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What does 2CB stand for?

2CB stands for 2 chloro benzoate


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2-chloroethyl benzoate, 2-Chloroethylbenzoate, 2-Chloroethyl benzoate, 939-55-9, AI3-19588, benzoic acid 2-chloroethyl ester, C9H9ClO2, Ethanol, 2-chloro-, benzoate.
2-(4-Bromo­phen­yl)-2-oxoethyl 4-chloro­benzoate Hoong-Kun Fun,a,*‡ Chin Sing Yeap,a,§ B. Garudachari,b Arun M. Isloor,b and M. N. Satyanarayanc.
Publication » 2-Chloro­phenyl 4-methyl­benzoate.
As part of a study of the substituent effects on the solid state structures of aryl benzoates (Gowda et al. , 2007; Gowda, Foro et al. , 2008; Gowda, Svoboda et al. , 2008), the crystal structure of 4-chlorophenyl 4-chlorobenzoate (4CP4CBA) has been determined. The structure (Fig. 1) is similar to those of 4-methylphenyl 4-chlorobenzoate (4MP4CBA) (Gowda, Svoboda et al. , 2008), 4-chlorophenyl 4-methylbenzoate (4CP4MBA) (Gowda, Foro et al.
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2-chloro-1-methylethyl benzoate - chemical structural formula, chemical names, chemical properties, synthesis references