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VIS: Verification Interacting with Synthesis****
VIS: Vanguard International Semiconductor****
VIS: Vehicle Information Services****
VIS: Vaccine Information Statements****
VIS: Voter Information Services****
VIS: Volunteers in Service****
VIS: Video Imaging Supplies****
VIS: Vector Includes Status***
VIS: Vientiane International School***
VIS: Vertriebs Informations System***
VIS: Vienna Independent Shorts***
VIS: Video Information Source (Las Vegas, NV)***
VIS: Voice Integrated Solutions***
VIS: Vehicle Identification System***
VIS: Variable Induction System***
VIS: Verizon Internet Services***
VIS: Victorian Independent Schools***
VIS: Vehicle Information System***
VIS: Victorian Institute of Sports***
VIS: Variable Intake System***
VIS: Vaccine Information Sheet***
VIS: Vault Information Services***
VIS: Vekst Industri Sunnhordland***
VIS: Village Improvement Society***
VIS: Verkehrs Industrie Systeme***
VIS: Voor IOKAI Shiatsu***
VIS: Voting Issues Service***
VIS: Vehicle Imaging System***
VIS: Voice Input Station***
VIS: Very Important Spray***
VIS: Volunteers in Schools***
VIS: video interview service***
VIS: Volontari Italiani Sangue***
VIS: VietNam International Security***
VIS: Voor IOKAI Shiatsutherapeuten***
VIS: Volleyball Information System***
VIS: Video Imaging System***
VIS: Ventil Informations System***
VIS: Vendor Invoice Status***
VIS: Verification Information Sheet***
VIS: Vietnam Italy Steel***
VIS: veri iletisim sistemleri***
VIS: Veterinary Investigation Service***
VIS: Vietnam International Securities**
VIS: Village Information System**
VIS: variance index score**
VIS: Variance Index Scores**
VIS: vascular interest surgeon**
VIS: venous insufficiency syndrome**
VIS: vertebral irritation syndrome**
VIS: viral inhibitory substance**
VIS: Vocational Independence Scale**
VIS: Verificatie Informatie Systeem**
VIS: Vehicle Information Service**
VIS: Vehicle Information Systems**
VIS: Vercors Info Service**
VIS: Viewable in Screen**
VIS: Vehicle Inspection Systems**
VIS: Variable Inlet System**
VIS: Vital Information Subsystem**
VIS: Vector Interrupt Select**
VIS: Vereinigung Irakischer Studenten**
VIS: Volunteers for International Solidarity**
VIS: venous injury staging system**
VIS: Volunteers Insurance Service**
VIS: Vodoprivrednog Informacionog Sistema**
VIS: Vapourware Interface Synthesiser**
VIS: Vehicle Inspection System**
VIS: Virtual Instrument System**
VIS: Vehicular Intercommunications System**
VIS: Vehicle Information Subsystem**
VIS: Vag Info System**
VIS: Vaccination Information Sheets**
VIS: Vermont Intercultural Semesters**
VIS: Volunteer Interest Surveys**
VIS: Virus Integration Site**
VIS: verkoop informatie systeem**
VIS: Volunteer Information Specialists**
VIS: Vaccine Information Service**
VIS: vessel information system**
VIS: vehicular intercommunication system**
VIS: Video Intelligence System**
VIS: Velocity Intake Systems**
VIS: Village Industry Services**
VIS: Vasil Iliev Security**
VIS: Virtual Information Server**
VIS: Vital Information Services**
VIS: Vaccine Immunization Statements**
VIS: Versus Information System**
VIS: Veterinary Imaging Solutions**
VIS: Vendor Information System**
VIS: Vendor Inquiry System**
VIS: Verificatie Informatie Systemen**
VIS: Vietnamese Information Service**
VIS: Vlbi Interface Specification**
VIS: Valley International School**
VIS: Vehicle Intercom System**
VIS: Vertical Interval Signaling**
VIS: Vigan Ilocos Sur**
VIS: Voice Information Services**
VIS: Voltage Increasing System**
VIS: Valuation Information System**
VIS: Voluntary Investment Scheme**
VIS: Vaccination Information Sheet**
VIS: Valve Information System**
VIS: Vancouver Island Symphony**
VIS: Victoria the Swan**
VIS: Vibration Isolation and Stabilization**
VIS: Video Inquiry System**
VIS: View Integration System**
VIS: Volumetric Imaging System**
VIS: Veneto Informatica Sistemi**
VIS: Vega Insurance Service**
VIS: Veterans Information Service**
VIS: Vehicle Intercom Systems*
VIS: Vavoua International School*
VIS: Vector Instruction Set*
VIS: Vehicle Imaging Subsystem*
VIS: Verenigd Internationaal Samenwerken*
VIS: Versatile Insurance Systems*
VIS: Virtual Info Systems*
VIS: Vitals Information System*
VIS: Volunteer Information System*
VIS: Volunteers in the Schools*
VIS: vatican info service*
VIS: Vehicle Intercommunications System*
VIS: Video Interpreting Services*
VIS: Voith Industrial Services*
VIS: Vehicle Intercommunication System*
VIS: Victorian Institue of Sport*
VIS: Video Interest Section*
VIS: Virtual Information Service*
VIS: Virtual International School*
VIS: Vortex Integrated Systems*
VIS: Vertical Incident Skywave*
VIS: Vaccine Induced Sarcoma*
VIS: Veneto Internet Services*
VIS: Veracity Information Solutions*
VIS: Verena Internet Services*
VIS: Veros Information Systems*
VIS: Victoria International Student*
VIS: Video Inquiry Screen*
VIS: Virtual Interactive Software*
VIS: Volcano Images from the Shuttle*

Note: Acronym Finder has 38 verified definitions for VIS

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