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WCS: Websphere Commerce Server****
WCS: World Community Service****
WCS: World Cup Skateboarding****
WCS: Women Cigar Smokers****
WCS: Walker County Schools****
WCS: Westminster Christian School****
WCS: Wesley Community Services****
WCS: Westminster Children S****
WCS: Women Center Stage****
WCS: Western Computer Services****
WCS: Wilmington Christian School****
WCS: Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles****
WCS: Web Component Server****
WCS: Wireless Communications Services****
WCS: World Conference on Science****
WCS: Working Capital Solutions****
WCS: Whitinsville Christian School****
WCS: Women in Computer Science****
WCS: Well Child Screening****
WCS: World Construction Set***
WCS: Wagner Community School***
WCS: Woodcrest Christian School***
WCS: Wisconsin Community Services***
WCS: West Coast Singers***
WCS: Wound Care Strategies***
WCS: Wisconsin Council of Safety***
WCS: Westerville City Schools***
WCS: West Central Sanitation***
WCS: Wearable Computing Systems***
WCS: Waste Control Specialists***
WCS: Waste Characterization Study***
WCS: Wisconsin Challenge Series***
WCS: Warning and Communications Systems***
WCS: Western Canada Section***
WCS: Warsaw Community Schools***
WCS: Web Coverage Services***
WCS: Web Coverage Server***
WCS: World Congress on Superconductivity***
WCS: Weapons Control System***
WCS: Workers Compensation Subcommittee***
WCS: World Conservation Strategy***
WCS: Washington County Schools (Marietta, OH)***
WCS: Wheatland Center School***
WCS: Wichita Christian School***
WCS: Website Content Source***
WCS: Wallace Charles Smith***
WCS: Washington Classical Society***
WCS: West Coast Songwriters***
WCS: Western Coatings Societies***
WCS: Water Cycle Strategy***
WCS: Wang Computer System***
WCS: World Cuisines Show***
WCS: Wireless Communication Services***
WCS: World Cup Supply***
WCS: Wisconsin Correctional Service***
WCS: Weatherford Christian School***
WCS: Work Center Supervisors***
WCS: Weavers Cooperative Societies***
WCS: Weapon Control System***
WCS: West Central Steel***
WCS: Wide Character String***
WCS: Witham Choral Society***
WCS: Western Connecticut State***
WCS: Work Culture Survey***
WCS: Working Class Studies***
WCS: Whole Cell Sonicate***
WCS: Wall Charging Station***
WCS: Wholesale Carrier Services***
WCS: Wasatch Citizens Series***
WCS: Woundcare Consultant Society***
WCS: Waco Christian School***
WCS: Web Catalog Service***
WCS: White Clot Syndrome***
WCS: Whittier Christian Schools***
WCS: Westside Christian School***
WCS: Whole Community Sunday***
WCS: World Coordinates System***
WCS: Wireless Communication Systems***
WCS: Web Content System***
WCS: Wireless Communications Systems***
WCS: Wake County Speedway**
WCS: We Collect Steel**
WCS: Write Command Setup**
WCS: washed cell suspensions**
WCS: Washed chicken spermatozoa**
WCS: weak calf syndrome**
WCS: weaning condition score**
WCS: Wellcolex Colour Salmonella**
WCS: Westley croup score**
WCS: white cell scan**
WCS: white-coat syndrome**
WCS: White-crowned Sparrows**
WCS: whole cell suspension**
WCS: whole cells system**
WCS: whole cotton seed**
WCS: whole-cell suspension**
WCS: Wiggins Content Scales**
WCS: Worldwide Casualty System**
WCS: Worm Community System**
WCS: worm conditioned saline**
WCS: worm-conditioned saline**
WCS: wallace computer svc**
WCS: Willsboro Central School**
WCS: Water Control Structures**
WCS: Weapon Control Systems**
WCS: World Challenge Soccer**
WCS: Wisconsin Card Sorting**
WCS: Waterford Country School**
WCS: Weapons Connection Society**
WCS: World Class Supplier**
WCS: Woden Community Services**
WCS: Writable Control Storage**
WCS: Wildlife Conversation Society**
WCS: Worldwide Customer Services**
WCS: Warning and Control System**
WCS: Woondiensten Cafetaria Systeem**
WCS: Wire Cutting Station**
WCS: Website Comments System**
WCS: World Class Services**
WCS: Wisconsin Card Sort Test**
WCS: Wisconsin Card Sorting test**
WCS: Workers Compensation Services**
WCS: WinMX Chat Server**
WCS: World Championships System**
WCS: Ways of Coping Strategies**
WCS: Wichita Collegiate School**
WCS: WLAN Control System**
WCS: World Cruise Sound**
WCS: Web Catalogue Service**
WCS: Wildlife Conservation Strategy**
WCS: Wellington Choral Society**
WCS: Warringal Conservation Society**
WCS: Wing Center Section**
WCS: Westside Community Schools**
WCS: Wild Conservation Society**
WCS: Willamson County Schools**
WCS: Wireless Coexistence System**
WCS: Women Construction Solutions**
WCS: White Cell Scintigraphy**
WCS: Wood County Sentinel**
WCS: Western Coatings Symposium**
WCS: World Class Solitaire**
WCS: Waste Containment System**
WCS: Whaling City Sound**
WCS: Women and Computer Science**
WCS: Wellington Christian Surfers**
WCS: Waffle Cone Small**
WCS: Waste Collector Subsystem**
WCS: Westminster Childrens Society**
WCS: Wilkens Computer Systems**
WCS: World Community Services**
WCS: Water Conservation Subdistrict**
WCS: Water Contact Sites**
WCS: West Chicago Sharks**
WCS: Whatman Compression Screw**
WCS: Windy City Softball**
WCS: Work Coordinate Systems**
WCS: Watershed Characterization System**
WCS: Workstation Control System**
WCS: World Commerce Services**
WCS: Waizmann Computer Software**
WCS: World Color Survey**
WCS: Wholesale Customer Service**
WCS: WI Council of Safety**
WCS: Whellams Computer Services**
WCS: Wholesale Currency System**
WCS: Women and Children Social**
WCS: Working Coordinate System**
WCS: Weapon Control Subsystem**
WCS: Wetzel County Schools**
WCS: Web Chess Service**
WCS: Westbury Christian School**
WCS: Western Construction Services**
WCS: Wheel Chair Scale**
WCS: wyong conservation strategy**
WCS: Workload Control System**
WCS: Writeable Control Storage**
WCS: Waisman Computing Services**
WCS: Web Composition System**
WCS: Westwood Christian School**
WCS: Washington Career Services**
WCS: WFS Client Server**
WCS: Whole Chromosome Shotgun**
WCS: world cyber services**
WCS: West Coast Soarers**
WCS: women charity society**
WCS: Weapon Control Status**
WCS: Wellness Comfort Shoes**
WCS: Wetherby Civic Society**
WCS: Wheeler Computer Services**
WCS: Wayne Community Schools**
WCS: West Car Service**
WCS: Worcester Cactus Society**
WCS: Wallace Consulting Services**
WCS: Willmott Communication Services**
WCS: Wisconsin Court System**
WCS: Workers Compensation Systems**
WCS: Wright Career Solution**
WCS: Wimberly Claims Service*
WCS: Woolley Computer Sales*
WCS: World Connection Services*
WCS: Weapons Cleaning Station*
WCS: Weatherproof Coil Shield*
WCS: What Cheer Studios*
WCS: Wireless Controller Software*
WCS: Woolpert Construction Services*
WCS: Worthington Christian Schools*
WCS: Wound Care Society*
WCS: Writeable Control Store*
WCS: Waldorf Computer Systems*
WCS: With the Cat Specialist*
WCS: Women Cooperative Society*
WCS: Worcester Computer Society*
WCS: Woundcare Consulting Society*
WCS: Web Communications Server*
WCS: Williams Consulting Services*
WCS: With Couples and Surrogates*
WCS: warranty certification statement*
WCS: Water Compliance System*
WCS: Wellandport Christian School*
WCS: Whole Canola Seed*
WCS: Wilmington City Schools*
WCS: Work and Community Studies*
WCS: Work Control Structure*
WCS: World Class Science*
WCS: Wright Computer Services*
WCS: Wright Consulting Services*
WCS: Womble Carlyle Sandridge*
WCS: Windows Compatible Software*
WCS: Wireless Communiations Service*
WCS: Waif Central Station*
WCS: Wallace Carroll School*
WCS: Warrington Cheshire Showcase*
WCS: Washington Capitals Sports*
WCS: Water Canyon Site*
WCS: Water Communications System*
WCS: Waterway Cleanup System*
WCS: Watkins Computer Services*
WCS: Waupun Christian School*
WCS: Waveform Control System*
WCS: Weapons Control Stats*
WCS: Web Catalogue Size*
WCS: Web Community Software*
WCS: Web Cookies and Spoofing*
WCS: Web Crawler Search*
WCS: Web Crawler Searching*
WCS: Web Creation Studios*
WCS: Web of Culture Sheridan*
WCS: Weekly Colloquium Schedule*

Note: Acronym Finder has 69 verified definitions for WCS

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