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hPR: High Precision Robotics****
hPR: House of Peoples Representatives****
hPR: High Power Rocketry****
hPR: High Plains Regional****
hPR: Hatillo Puerto Rico****
hPR: Human Proteome Resource****
hPR: High Purity Reagents****
hPR: High Power Rockets****
hPR: High Point Resources***
hPR: High Performance Rubber***
hPR: Hawaii Public Radio***
hPR: Hillsboro Parks Recreation***
hPR: Home Page Replica***
hPR: High Pick and Rolls***
hPR: Heat Pipe Radiator***
hPR: Human Powered Race***
hPR: High Potential Resources***
hPR: Health Policy Research***
hPR: Human Performance Resources***
hPR: Hunterdon Prevention Resources***
hPR: Health Promotion Resources***
hPR: High Penetration Resistance***
hPR: Hungarian Peoples Republic***
hPR: Hispanic Puerto Rico***
hPR: Hello Pussy Records***
hPR: High Point Rendel***
hPR: Heritage Protection Review***
hPR: Health Plan of the Redwoods***
hPR: Hospital Performance Report***
hPR: Homiletic and Pastoral Review***
hPR: Houston Pekingese Rescue***
hPR: Host Parasite Reaction***
hPR: High Power Relay***
hPR: High Power Rifle***
hPR: Huntington Prize Report***
hPR: Human Progesterone Receptor***
hPR: Horse Prairie Ranch***
hPR: halibut point road***
hPR: Horizontal Position Relative***
hPR: Hunter Pointer Retriever***
hPR: Horse Play Rentals***
hPR: Hospital Preparedness Regions***
hPR: Hypoxic Phrenic Responses***
hPR: Health Products Research***
hPR: horizontal property regime**
hPR: half power region**
hPR: hemagglutination passive reverse**
hPR: hexazonium p-rosaniline**
hPR: hexazotized p-rosaniline**
hPR: High Penetration Resistant**
hPR: high-probability region**
hPR: high-purity ryanodine**
hPR: hindlimb peripheral resistance**
hPR: Holistic Pattern Recognition**
hPR: hormonal production rate**
hPR: hourly production rates**
hPR: Human pancreatic ribonuclease**
hPR: Human progesterone receptors**
hPR: N-(4-hydroxy-phenyl) retinamide**
hPR: Hunt Point Retrieve**
hPR: histidine-containing phosphocarrier protein**
hPR: hormone , prolactin**
hPR: Human Powered Rollercoaster**
hPR: human uterine progesterone receptor**
hPR: Holding Period Returns**
hPR: human uterine progesterone receptors**
hPR: N-(4-hydroxyphenyl) retinamide**
hPR: N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)retinamide**
hPR: N-4-hydroxyphenyl retinamide**
hPR: High Power Reflectors**
hPR: High Performance Router**
hPR: Hidden Pasture Ranch**
hPR: Head Pointer Register**
hPR: synthetic retinoid Fenretinide**
hPR: Hawaii Performing Roller**
hPR: Hydrant Pressure Recorder**
hPR: Hungarian Performance Riding**
hPR: histidine phosphocarrier protein**
hPR: the progesterone receptor**
hPR: High Performance and Research**
hPR: histidine-containing protein**
hPR: Health Payment Review**
hPR: Health Professionals Roundtable**
hPR: half page reader**
hPR: Hydrant Pressure Recorders**
hPR: Hispanic Public Relations**
hPR: Health Professional Registries**
hPR: High Power Resistors**
hPR: High Pressure Rinsing**
hPR: Hokey Pokey Records**
hPR: Hungaroring Performance Riding**
hPR: Hauntings and Paranormal Researchers*
hPR: High Performance Resources*
hPR: Highway Planning and Research*
hPR: Health Planning Regions*
hPR: Hannibal Parks and Recreation*
hPR: Health and Physical Recreation*
hPR: High Pressure Research*
hPR: Hockey Project Rating*
hPR: Housing and Property Rental*
hPR: Hypoxic Pressor Response*
hPR: Hawaii Pacific Review*
hPR: Health Policy and Research*
hPR: Hearing Products Report*
hPR: Highly Polymorphic Region*
hPR: Human Potential Re*
hPR: Hydrogen Pressure Regulator*
hPR: High Pressure Recirculation*
hPR: Hastings Park Racecourse*
hPR: Habitat Port Rack*
hPR: Harbour Pacific Realty*
hPR: Hazardous Pollutants Research*
hPR: Header Processing and Routing*
hPR: Henks Page of Rowing*
hPR: Higher Plane Records*
hPR: Home Page of Romance*
hPR: Home Page Redesign*
hPR: Hurricane Preparedness Resources*
hPR: Hurt Performa Realty*

Note: Acronym Finder has 31 verified definitions for hPR

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