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What does htl stand for?

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htl: High Technology Laboratory****
htl: Holding the Line****
htl: High Thermal Load***
htl: Hotel Tower Limited***
htl: helium transfer line***
htl: Hamburg Township Library (Hamburg, MI)***
htl: Hancock Town Library (Hancock, NH)***
htl: Hanover Town Library (Hanover, NH)***
htl: Hanover Township Library (Hanover, IL)***
htl: Haskell Township Library (Sublette, KS)***
htl: Helena Township Library (Alden, MI)***
htl: Highland Township Library (Highland, MI)***
htl: Holly Township Library (Holly, MI)***
htl: Home Township Library (Edmore, MI)***
htl: Helper T Lymphocyte***
htl: Hole Transporting Layer***
htl: Hospital Transfusion Laboratory***
htl: Hindustan Teleprinters Ltd***
htl: Hierarchical Timing Language***
htl: hearing threshold levels***
htl: Hook Technologies Ltd***
htl: Hoehere Technische Lehranstalt***
htl: Home Talent League***
htl: Huawei Technologies Limited***
htl: High Temperature Limit***
htl: Honolulu Tennis League***
htl: heel-toe length**
htl: helper T lymphocytes**
htl: hepatic triglyceride lipase**
htl: human T lymphoblasts**
htl: human T lymphocytes**
htl: human tear lysozyme**
htl: human thymus-leukemia**
htl: L-homocysteine thiolactone**
htl: microM-L-homocysteine thiolactone**
htl: heel-toe landing jump**
htl: high temperature and light**
htl: human membrane thymus leukemia**
htl: human thymus leukaemia-associated**
htl: Health Technology Limited**
htl: human T-cell leukemia**
htl: human T-cell lymphoma**
htl: Horizon Terminals Ltd**
htl: homolog termed Heartless**
htl: Here Technische Lehranstalten**
htl: Hack Tracking Log**
htl: Hybrid Temporal Logic**
htl: Hydromet Technologies Limited**
htl: Halo Tournament League**
htl: Hardware Topic List**
htl: Heat Transfer Labels**
htl: Hotel Tourism and Leisure**
htl: High Treshold Logic*
htl: Histogram Template Library*
htl: Henri Theodor Leonard*
htl: Hudson Transit Lines*
htl: Horsham Township Library*
htl: Hindustan Technologies Ltd*
htl: HealthNet Timor Leste*
htl: Hurricane Test Laboratories*
htl: human tonsillar lymphocytes*
htl: Hidden Treasures Literature*
htl: Helsinki Technology Laboratory*
htl: High Traverse Level*
htl: Home of Transverter a Level*

Note: Acronym Finder has 27 verified definitions for htl

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