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What does VOS stand for?

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VOS: voice of sarawak****
VOS: VAIO Overseas Service****
VOS: Virtual One Stop***
VOS: Valley of the Sun***
VOS: Verb Object Subject***
VOS: Verification of Stock***
VOS: Vysokoskolsky Odborovy Svaz***
VOS: Vancouver Orchid Society***
VOS: Virtually on Site***
VOS: Verification of Study***
VOS: Value of Secrets***
VOS: Veritas Oracle Sun***
VOS: Velocity of Sound***
VOS: Volume Occupancy Speed***
VOS: Verejna Obchodni Spolecnost***
VOS: Valley Oak Systems***
VOS: Voice Operated System***
VOS: Vendor Outreach Sessions***
VOS: Virtue of Selfishness***
VOS: Very Old Sherry***
VOS: Voice Operating System***
VOS: Veteran Owned Small***
VOS: Voices for an Open Spirit***
VOS: Vyssi Odborne Skoly***
VOS: Victoria Operatic Society***
VOS: Vehicle on Stand***
VOS: Virtual Observatory Systems***
VOS: Valgus Overload Stabilizer***
VOS: Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Society***
VOS: Voorschrijven Op Stofnaam***
VOS: Veterinary Orthopedic Society**
VOS: vagina/obturator shelf**
VOS: vena orbitalis superior**
VOS: Videothoracoscopic Operative Staging**
VOS: Voice Outcome Survey**
VOS: Voluntary Offer to Sell**
VOS: Voorschrift Op Stofnaam**
VOS: Voices of Serenity**
VOS: velocity of ultrasound**
VOS: very early onset' sepsis**
VOS: vestibulo-ocular , vestibulooculo-spinal**
VOS: verbal/voice operating system**
VOS: Vampires of Sweden**
VOS: Veil of Shadows**
VOS: Veilig Op Straat**
VOS: Vienna Office Supplies**
VOS: Videoconference Organization Seminars**
VOS: Virtual Office of Stephane**
VOS: Virtual Observatory System**
VOS: Virtual Office System**
VOS: Virtua Orchestra Studio**
VOS: VO Observation Squadron**
VOS: Virtual OneStop System**
VOS: Voices of Sophia**
VOS: Vanguard of Sabotage**
VOS: Verdauliche Organische Substanz**
VOS: Vereniging Opleidingsinstituten Sportmassage**
VOS: Vietnam Ocean Shipping**
VOS: Voluntary Observing System**
VOS: Vereniging Oud Studenten**
VOS: Volatile Organic Sampler**
VOS: Vietnam Ophthalmological Society**
VOS: Vision Outreach Services**
VOS: Vodoprivredna Osnova Srbije**
VOS: Volunteer Observation Ships**
VOS: Verbal Orders System*
VOS: Voortgezet Onderwijs Senioren*
VOS: Vulcan Operating System*
VOS: Various Oceans and Seas*
VOS: Verein Ostsee Sanierung*
VOS: Voice Order System*
VOS: Vojne Obavestajne Sluzbe*
VOS: Varian Oncology Systems*
VOS: Vysoko kolsk˜ odborov˜ svaz*
VOS: Victoria Okay Shaft*
VOS: View Our Statistics*
VOS: Volcano Oriented Servers*

Note: Acronym Finder has 31 verified definitions for VOS

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