle systolic blood pressure
ABPaortic Bjork Shiley prostheses
ABParterial blood pressure measurement
ABPartificial brain stem perfusion
ABPAuditory brain stem potentials
ABPauditory brainstem evoked potentials
ABPAction for Blind People
ABPAcross Borders Project
ABPActin Bundling Protein
ABPAll Bilingual Press
ABPAustralian Builders Plate
ABPAdventure Bachelor Party
ABPArchdiocesan Band Program
ABPhuman bladder carcinogen 4-aminobiphenyl
ABPAssociation British Ports
ABPAlfa Business Park
ABPAssociation of Black Psychologists
ABPAir Battle Position
ABPAcademic Bridge Programme
ABPAutomata Based Programming
ABPAir Brake Proportioing
ABPAnnual Borrowing Program
ABPacute bacterial bronchopneumonia
ABPN-dimethylammonium butyl phosphate
ABPAlt Binaries Pictures
ABPAssociation of British Ports
ABPAssumption Based Planning
ABPAlcoa Building Products
ABPAnimal Behavior Processes
ABPAsthma Bother Profile
ABPAurora Board of Participants
ABPAluminum Bun Pan
ABPAssoc British Ports
ABPAccelerated Bachelor Programme
ABPAmerican Business Products
ABPAlliance of Brave People
ABPAll Business Products
ABPAlliance of Backcountry Parachutists
ABPAuthorized Business Partner
ABPAbstract Business Process
ABPAlbuquerque Bicycle Park
ABPApplied Business Perspectives
ABPAvon Butterfly Project
ABPAberdeen Briar Patch
ABPAllied Bank of Pakistan
ABPAqaba Business Park
ABPAmerican Board of Paediatrics
ABPAtrial Blanking Periods
ABPAdvisory Board for Publications
ABPamerican business prods
ABPAss British Ports
ABPActivity Based Planning
ABPAffinity Based Probe
ABPAmbulance Bijstands Plan
ABPAmiloride Binding Protein
ABPAppleTalk Broadcast Protocol
ABPAsset Business Planning
ABPAssoc Bras Psiquiatria
ABPAdvancing Business Professional
ABPAFLAC Broadcast Partners
ABPAnton Bauer Panasonic
ABPAdditional Books Programme
ABPAffiliated Business Process
ABPAgean Blue Pearl
ABPAgricultural Biotechnology Programme
ABPAlgae Based Ponds
ABPAlamitos Barrier Project
ABPAnalysis of Beef Producers
ABPand british poetry
ABPAsset Based Provider
ABPAssociated Book Publishers
ABPAutomated Billing Program
ABPAchieving Breakthrough Performance
ABPAverage Benefit Percentage
ABPAgile Business Practices
ABPAmerican Battlefield Protection
ABPAmerican Budget Project
ABPAnakku Baby Products
ABPAncient Bristlecone Pine
ABPArctic Buoy Program
ABPAustralian Book Page
ABPAbbeyrd Beatles Page
ABPAberdeen Birding Pages
ABPAberystwyth Birding Page
ABPAccelerator Based Physics
ABPActaeons Bestiality Page
ABPAcute Bovine Pulmonary
ABPAdjustments to the Blasting Procedure

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Note: Acronym Finder has 56 verified definitions for ABP

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