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What does ZOMG stand for?

ZOMG stands for Zeus Owned My Geodude

This definition appears very rarely

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You can't move through the blue line, but you can shoot through it so open a portal anyway beneath it. Walk through and exit. Cheats: -------- Update by: kobi The first thing you need to do is to go to the options menu from the main menu. On the right side you'll have "Console (~, ingame) OFF", click on OFF to change it to ON. Now during a game session press the ~ key (top left of the keyboard, below Escape) and enter one of the following codes, followed by Enter: Results Code ----------------------------------------------- Level skip - nextlevel previous level - prevlevel Set gravity - gravity [0][number] Suicide - kill Go through walls with [Cursor keys] - noclip View game information - info Toggle sound - sound, sounds, or autoquality Hold [Space] to open a portal - space, aim, or detectshot Set quality level - quality [0-3] Set effects level - effects [0-2] View frame rate and level number - showfps Toggle God mode - god Toggle Portal Proof mode - portalproof or antiportal Toggle dancing - dance or /dance Toggle crosshair - crosshair toggle Playercam - dynamiccam or dynamicam Stop all sounds currently running - stopallsounds or stopsounds Toggle map box - showmapbox Toggle display of Portal box - showportalbox Toggle display of Portal hit box - showportalhitbox Toggle display of Portal mask - showportalmask Toggle step visibility - showsteps or showstep Toggle shot visibility - showshot or showshots Spawn Box - createbox Remove Box - removebox Spawn Cam - createcam Remove Cam - removecam Spawn Ball - createball Remove Ball - removeBall Remove Turret - removeturret Restart indicated level - restartlevel [number] or restartmap [number] Cheats: ------- Submitted by: GLaDOS (NOTE : if you see @ Then that means thats just a cheats that makes a word in the Console _ and don't use @ in the console , just think of it as it tells you if makes the game fun like makes you jump high , spawn , or have fun ) zomg ( ZEUS OWNED MY GEODUDE.