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What does 5AR stand for?

5AR stands for 5 alpha-reductase


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5 Alpha Reductase - An enzyme produced in the prostate, adrenal glands and scalp that metabolizes the male hormone testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone.
5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. A drug may be classified by the chemical type of the active ingredient or by the way it is used to treat a particular condition.
5-alpha reductase deficiency is a condition that affects male sexual development before birth and during puberty. People with this condition are...
5-alpha-reductase type 2 deficiency (5-ARD) is an autosomal recessive sex-limited condition resulting in the inability to convert testosterone to the more...
1. Baillieres Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1994 Apr;8(2):405-31. Role of 5 alpha-reductase in health and disease. Randall VA(1). Author information: (1...
5 Alpha Reductase inhibitor benefit and risk, side effects, herbal natural alterative, Ray Sahelian, M.D. September 4 2015. The enzyme 5 alpha-reductase catalyses...
This topic contains 14 study abstracts on 5-alpha reductase inhibitor agents such as Saw Palmetto, Beta Sitosterol, and Reishi Mushroom
FDA Drug Safety Communication: 5-alpha reductase inhibitors (5-ARIs) may increase the risk of a more serious form of prostate cancer. Safety Announcement