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What does -KD stand for?

-KD stands for 3H]-des-Arg10-kallidin


This definition appears rarely

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Br. J. Pharmacol. (1994), 113, 389-394 Up-regulation of[3H]-des-Arg10-kallidin binding to the bradykinin B1 receptor byinterleukin-13 in isolated smooth
Abstract 1. Binding of the specific bradykinin B1 receptor agonist, [3H]-des-Arg10-kallidin (-KD) was investigated in smooth muscle cells (SMC) isolated from rabbit...
Up-regulation of [3H]-des-Arg10-kallidin binding to the bradykinin B1 receptor by interleukin-1 beta in isolated smooth muscle cells: correlation with B1 agonist...
by radioligand binding in particulate preparations of transiently transfected HEK293 cells using the agonist [3H]des-Arg10-kallidin and the antagonist [3H]NPC17731.