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What does BADMHB stand for?

BADMHB stands for 2-butylamino-2-demethoxy hypocrellin B


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2- Butylamino-2-demethoxy-hypocrellin B (BAHB), is an efficient photodynamic sensitizer, excited singlet-state energies are determined from the overlap of the normalized from absorption and emission spectra to be 176. 4 kJ mol−1 (ESCT) and 202. 8 kJ mol−1 (ES1), respectively. The quantum yields of BAHB fluorescence are 0. 0098 (Ff1) and 0. 0076 (Ff2), respectively.
This is undoubtedly encouraging the search for more ideally suited photosensitizers. Hypocrellins, owing to their pure composition, favorable red light absorption spectra, high quantum yields of singlet oxygen and facility for side-directed chemical modification, have been selected as potential photosensitizers for PDT [4]. A lot of derivatives of the parent hypocrellin B (HB) have been synthesized and studied. Some of them have shown promising anticancer properties [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10] and [11]. Here another novel hypocrellin congener, 2-butylamino-2-demethoxy-hypocrellin.
4H. -y. Lee et al. /Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 165 (2004) 3–9HHOCH3OCH3CH3OCH3OOOOOCOCH3CH3Hypocrellin BH2NCH2CH2CH2CH3+HHNHCH2CH2CH2CH3OCH3CH3OCH3OOOOOCOCH3CH3BAHBTHF500CScheme 1. Synthesis of 2-butylamino-2-demethoxy-hypocrellin B (BAHB). by IR,1H-NMR,13C-NMR, FAB-MS, and UV-Vis spec-trometers [1,5]. 9,10-Diphenyl-anthracene (DPA, A. R. ) waspurchased from Aldrich, USA. n-Propyl iodide (C.
Substance Name: 2-Butylamino-2-demethoxy-hypocrellin.
A novel photosensitizer, 2-butylamino-2-demethoxy-hypocrellin A (2-BA-2-DMHA) 1. Synthesis of 2-BA-2-DMHA and its phototoxicity to MGC803 cells Zhang, Wen-Geng; Weng, Min; Pang, Su-Zhen; Zhang, Man-Hua; Yang, Hong-Ying; Zhao, Hong-Xia; Zhang, Zhi-Yi The reaction of hypocrellin A (HA) with n -butylamine in pyridine under reflux leads to the formation of 2-butylamino-2-demethoxyhypocrellin A (2-BA-2-DMHA), which is illustrated by ultraviolet-visible absorption spectra, proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectra, infrared spectra and mass spectra.
A novel hypocrellin congener, 2-butylamino-2-demethoxy-hypocrellin B (2-BA-2-DMHB) was found to be an effective photosensitizer. Compared with its parent compound hypocrellin B (HB), its absorption bands extended toward longer wavelength and the extinction coefficients raised to some degree (lambda(max) (nm) (log(epsilon)): 463 (4. 06), 583 (4. 09), 621 (4. 10) for 2-BA-2-DMHB and 466 (4. 06), 548 (3.
Role of calcium in phototoxicity of 2-butylamino-2-demethoxy-hypocrellin A to human gastric cancer MGC-803 cells Zhou, Zhixiang; Yang, Hongying; Zhang, Zhiyi After incubation with 2-butylamino-2-demethoxy-hypocrellin A (2-BA-2-DMHA), photodynamically induced change in the cytoplasmic free calcium concentration ((Ca 2+ ) i ) and its effect on cell damage were investigated in human gastric cancer (MGC-803).