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What does dpf stand for?

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dpf: Digital Production Facility****
dpf: Diesel Particulate Filters****
dpf: Defence Policy Framework***
dpf: Discretionary Participation Features***
dpf: Death Penalty Focus***
dpf: Dental Pulp Fibroblasts***
dpf: Document Processing Framework***
dpf: Dental Practitioners Formulary***
dpf: Digital Picture Frame***
dpf: Diesel Particle Filters***
dpf: Dorothy P Flint***
dpf: Data Processing Facility***
dpf: Domaine Public Forestier***
dpf: Dynamic Properties Framework***
dpf: Digital Process Factory***
dpf: Development Partners Fund***
dpf: Dirty Pair Flash***
dpf: de postos fiscais***
dpf: Diabetic Pet Fund***
dpf: Deutsch Philippinische Freunde***
dpf: Defence Police Federation***
dpf: Designated Pathogen Free***
dpf: Dense Plasma Focus***
dpf: Database Partitioning Feature***
dpf: Dabalorivhuwa Patriotic Front***
dpf: death probability function**
dpf: delayed permeability factor**
dpf: delayed permeabiltity factor**
dpf: Denaturating Protein Factor**
dpf: derivative potential function**
dpf: diaminobenzidine potassium ferrocyanide**
dpf: differential path factor**
dpf: differential phylogenetic footprinting**
dpf: diffuse pleural fibrosis**
dpf: diffuse pulmonary fibrosis**
dpf: discharge prescription form**
dpf: double pedicle flaps**
dpf: dystrophin-positive fibers**
dpf: Derbyshire Partnership Forum**
dpf: d post-fertilization**
dpf: days post-fertilisation**
dpf: Data Privacy Framework**
dpf: differential path length factor**
dpf: Dunn protein-free osteosarcoma**
dpf: Dutch type periodic fever**
dpf: Division of Planning and Finance**
dpf: Deployment Processing Facility**
dpf: Data Parallel Fortran**
dpf: Dynamic Process Format**
dpf: Daniel Pearl Fellowship**
dpf: Dry Pelleted Feed**
dpf: Division of Particles Fields**
dpf: Danish Property Federation**
dpf: Digitale Provincie Fryslan**
dpf: Damate Peace Foundation**
dpf: Depression Position Finder**
dpf: Donor Pooled Fund**
dpf: Diesel Particulate Filer**
dpf: Differential Pathlength Factor**
dpf: Dragon Promoter Finder**
dpf: Department of the Federal**
dpf: Dynamic Path Failover**
dpf: Deutsche Pakistan Forum**
dpf: Diversity Partnership Fund**
dpf: Dust Particle Facility**
dpf: Distributed Proofreaders Foundation**
dpf: Dose Perturbation Factor**
dpf: Disel Particulate Filter**
dpf: Daily Peleton Forum*
dpf: Data Privacy Facility*
dpf: DeMarini Power Fluid*
dpf: Deposit Protection Fund*
dpf: Diamond Plate Floor*
dpf: Data Private Facility*
dpf: Data Processing Functions*
dpf: Demarcated Protected Forests*
dpf: Digital Power Forum*
dpf: Down Pressure Factor*
dpf: Diabetic Pets Fund*
dpf: Disposal Proceeds Fund*
dpf: Data Production Facility*
dpf: DSCS Processing Facility*
dpf: Dalea Petalostemum Foliosa*
dpf: Data Presentation Form*
dpf: Deer Persian Fallow*
dpf: Delinquent Penalty or Fee*
dpf: Department of Physics Faculty*
dpf: Departmental Planning Functions*
dpf: Desktop Publishing Fonts*
dpf: Discharge of Process Fluid*
dpf: Discover Plantation Florida*
dpf: Dog Page Farokh*
dpf: Durland Patricia Ford*
dpf: Dutch Productboards for Fruit*

Note: Acronym Finder has 39 verified definitions for dpf

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