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What does VPD stand for?

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VPD: Veterans Park District****
VPD: Vaccine Preventable Diseases***
VPD: Vapour Pressure Difference***
VPD: Village Phone Direct***
VPD: Vapour Pressure Deficit***
VPD: Violence Prevention and Diversity***
VPD: Voting Power Dilution***
VPD: Virtual Private Databases***
VPD: Video Products Distributors***
VPD: virtual printer device***
VPD: Vapour Phase Decomposition***
VPD: Visitors per Day***
VPD: Virtual Pig Dissection***
VPD: Veterinary Pathology Division***
VPD: Vinyl Products Division***
VPD: Video Projekt Design***
VPD: Vessel Pays Dues***
VPD: Vibrating Pocket Detector**
VPD: visible protein deposition**
VPD: Vital PIAS Digital**
VPD: Veteran Performance Dog**
VPD: View Plane Distance**
VPD: vegetarian low-protein diet**
VPD: vincristine, prednisone and daunorubicin**
VPD: Vulvar Paget's disease**
VPD: Vapor Phase Deposition**
VPD: Vallejo Police Department**
VPD: Vapor Pressure Deficits**
VPD: VANTAGE Plant Design**
VPD: Variable Profile Design**
VPD: Vashon Park District**
VPD: Virtual Police Department**
VPD: Vapor Pressure Difference**
VPD: Variable Power Dividers**
VPD: Visalia Police Department**
VPD: Vehicle Pedestrian Deviation**
VPD: Vapor Phase Deacidification**
VPD: Ventricular Premature Depolarisation**
VPD: VP Product Development**
VPD: Vice President of Development**
VPD: Ventricular Premature Depolarizations**
VPD: Virpet Performance Descriptor**
VPD: Volunteer Position Descriptions**
VPD: Vapour Phase Deposition**
VPD: Vehicle Pedestrian Deviations**
VPD: Village Planned Development**
VPD: Virtual Predictive Dialing**
VPD: Vessel Pay Dues**
VPD: Vertical Probing Depth*
VPD: Vital Product Database*
VPD: Volume Partition Descriptors*
VPD: Vehicle or Pedestrian Deviations*
VPD: Video Product Distributors*
VPD: Vapor Particle Deposition*
VPD: Vertically Polarized Dipole*
VPD: Vermillion Police Department*
VPD: Vice Presidents Designees*
VPD: Virtual Private Directory*
VPD: Visual Parts Database*
VPD: Vacuum Photo Diode*
VPD: Vapor Phase Desorption*
VPD: Vascular Plant Database*
VPD: Virtual Product Designer*
VPD: Vydavkovy Pokladnicny Doklad*
VPD: vehicles per day (in Transportation Engineering)*
VPD: Ventspils Pilsetas Dome*
VPD: Vertebrate Paleontology Department*
VPD: Victor Products Division*
VPD: Virtual Peruvian Directory*
VPD: Volunteer Project Directory*

Note: Acronym Finder has 31 verified definitions for VPD

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