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What does WDM stand for?

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WDM: Wireless Data Management****
WDM: Wavelength Division Multiplexers****
WDM: Western Development Museum****
WDM: Water District Management***
WDM: Windows Drivers Model***
WDM: Wave Division Multiplexed***
WDM: Wave Division Multiplexer***
WDM: Wearable Display Module***
WDM: Wholesale Debt Market***
WDM: Wavelenght Division Multiplexing***
WDM: Women in Direct Marketing***
WDM: Watershed Data Management***
WDM: Wave Division Multiplexers***
WDM: Western Desert Mob***
WDM: Warm Dark Matter***
WDM: Wavelengh Division Multiplexing***
WDM: Wireless Data Modules***
WDM: Windsor Des Moines***
WDM: Wolfe Design Marketing**
WDM: Windows Developer Magazine**
WDM: Waterlow Direct Marketing**
WDM: Weighted Distance Measure**
WDM: Werkgroep Didactische Middelen**
WDM: Welander hereditary distal myopathy**
WDM: William D Mensch**
WDM: Water Demand Management**
WDM: Wave Division Multiplexor**
WDM: Wargame Design Magazine**
WDM: Watch Data Management**
WDM: Windows Device Manager**
WDM: Wireless Dealer Market**
WDM: Windows Driver Manager**
WDM: Wire Drawing Machines**
WDM: Worm Defense Management**
WDM: Water Distribution Manager**
WDM: Wavelength Devision Multiplexing**
WDM: Warkworth District Museum**
WDM: Wavelength Division Multiplexors**
WDM: Website Design Management**
WDM: Walter D McFall**
WDM: Walther De Munter**
WDM: Wavelength Division Modulation**
WDM: Web Data Manager**
WDM: Wevelength Division Multiplexing**
WDM: Windows Drive Model**
WDM: Womans Day Magazine**
WDM: Windows Driver Modul**
WDM: Westre Demi Magro*
WDM: Wiring Diagram Manuals*
WDM: Wave Digital Multiplexing*
WDM: Web Direct Marketing*
WDM: Wetland Delineation Manual*
WDM: Workstation Display Management*
WDM: Wave Division Mulitplexing*
WDM: Win32 Driver Model (Microsoft)*
WDM: Wind Direction Magnitude*
WDM: Workshop in Dublin Maidenhead*
WDM: Wavelength Division Multiplexing (fiber optics)*
WDM: Wetlands Delineation Manual*
WDM: Waggener Drift Mine*
WDM: Wagle Drift Mine*
WDM: Wagonblast Drift Mine*
WDM: Wantling Drift Mine*
WDM: Ward Drift Mine*
WDM: Warsaw Drift Mine*
WDM: Waterloo Drift Mine*
WDM: Watkins and Dabney Mine*
WDM: wave division mulitplexed*
WDM: Weapon Delivery Modules*
WDM: Weisbrodt Drift Mine*
WDM: Wells Drift Mine*
WDM: West Davis Mine*
WDM: Western Deserado Mine*
WDM: Wetherspoon Drift Mine*
WDM: Whippoorwill Drift Mine*
WDM: Whitehead Drift Mine*
WDM: Wickert Drift Mine*
WDM: Wilaya De Marrakech*
WDM: Wilaya De Mascara*
WDM: Wilaya De Meknes*
WDM: Wilkinson Drift Mine*
WDM: William Dawson Mine*
WDM: Williams Drift Mine*
WDM: Williamson and Denny Mine*
WDM: Wilmington Diamond Mine*
WDM: Wilson Drift Mine*
WDM: Wingo Drift Mine*
WDM: Wolgemuth Drift Mine*
WDM: Wonderlin Drift Mine*
WDM: Wonders Drift Mine*
WDM: Woodland Drift Mine*
WDM: World Drainage Maps*
WDM: Wrestler Drift Mine*
WDM: Wyatt Drift Mine*

Note: Acronym Finder has 24 verified definitions for WDM

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