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What does WAG stand for?

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WAG: Wireless ADSL Gateway****
WAG: With Assistance and Guidance****
WAG: Written by A Group****
WAG: Worcester Artist Group****
WAG: Womens Artistic Gymnastics****
WAG: Wind Action Group****
WAG: Wild Ass Guesses****
WAG: Word Association Game***
WAG: World Air Games***
WAG: Winnipeg Art Gallery***
WAG: Week at A Glance***
WAG: Women Artists Group***
WAG: Widely Attended Gatherings***
WAG: Windfarm Action Group***
WAG: Welfare for Animals Global***
WAG: Water Advisory Group***
WAG: Workforce Advisory Group***
WAG: Worked All Germany***
WAG: Web Application Group***
WAG: Wirtschaft Arbeit Gesundheit***
WAG: Wine Appreciation Guild***
WAG: Waste Area Groups***
WAG: Watershed Advisory Groups***
WAG: Web Accessibility Group***
WAG: Wild Assed Guess***
WAG: Windward Artists Guild***
WAG: Wireless Advisory Group***
WAG: Wellsville Addison Galeton***
WAG: Working Advisory Groups***
WAG: Worthwhile and Gain***
WAG: Women Action Group***
WAG: Waterside Action Group***
WAG: Website Advisory Group***
WAG: Weare Animal Guardians***
WAG: World Acoustic Guitars***
WAG: Washington Advisory Group***
WAG: Wood Action Group***
WAG: Walters Art Gallery***
WAG: Web Authors Group***
WAG: Waco Agility Group***
WAG: We Adopt Greyhounds***
WAG: Watershed Assistance Grants***
WAG: Weighted Agility Gloves***
WAG: Wheel Alignment Gauge***
WAG: Web Alignment Group***
WAG: Whelan and Goldman***
WAG: Wales Assembly Government***
WAG: Waterfront Advisory Group***
WAG: Wipe Away Graffiti***
WAG: World Airport Guide***
WAG: Washington Assessment Group***
WAG: Western Agility Group***
WAG: Whistler Animals Galore***
WAG: Western Assessment Group**
WAG: waste anesthetic gases**
WAG: White albino Glaxo**
WAG: Wistar Albino Glaxo**
WAG: Willamette Animal Guild**
WAG: Water Allocation Group**
WAG: Wellsville Addison and Galeton**
WAG: West Austria Gasleitung**
WAG: Willits Action Group**
WAG: Wealth Architecture Group**
WAG: Working and Advisory Group**
WAG: Williams Advisory Group**
WAG: Wistar Albino Glaxo/GSto**
WAG: Western Australian Government**
WAG: Web Authoring Group**
WAG: Wilderness Advocacy Group**
WAG: Worcestershire Association of Governors**
WAG: Waste Area Groupings**
WAG: Waterfront Action Group**
WAG: Woodland Assessment Grant**
WAG: Working Actors Group**
WAG: Web Application Gateways**
WAG: Wireless Assisted GPS**
WAG: Waste Alleviation Gelling**
WAG: Wildlife Advisory Group**
WAG: Welsh Assembly Group**
WAG: Wives and the Girls**
WAG: Washingborough Archaeology Group**
WAG: Working Action Groups**
WAG: Wild Ass Guessing**
WAG: Westside Adventure Group**
WAG: Web and Graphics**
WAG: Working Architecture Group**
WAG: Warracknabeal Action Group**
WAG: Web at A Glance**
WAG: Workplace Advisory Group**
WAG: Walberton Action Group**
WAG: Web Advertising Group**
WAG: Wild Arsed Guess**
WAG: Willing and Giving**
WAG: Working Advisory Group**
WAG: Washington Action Group**
WAG: Woodworkers Association of Ghana**
WAG: Water Activated Gum**
WAG: Welfare Avoidance Grants**
WAG: Wet Autovervoer Goederen**
WAG: Wessex Atari Group*
WAG: Wilderness Action Group*
WAG: Woodley Activity Group*
WAG: Wordblog by Andrew Grant*
WAG: Washington Area Girl*
WAG: Waterfowl Advisory Group*
WAG: Woodside Action Group*
WAG: West Africa Gambia*
WAG: Wider Access Group*
WAG: WLAN Advisory Group*
WAG: Women Against Guys*
WAG: Workbench for Analysis and Generation*
WAG: Writers in Agriculture Guild*
WAG: WebMaster Advisory Group*
WAG: Wireless Applications Group*
WAG: Workers Action Guide*
WAG: Worcestershire Association of Groundsmen*
WAG: Worms Architects Guild*
WAG: Washington Alert Gopher*
WAG: Waterloo Astronomy Group*
WAG: Web Anagram Generator*
WAG: West Australian Guide*
WAG: Western Australia Geology*
WAG: Westside Assembly of God*
WAG: Wilderness Adventures Gallatin*
WAG: Work Area Grouping*

Note: Acronym Finder has 38 verified definitions for WAG

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