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VRS: Voluntary Redundancy Scheme****
VRS: Voice Response Systems****
VRS: Video Relay Services****
VRS: Vital Records Systems****
VRS: Vojske Republike Srpske***
VRS: Virus Respiratorio Sincitial***
VRS: Verkehrsverbundes Rhein Sieg***
VRS: Virus Respiratorio Sincicial***
VRS: Vanguard Response Systems***
VRS: Voluntary Retirement Schemes***
VRS: Virus Respiratorio Sinciziale***
VRS: Virtual Reference Service***
VRS: Virtual Reality Sites***
VRS: Vancouver Rose Society***
VRS: Vehicular Repeater System***
VRS: Voice Recognition Systems***
VRS: Video Response System***
VRS: voice recognition system***
VRS: Virtual Reference Stations***
VRS: Virtual Reference Services***
VRS: Vehicle Recovery Scheme***
VRS: Volunteer Rescue Squad***
VRS: Virtual Re Scan***
VRS: Virtual Reality Solutions***
VRS: Vendor Reporting System***
VRS: Virtual Race System***
VRS: Vancouver Resource Society***
VRS: vacuum regulator solenoid***
VRS: Vulcan Riders Sweden***
VRS: Vendor Registration System***
VRS: Vermilion Reporting Suite***
VRS: Verkehr Raumfahrt Systemtechnik**
VRS: vaccinated rabbit serum**
VRS: vascular reference substance**
VRS: Ventolin Respirator Solution**
VRS: ventral root stimulation**
VRS: ventricular rate stabilization**
VRS: verbal ranking scale**
VRS: Verbal Rating Scales**
VRS: verbal rating score**
VRS: verbal rating scores**
VRS: verbal response scale**
VRS: verbal response score**
VRS: vision rehabilitation service**
VRS: visual rating scale**
VRS: Volume reduction surgery**
VRS: Virtual Reference System**
VRS: Vance Research Services**
VRS: Valeo Raytheon Systems**
VRS: Vintage Racing Services**
VRS: valyl-transfer RNA synthetase**
VRS: Victorian Rail Services**
VRS: virus, respiratory syncytial virus**
VRS: Volleyball Regionalverband Solothurn**
VRS: Voice Response Service**
VRS: Vacation Rental Systems**
VRS: Vandal Resistant Shield**
VRS: valyl-tRNA synthetase**
VRS: Vitreo Retinal Surgery**
VRS: Volatile Reducing Substances**
VRS: Vacuum and Router Support**
VRS: Verband Regenwassernutzung Schweiz**
VRS: Virtual Reality Sourcebook**
VRS: Vojska Republika Srpska**
VRS: Volunteer Recruit School**
VRS: Vehicle Registration Surcharge**
VRS: Valuation Research Specialists**
VRS: Virtual Resource Station**
VRS: Vendor Rating System**
VRS: Virginia Relay Service**
VRS: Vehicle Refueling Stations**
VRS: Virtual Rose Society**
VRS: Visitor Registration Station**
VRS: voice responce system**
VRS: Vermont Retirement Systems**
VRS: Violence Risk Scale**
VRS: Virtual Road Simulator**
VRS: Virtueel Referentie Station**
VRS: Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists**
VRS: Voice Recorder System**
VRS: Virtual Room Service**
VRS: Volunteer Reporting System**
VRS: Voyager Reporting System**
VRS: Vehicle Repeater System*
VRS: Vermont Rail System*
VRS: Voice Recording Service*
VRS: Volleyball Referee Stand*
VRS: Vehicle Recovery Service*
VRS: Virginia Retirement Services*
VRS: Virtual Reality Simulator*
VRS: Value Recovery Systems*
VRS: Vector to Raster*
VRS: Virchow Robin Spaces*
VRS: vented roof systems*
VRS: Veterinary Research Station*
VRS: Virtual Resource Solution*
VRS: Voluntary Rationing Scheme*
VRS: Visiting Research Scientist*
VRS: Vacation Rentals and Sales*
VRS: Viewer Response System*
VRS: vehicle reduction shortfall*
VRS: Vacation Rental Source*
VRS: Veracruz Red Sharks*
VRS: Verification of Random Sampling*
VRS: Virtual Reality Skiing*
VRS: Visualization Research Scientist*
VRS: voice recording/recognition system*

Note: Acronym Finder has 49 verified definitions for VRS

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