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WIC: Web International Conference****
WIC: Washington International Center****
WIC: Walta Information Center****
WIC: West Indies College****
WIC: West Indische Compagnie****
WIC: Wireless Innovation Contest****
WIC: Women in Computing****
WIC: Www Itcaonline Com****
WIC: Women in Consulting****
WIC: Women Infant Children***
WIC: Women in Crisis***
WIC: Western International Communications***
WIC: Waiver in the Context***
WIC: Women International Center***
WIC: World Indoor Championships***
WIC: Woman Infants and Children***
WIC: Www Internationalbreastfeedingjournal Com***
WIC: Windows Imaging Component***
WIC: West Interactive Corporation***
WIC: Watershed Information Center***
WIC: Writing Intensive Courses***
WIC: World Individual Championship***
WIC: Washington Insurance Council***
WIC: Whole Internet Catalog***
WIC: Women and Infant Care***
WIC: WorkCover Industry Classification***
WIC: Water Industry Commissioner***
WIC: Woodworking Industry Conference***
WIC: Women in Construction***
WIC: Women In Communications***
WIC: Walta Information Centre***
WIC: Women in Coalition***
WIC: World Igbo Congress***
WIC: Walk in Centres***
WIC: Western India Chapter***
WIC: WI IAT Conference***
WIC: Wireless Innovation Centre***
WIC: Woolyungah Indigenous Centre***
WIC: Women International Club***
WIC: WebSphere Innovation Center***
WIC: Www Icoffice Co***
WIC: Women and Infant Children***
WIC: Workforce Investment Council***
WIC: Wave Imaging Corporation***
WIC: Warm Iron Calorimeter***
WIC: Wavelet Image Codec***
WIC: Writers in Communities***
WIC: Writing Industries Conference***
WIC: writing intensive curriculum***
WIC: Workforce Investment Center***
WIC: Wine Innovation Cluster***
WIC: Williams International Corporation***
WIC: Wilderness Information Center***
WIC: World Internet Currency***
WIC: washington international competitions***
WIC: Which Includes Coupons***
WIC: Www Icrunchdata Com***
WIC: Womens Infants and Children***
WIC: Walk in Coolers***
WIC: Www Imagegroup Com***
WIC: Whitman Investment Company***
WIC: Wales International Consortium***
WIC: Wireless Internet Conference***
WIC: Watervliet Innovation Center***
WIC: Workforce Information Council***
WIC: Waiting International Children***
WIC: Weather Information Center***
WIC: Wireless Industry Congress***
WIC: Westminster International College**
WIC: water-imbibing capacity**
WIC: Women, Infants/children**
WIC: Wish to Increase**
WIC: Winning Image Consulting**
WIC: Welfare and Institution Code**
WIC: Woman Infant and Child**
WIC: Wireless Internet Council**
WIC: Writing Inquiry and Collaboration**
WIC: Whole Internet Catalogue**
WIC: weight and image concern**
WIC: Women, Infant, and Children**
WIC: women, Infants, and Children**
WIC: Www Ironbrush Com**
WIC: Women Infants and Childrens**
WIC: Wastewater Implementation Committee**
WIC: West India Committee**
WIC: Wohl Investment Company**
WIC: Woodworking Institute of California**
WIC: Wildlife Information Center**
WIC: Wavelet Image Compression**
WIC: Western Integrity Center**
WIC: Wallace Incident Communicator**
WIC: West Indies Connection**
WIC: Wavelength Independent Coupler**
WIC: Www Impdesigns Com**
WIC: Wyoming Interstate Company**
WIC: Water Information Center**
WIC: Water Implementation Committee**
WIC: Wireless Indoor Communication**
WIC: Woodworkers Institute of California**
WIC: Workforce Info Center**
WIC: Western Investment Club**
WIC: Wireless Information Centre**
WIC: Write Invalid Character**
WIC: Wcri Internet Collective**
WIC: WSO Implementation Committee**
WIC: Women Interested in Children**
WIC: World of Iron Conference**
WIC: Walleyes for Iosco County**
WIC: Wausau Insurance Companies**
WIC: Workforce Information Center**
WIC: Wayfarer International Committee**
WIC: White Irish Catholic**
WIC: Worker in Charge**
WIC: Worlds in Collision**
WIC: Warranty Indemnity Claim*
WIC: Wheel Industry Council*
WIC: Willis Investment Council*
WIC: Women in Control*
WIC: World Influenza Centre*
WIC: Writing Initiatives Committee*
WIC: Web Intelligence CFP*
WIC: Woman International Club*
WIC: Write Image Control*
WIC: WATS International Corporation*
WIC: WebSphere Integration Center*
WIC: Welfare Is Cool*
WIC: Wikiversity Institute of Construction*
WIC: Windows Image Components*
WIC: WebSphere Innovation Connection*
WIC: Wildland Issues Colloquium*
WIC: Withdrawal Invalid Claim*
WIC: World Industry Conference*
WIC: Warm Ion Calorimeter*
WIC: Welcome to Iowa City*
WIC: Waste Identification Code*
WIC: Warehouse Inventory and Control*
WIC: Washington Information and Company*
WIC: Watcom International Corporation*
WIC: Waterloo Internet Cooperative*
WIC: Weather Information Compilation*
WIC: Webb Insomniac Cafe*
WIC: Welcome to InCom*
WIC: Werk Internet Center*
WIC: Wetlands Inventory by County*
WIC: Wildhack Internet Consultants*
WIC: Windfall Indicator Codes*
WIC: Windows Information Center*
WIC: Womens Information Center*
WIC: Work Incentive Credit*
WIC: World Internet Corporation*

Note: Acronym Finder has 43 verified definitions for WIC

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