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VIA: Values Into Action****
VIA: Vitoria International Airport****
VIA: Vermont Interfaith Action****
VIA: Vision in Action****
VIA: Versatile Interface Adapter***
VIA: Vereniging Insolventierecht Advocaten***
VIA: Valley Industrial Association***
VIA: Victoria International Academy***
VIA: Virginia Institute of Autism***
VIA: Volunteers in Asia***
VIA: Vrijwillige Internationale Aktie***
VIA: Van Incasso Advocaten***
VIA: Veterinary Information Assistant***
VIA: Volunteering or About***
VIA: Victim Information and Advice***
VIA: Vancouver Island Association***
VIA: Visa International Association***
VIA: Venice Italy Address***
VIA: VINCI in Addition***
VIA: Vlaams Intersectoraal Akkoord***
VIA: Vehicle Inspection Association***
VIA: Vaccine Information Awareness***
VIA: Vnet Internet Access***
VIA: Visionaries in Action***
VIA: Visitor Internet Access***
VIA: Vendors ISDN Association***
VIA: Voices in Italian Americana***
VIA: Visual Intelligence Agency***
VIA: Vintela Integration Architecture***
VIA: Vaccine Information and Awareness***
VIA: Voorlichting Interlandelijke Adoptie***
VIA: Voksenskolen I Albertslund***
VIA: Vascular Interventional Associates***
VIA: Volunteer in Action***
VIA: Very Important Assets***
VIA: Virtual Insurance Agency***
VIA: VT82C686A Integrated Audio***
VIA: Video Interface ASIC***
VIA: Vancouver Island Amateur***
VIA: VT82C596 ISA Apollo***
VIA: venture investment associates***
VIA: Victorian Initiatives of Artists***
VIA: Video Imaging Analysis***
VIA: Van Internationale Arbeidsbemiddelaars***
VIA: Vision International Alliance***
VIA: Value Impact Assessment**
VIA: viral internal antigen**
VIA: viral internal antigens**
VIA: virus infection associated**
VIA: virus infection-associated**
VIA: virus-induced antigens**
VIA: virus-infection associated**
VIA: virus-infection-associated**
VIA: viscoelastic impedance adaptor**
VIA: viscosity-inducing agent**
VIA: visual inspection using acetic acid**
VIA: Vancouver Island Adventures**
VIA: Verkehr Infrastruktur Assessment**
VIA: Vietnam International Assurance**
VIA: Viking Image Archive**
VIA: Virtual Image Archive**
VIA: Vanderbilt India Association**
VIA: velopharyngeal insufficiency following adenoidectomy**
VIA: Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment**
VIA: viral infection-associated antigen**
VIA: viral internal antigen(s**
VIA: virus infection associated antigen**
VIA: Victoria International Airlines**
VIA: Virtual Intra Arterial**
VIA: Volleyball Institute of America**
VIA: valley innovation alliance**
VIA: Vesalius Interactive Anatomy**
VIA: Vienna International Association**
VIA: Very Innovative Architecture**
VIA: Vehicle Inspectorate Agency**
VIA: Value of Injuries Avoided**
VIA: Visual Images Access**
VIA: Vrijwillige Internationale Actie**
VIA: Vaccine Injury Alliance**
VIA: Volunteers for an Independent Arlington**
VIA: Vatican Intelligence Agency**
VIA: Vendor ISDN Association**
VIA: Valorization of Innovation**
VIA: Voter Initiative Alliance**
VIA: Vatva Industries Association**
VIA: Volunteers Initiative for the Arts**
VIA: VT82C686A Integrated AC**
VIA: Virtual Interfaces for Applications**
VIA: Veterans Information Alliance**
VIA: Visitor Industry Alliance**
VIA: Voter Information Alliance**
VIA: Vapi Industries Association**
VIA: Vereniging Internationale Arbeidsbemiddeling**
VIA: Verruimde Interne Arbeidsmarkt**
VIA: Virtual Imaging Alliance**
VIA: Visual Impairment Ayrshire**
VIA: Vinifera Icewine Award**
VIA: Virginia Irrigation Association**
VIA: Visual Inteligencia Artificial**
VIA: Visual Interactive Access**
VIA: Vanda Institute of Accounting**
VIA: Vendor Integration Alliance**
VIA: Video Incident Analysis**
VIA: Vestigia Imago Atavorum**
VIA: Volt Input Adapter**
VIA: Venlo Internet Access**
VIA: Very Important Acronym**
VIA: Very Important Arrowmen**
VIA: Visa Issuance Authorization**
VIA: Vossen International Alliances**
VIA: Vacuum Insulation Association*
VIA: Vertical Installation Automation*
VIA: Vision Intent Action*
VIA: Visual Information Audio*
VIA: Voices Influence and Access*
VIA: Valley Information Alliance*
VIA: Vicor Integration Architects*
VIA: Virtual Instrumentation Access*
VIA: Victims in Action*
VIA: Values Ideas and the Arts*
VIA: Vanderpoel Improvement Association*
VIA: Vacuum Insertion Approximation*
VIA: Very Intense Adventure*
VIA: Very Intense Attack*
VIA: Visual Interaction Assistant*
VIA: Vancouver Island Autonet*
VIA: Volcanic Input to Atmosphere*

Note: Acronym Finder has 36 verified definitions for VIA

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