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What does VOC stand for?

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VOC: Victims of Crime****
VOC: Voice of Charity****
VOC: Vision of Children****
VOC: Voice of the Cape***
VOC: Vehicle Operating Costs***
VOC: Variety of Contaminants***
VOC: Volatile Organic Contaminants***
VOC: Volvo Original Cup***
VOC: Victorian Olympic Council***
VOC: Validity of Company***
VOC: volatile organic carbons***
VOC: Victim Offender Conference***
VOC: Vereinigte Ostindische Companie***
VOC: Volatile Org Compounds***
VOC: Volatility Organic Compounds***
VOC: volitile organic compounds***
VOC: Virago Owners Club***
VOC: Vacation of Conviction***
VOC: Vessel Operating Carrier***
VOC: Visual Online Communication***
VOC: Volatile Organic Compunds***
VOC: Volatile Organic Constituents***
VOC: Victory Over Communism***
VOC: Volatile Organic Concentration***
VOC: Victim of Crime***
VOC: Voluntary Organizations Consortium***
VOC: Vluchtige Organische Componenten***
VOC: Volatile Organic Concentrations***
VOC: Volatil Organic Compounds***
VOC: Valley Opportunity Council**
VOC: Vampires of Cyberspace**
VOC: low-volatile organic compound**
VOC: Value of Children**
VOC: vaso-occlusive crises**
VOC: vestibulo-oculo-collic**
VOC: vicinal oxygen chelate**
VOC: voice of customers**
VOC: voltage operated channels**
VOC: voltage-operated Ca2**
VOC: voltage-operated channel**
VOC: voltage-operated channels**
VOC: Voices of Customers**
VOC: Voltage Oriented Control**
VOC: Volative Organic Compounds**
VOC: Volunteer Organizing Committee**
VOC: Video Output Component**
VOC: Validity of Cognition Scale**
VOC: vaporizer out of circle**
VOC: voltage operated calcium channels**
VOC: voltage-operated Ca++ channels**
VOC: Voltage-operated Ca2+ channel**
VOC: voltage-operated Ca2+ channels**
VOC: voltage-operated calcium channels**
VOC: voltage-operated membrane channels**
VOC: voltage-operated-calcium-channel**
VOC: Vazduhoplovni Opitni Centar**
VOC: Vampires of Chaos**
VOC: Vision of Community**
VOC: Volunteers for Outdoors Colorado**
VOC: Virtual Office Connection**
VOC: Vegetable Oil Concentrate**
VOC: Volatiles Organic Compounds**
VOC: vaso-occlusive process**
VOC: Volts Open Circuit**
VOC: Volotile Organic Compounds**
VOC: Vancouver Olympic Club**
VOC: Victims of Chaos**
VOC: Volative Organic Compound**
VOC: Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic**
VOC: Volatile Organic Compund**
VOC: Vanguards of Conquest**
VOC: Vidzeme Olympic Centre**
VOC: Validation of Operational Concept**
VOC: Vega Owners Community**
VOC: Voices of Change**
VOC: Vase Ouvert Cleveland**
VOC: Voyagie the Crew**
VOC: Valparaiso Outpatient Campus**
VOC: Volatile Organic Compounts**
VOC: Veerenigde Oostindische Compagnie**
VOC: Victorian Olive Council**
VOC: Venue Operations Center**
VOC: Vietnam Online Club**
VOC: Voice of Cities**
VOC: Voice on Control**
VOC: Vaporous Organic Compounds**
VOC: Variable Output Circuit**
VOC: Volitale Organic Compounds**
VOC: Virginia Organic Cooperative**
VOC: Voice Over Cable**
VOC: Virtual Operating Center**
VOC: Vulcan Orienteering Club**
VOC: Varsity Outdoor Club*
VOC: VDSL Operations Channel*
VOC: Vancouver Outreach Community*
VOC: Victim Or the Crime*
VOC: Voice of Creation*
VOC: Voltile Organic Compounds*
VOC: Value of Contaminants*
VOC: Virtual Office Concepts*
VOC: Virtual Olympic City*
VOC: Victim of Corruption*
VOC: Village Operations Centre*
VOC: volatile org compds*
VOC: Visible-light curable latex and heavily pigmented coating systems*
VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds (air pollution)*
VOC: Vaporizing Organic Compounds*
VOC: Van Ostern Colin*
VOC: Vector Object Count*
VOC: Vehicle Operation and Control*
VOC: Verification Of Count*
VOC: Veterinary Opthalmology Courses*
VOC: Video Online Cagliari*
VOC: Violation Or Cessation*
VOC: Volatile Organic Contaminents*

Note: Acronym Finder has 45 verified definitions for VOC

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