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What does WABA stand for?

Found 51 meanings of the WABA acronym and abbreviation
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WABA: Welsh Amateur Boxing Association***
WABA: Washington Antiquarian Booksellers Association***
WABA: Wausau Area Builders Association***
WABA: Washington Area Bicycle Association***
WABA: Washington Area Broadcasters Association***
WABA: Wild Animals and Birds Act***
WABA: Washington Area Bicyclists Association***
WABA: Womanly Art of Breastfeeding***
WABA: Within and Between Analysis**
WABA: West African Bar Association**
WABA: West African Bankers Association**
WABA: Waldo Area Business Association**
WABA: West Alameda Business Association**
WABA: World Amateur Bodybuilding Association**
WABA: World Antarctic Base Award**
WABA: West Asheville Business Association**
WABA: World Alliance of Breastfeeding Action**
WABA: Washington Area Bicycle Atlas**
WABA: Washington Area Bicycling Association**
WABA: West African Business Association**
WABA: World Alliance on Breastfeeding Action**
WABA: Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Associationhttp**
WABA: World Aquatic Bodywork Association**
WABA: Worked All Bermuda Award**
WABA: West Africa Bar Association**
WABA: World Alliance Breastfeeding Action**
WABA: Working Adults Business Administration**
WABA: Washington Area Bike Association**
WABA: World Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy**
WABA: Watsontown Area Business Association**
WABA: World Alliance for Breasfeeding Action**
WABA: Wadsworth Area Business Association**
WABA: Western Australian Beekeepers Association**
WABA: Western Australian Barista Academy**
WABA: Womens American Basketball Association**
WABA: Warehouse Area Business Alliance*
WABA: West Australian Bar Association*
WABA: Western Australian Brewers Association*
WABA: Word Alliance for Breastfeeding Action*
WABA: Within Among Between Around*
WABA: Wobble Aware Bulk Aligner*
WABA: World Association for Breastfeeding Action*
WABA: Worlwide Aquatic Bodywork Association*
WABA: Warrens Area Business Association*
WABA: West Africa Bankers Association*
WABA: Westland Area Business Association*
WABA: Worldwide Aquatic Bodyworkers Association*
WABA: Westborough Athletic Booster Association*
WABA: Western Australian Band Association*
WABA: World Alliance for Breastfeeding Actions*
WABA: Web Administrator Bob Aldrich*

Note: Acronym Finder has 17 verified definitions for WABA

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