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What does AAB stand for?

Acronym Finder has 56 verified definitions for AAB

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
AABAccounting Advisory Board
AABAntigua And Barbuda
AABAntiquities Advisory Board
AABAll About Books
AABAgriculture Advisory Board
AABAssociation of Bioanalysts
AABAction Aid Bangladesh
AABAnother Adult Board
AABAnimal Advisory Board
AABArtist Advisory Board
AABAppeals Advisory Board
AABAll About Belgium
AABAcademy of Ballet
AABAmerican Australian Business
AABAmerican Academy of Ballet
AABAdjustable Abdominal Bench
AABAlumnae Advisory Board
AABAll American Boy
AABAssociate in Applied Business
AABArchitectural Access Board
AABActive Address Book
AABArab African Bank
AABAmerican Association of Blood
AABAdvocate Advisory Board
AABAssociate of Applied Business
AABAssociation of Broadcasters
AABAssociation of Bioethics
AABAeronautics Advisory Board
AABArchitectural Accessibility Board
AABAssessment and Accountability Branch
AABAfrican Agency of Biotechnology
AABAssociation of Bioanalysis
AABAustralian Associated Brewers
AABAdaptive Absorbing Boundary
AABAsia Alliance Base
AABAviation Advisory Board
AABAugusta Arsenal Blue
AABAppel A Bouffer
AABAraog Ar Bepred
AABAuthorized Agent Banks
AABAcronyms and Abbreviations
AABAmerican Association for Bronchology
AABAssociation for Bronchology
AABAcademy of Bookbinding
AABAirline Advertising Bureau
AABAmerican Academy of Bookbinding
AABacetic acid bacteria
AABacid--alkaline balance
AABacute active bleeding
AABalcohol-acquisition behaviour
AABaqueous acetate buffer
AABAtrio-Arterial Bypass
AABaxillo-axillary bypass
AABall american bus
AABArchitectural Advisory Board
AABAcademics Across Borders
AABAssociate of Arts in Business
AABAthletic Advisory Board
AABAssociation of Bahrain
AABAcidic aniline blue stain
AABAm Alpha Binding protein
AAbanti-beta-D-galactosidase-activating antibodies
AABarea above the baseline
AABAmerican Association of Bahrain
AABAircraft Accident Brief
AABAvenue Assets Berhad
aAbIDD-associated autoantibodies
AABAssociation of Aircraft Brokers
AABAccountancy Accreditation Board
AABAcademy of Bereavement
AABApprenticeship Administration Branch
AABAxis Aligned Box
AABAmerican Academy of Bereavement
AABAmerican Association of Bioanalysis
AABAction Aid Burundi
AabActinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans serotype b
AABAdvanced American Biotechnology
AABArubaanse Atletiek Bond
AABAtlantic Association of Broadcasters
AABAutomatic Answer Back
AABAlianca Anticomunista Brasileira
AABAuthorized Agents Banks
AABAdvertising Advisory Board
AABAnnual Awards Banquet
AABAcademic Advisory Board
AABasken auto bateau
AABAccredited Agent Banks
AABARPPIS Academic Board
AABAssociation for Bioethics
AABAirport Annual Burn
AABAreal Aboveground Biomass
AABAnalytical Accreditation Board
AABAudit and Accountability Bureau
AABAudatex Advisory Board
AABAuditor Authentication Body
AABAdjusted at Bats
AABalis amsalem bella
AABAmazing Astrofest Bunch
AABAmerican Association for Bioethics
AABArtifactS Art BBS
AABAssociation of Brazilian
AABab1121 ankle band
AABAberdeen Abbreviated Browser
AABAircraft Artillery B
AABAntonio A Bacalhau
AABAppointment and Advisory Boards
AABAutomatic Audio Blending
AABAll Amateur Basketball
AABArmy Artillery Board
AABAufzugs Anlagen Beratungs
AABAzure Azure Blue
AABAccident Analysis Branch
AABAntiviral Agents Bulletin
AABAdler Apotheke Bensberg
AABAlzheimer Association of Bangladesh
AABAbdel Aziz Bouteflika
AABAhmed Al Bashir
AABAll About Bonsai
AABAlle Anweisungen sind in Bl÷cken
AABAllen Art Building
AABAmerican Archaeology Bulletin
AABAmerican Association of Bioethics
AABAnalysis of All Baseline
AABAndersons American Bulldogs
AABAny or All Blasts
AABApplicable Air Blast
AABArts Around Boston
AABAsociaci=n de Amigos del Bosque
AABAstrology Alive with Barbara
AABAstrology for the Absolute Beginner
AABAudrey Anne Bryan
AABAustralian Arts Business
AABAutomobile Association of Britain

Note: Acronym Finder has 56 verified definitions for AAB