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What does pNP stand for?

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pNP: Peruvian Nationalist Party****
pNP: Pediatric Nurse Practitioners****
pNP: Provincial Nominee Programs****
pNP: Provincial Nomination Program****
pNP: Private Non Profit****
pNP: Philosophy Neuroscience Psychology***
pNP: Programmable Network Processor***
pNP: President of the Philippines***
pNP: Political News Page***
pNP: Peoples National Party***
pNP: Positive Negative Positive***
pNP: Professionals for NonProfits***
pNP: Professional Networking Program***
pNP: Professionals for Non Profits***
pNP: Pantala Naga Pampa***
pNP: Play Nice Policy***
pNP: Poisson Nernst Planck***
pNP: Polish National Parks***
pNP: Park Neutral Position***
pNP: Peruvian National Police***
pNP: Parole and Probation***
pNP: Philippines National Police***
pNP: Platelet Neutralization Procedure***
pNP: phoenix neighborhood patrol***
pNP: Panel Not Printed***
pNP: Parti National Populaire***
pNP: Peringkat Nasional Pelti***
pNP: Palmer News Package**
pNP: Partido Nacional Popular**
pNP: nucleosides--purine nucleoside phosphorylase**
pNP: p-nitrophenyl phosphate**
pNP: partner notification program**
pNP: percutaneous needle punctures**
pNP: peripheral neuropathic pain**
pNP: persistent negative potential**
pNP: phospholipid neutralization procedures**
pNP: phrenic nerve pacemaker**
pNP: phrenic nerve pacing**
pNP: Phrenic nerve palsy**
pNP: phrenic nerve paralyses**
pNP: phrenic nerve paralysis**
pNP: plant natriuretic peptide**
pNP: platelet neutralisation procedure**
pNP: platelet-neutralizing procedure**
pNP: post-nodal piece**
pNP: Potato nucleotide pyrophosphatase**
pNP: Prenatal Nutrition Program**
pNP: prolonged negative potential**
pNP: purine nucleoside phosphorylases**
pNP: purine nucleotide phosphorylase**
pNP: Purine-nucleoside phosphorylase**
pNP: pyrimidine nucleoside phosphorylase**
pNP: Panamanian National Police**
pNP: Policia Nacional Peruana**
pNP: pyridoxine 5'-phosphate**
pNP: People National Party**
pNP: Philosophy Neuroscience and Psychology**
pNP: paranode-node-paranode**
pNP: percentages of non-protamines**
pNP: Portable Network Printer**
pNP: Principal Network Partner**
pNP: Galbeta1-->3(GlcNAcbeta1-->6)GalNAc(alpha1)-p-nitrophenyl**
pNP: Perusahaan Negara Perkebunan**
pNP: Pooled Normal Plasma**
pNP: Private Non Profits**
pNP: Partido Nacionalista Popular**
pNP: Public Notification Plan**
pNP: Producers Natural Processing**
pNP: Participatory Net Planning**
pNP: Popular Nationalist Party**
pNP: Permit Nutrient Plan**
pNP: Preventive Nephrology Project**
pNP: Past National Presidents**
pNP: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners**
pNP: Provincial Nam Papa**
pNP: Pediatric Nurse Practioner*
pNP: Peete Nkoebe PEETE*
pNP: Plant Names Project*
pNP: Port Nicholson P*
pNP: Principle Network Partner*
pNP: Public Notice Program*
pNP: Pilot Network Program*
pNP: Point and People*
pNP: Protected Natural Protein*
pNP: Pacific Nylon Plastics*
pNP: Para nitrophenyl phosphate*
pNP: PMHNP Nurse Practitioner*
pNP: Primary Needs Programme*
pNP: Partido Nacionalista Português*
pNP: Portable Network Photograph*
pNP: Preliminary Network Plan*
pNP: Pacific Northwest Pollution*
pNP: Paintings of Nick Pearce*
pNP: Palisades Nuclear Plant*
pNP: Paradise Netrek is a Playe*
pNP: Parent or Non Parent*
pNP: Pegasus Networks Page*
pNP: Physics for the Normal Person*
pNP: Pietersburg Northern Province*
pNP: Pirate Nietzsche Page*
pNP: PNEU Pneumatic Panel*
pNP: Power on the Net Power*
pNP: Prairie Nature Preserve*
pNP: Preserve Net Preservationist*
pNP: Prior Notice to the Permittee*
pNP: Punisher Nintendo Page*

Note: Acronym Finder has 53 verified definitions for pNP

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