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What does VRP stand for?

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VRP: Voluntary Replacement Program****
VRP: Voyageur Représentant Placier***
VRP: Vereinigung Rogerianische Psychotherapie***
VRP: Vehicle Routing Problems***
VRP: View Reference Point***
VRP: Vacation Reading Program***
VRP: Vermont Rivers Project***
VRP: Validating RDF Parser***
VRP: Veneer Raised Panels***
VRP: Veterinary Resources Program***
VRP: Voluntary Retirement Program***
VRP: Voluntary Resettlement Programme***
VRP: Versatile Radio Panel***
VRP: Valley Rainbow Pages***
VRP: Vermont Research Partnership***
VRP: V Rzeczpospolita Polska***
VRP: Voluntary Relocation Plan***
VRP: Village Roadshow Pictures***
VRP: Visual Retail Plus***
VRP: Visual Reporting Point**
VRP: valid range proportion**
VRP: VEGF-related protein**
VRP: ventral recumbency posturing**
VRP: ventricular refractory periods**
VRP: Veterans Resource Program**
VRP: viral respiratory panel**
VRP: Voice range profile**
VRP: Ventilation Rate Procedure**
VRP: Violence Recovery Program**
VRP: Vlaamse Ruimtelijke Planningsprijs**
VRP: Vertical Radar Profiling**
VRP: Valve Regulator Pilot**
VRP: Volta River Project**
VRP: ventricular effective refractory period**
VRP: Voice Recognition Processor**
VRP: Viewing Reference Point**
VRP: Variable Radius Plot**
VRP: Visual Reference Points**
VRP: Vocational Rehabilitation Panel**
VRP: Vanguardia Revolucionaria Popular**
VRP: voluntary retirement plan**
VRP: VEE Replicon Particles**
VRP: Vertical reflectivity profile**
VRP: Virtual Route Pacing**
VRP: Variable Rate Premium**
VRP: Virus Replicon Particles**
VRP: Visual Rental Pro**
VRP: Ventral Root Potentials**
VRP: Vaccine and Research Program**
VRP: Value Range Propagation**
VRP: Visitor Rebate Program**
VRP: Voluntary Resolution Plan**
VRP: Vehicle Routing Planner**
VRP: Video RISC Processor**
VRP: Vertical Radar Profiles**
VRP: Virtual Rear Projection**
VRP: Virtual Research Park**
VRP: Voluntary Response Program**
VRP: Volunteer Recognition Program**
VRP: Veterinary Resource Program**
VRP: Video and Radio Production**
VRP: vishwakarma rashtriya puraskar**
VRP: Vacancy Reduction Program*
VRP: Vehicle Route Planning*
VRP: VAalidating RDF Parser*
VRP: Vehicle Routing Program*
VRP: Variable Reliability Protocol*
VRP: Vice Record Propagande*
VRP: Video Review Panel*
VRP: Vehicule Routing Problem*
VRP: Very Resourceful People*
VRP: Vidharbha Rajya Party*
VRP: Vital Records Protection*
VRP: Vocal Range Profile*
VRP: Vector to Raster Processor*
VRP: Vehicle Recovery Points*
VRP: Ventricular Refractory Period*
VRP: Vertical Reflectivity Profiles*
VRP: Video Remote Patch*
VRP: Vision Research Program*
VRP: Voltage Regulating Panel*
VRP: Volunteer Reading Partners*
VRP: Valkas Rajona Padome*
VRP: Valmieras Rajona Padome*
VRP: Ventspils Rajona Padome*
VRP: Violations of the Regulatory Program*
VRP: Violations Review Provisions*
VRP: Virtual Radio Programming*
VRP: Vision Readiness Program*
VRP: Visual Recall Palo*
VRP: Visual Reporting Posts*

Note: Acronym Finder has 30 verified definitions for VRP

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