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What does WTF stand for?

Found 94 meanings of the WTF acronym and abbreviation
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WTF: Wildlife Trust Fund****
WTF: West Texas Fair****
WTF: Weird Trivia Facts****
WTF: World Travel Fair****
WTF: With the Feeling****
WTF: Welfare Trust Funds****
WTF: Wastewater Treatment Facility***
WTF: with this forum***
WTF: world tkd federation***
WTF: Went to Florida***
WTF: William Temple Foundation***
WTF: Werewolf the Forsaken***
WTF: Wikipedia the Free***
WTF: Wasp Task Force***
WTF: Within Temptation Fan***
WTF: Welcome to the Future***
WTF: Wisconsin Teaching Fellows***
WTF: Wars the Forgotten***
WTF: Weather Test Facility***
WTF: Wisconsin Tourism Federation***
WTF: WSE Traders Fund***
WTF: Watch Talk Forums***
WTF: Went to Frances***
WTF: Welcome to TrekWeb the First***
WTF: Wireless Technology Forum***
WTF: Water Treatment Facilities***
WTF: With That Final***
WTF: Whos the Father***
WTF: WGISS Test Facility***
WTF: Weatherization Trust Fund***
WTF: welsh transport forum***
WTF: Written Threats Forum***
WTF: Welsh Tenants Federation***
WTF: Wireless Task Force**
WTF: wall thickening fraction**
WTF: wall-thickening fraction**
WTF: wedge transmission factor**
WTF: weight transferral frequency**
WTF: Watch Them Feed**
WTF: World Telugu Federation**
WTF: With This Filling**
WTF: With That Footnote**
WTF: World TaeKwanDo Federation**
WTF: Word Taekwondo Federation**
WTF: Witness the Fitness**
WTF: When Turtles Fly**
WTF: World Tourism Foundation**
WTF: Wheres the Fire**
WTF: Watch the Floor**
WTF: Warm Tingly Feeling**
WTF: Waste Transfer Facility**
WTF: Wheres the Food**
WTF: Washington Thoroughbred Foundation**
WTF: World Taido Federation**
WTF: Wests Tigers Fanatics**
WTF: Wave Theory of the Field**
WTF: Workforce Training Funds**
WTF: World Tourism Forum**
WTF: WGISS Test Facilities**
WTF: Woah Thats Freaky**
WTF: Western Trawl Fisheries**
WTF: Wheres the Forum**
WTF: Wrexham Tourism Forum**
WTF: World Teakwondo Federation**
WTF: World Trade Forum**
WTF: Westside Trail Federation**
WTF: Waiting Time Fund**
WTF: Wisconsin Transmitter Facility**
WTF: Waste of Time Fighting**
WTF: Wave to Friends*
WTF: Winthrop Terminal Facility*
WTF: Wow Thats Funky*
WTF: Whoopdedoo Text Format*
WTF: Wilderness Task Force*
WTF: Weird Things Found*
WTF: What the Foobar*
WTF: Willow Twig Fence*
WTF: World Team Francophone*
WTF: Whos the Fairest*
WTF: What~s That Food?*
WTF: Where~s the Flashlight?*
WTF: Watch Text File*
WTF: Watchdog Timer Failure*
WTF: Wayne 'Trouble Frankie*
WTF: Wayne Thomas Frankie*
WTF: Wayne Trouble Frankie*
WTF: Welcome To Finning*
WTF: Westlake Team Frisbee*
WTF: Where~s the Froster?*
WTF: Windsurfing Technique Forum*
WTF: Wolf Trap Foundation*
WTF: World Tackwondo Federation*
WTF: Wow Tonys Football*

Note: Acronym Finder has 93 verified definitions for WTF

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