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UTC: Ultimate Travel Company****
UTC: union theological college****
UTC: Unit Trust Company****
UTC: unlimited travel centre****
UTC: under the covers****
UTC: Unit Trust Corporation****
UTC: University Town Center****
UTC: Union Technology Co****
UTC: Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator****
UTC: Union Treiziste Catalane****
UTC: Unreal Tournament Clan****
UTC: United Technical Center****
UTC: United Technologies Center***
UTC: Universal Truth Center***
UTC: Universal Time Coordinates***
UTC: University of Tennessee Chattanooga***
UTC: Unit Trust Consultant***
UTC: Universal Trailer Corporation***
UTC: Underwater Technology Conference***
UTC: University Towne Center***
UTC: University and Classes***
UTC: Universal Talkware Corporation***
UTC: United Touring Company***
UTC: Urban Teacher Corps***
UTC: Uniunea Tineretului Comunist***
UTC: Universal Technology Corporation***
UTC: Unita Tecnica Centrale***
UTC: University Technology Committee***
UTC: Union Technology Corp***
UTC: Urban Transportation Center***
UTC: Urban Transportation Commission***
UTC: Universal Touring Company***
UTC: United Technology Corporation***
UTC: Underwater Technology Center***
UTC: United Transport Company***
UTC: Utility Telecom Conference***
UTC: University of Tennesse at Chattanooga***
UTC: University Transfer Center***
UTC: Uni Travelling Carrier***
UTC: Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization***
UTC: University of Technology of Compiegne***
UTC: University of Tennessee College***
UTC: United Telephone Company***
UTC: Use the Conversion***
UTC: University of CA***
UTC: Under the Canopy***
UTC: US Transportation Command***
UTC: Upstate Technology Conference***
UTC: United Tooling Coalition***
UTC: University Technology Centres***
UTC: United Test Center***
UTC: Utilities and Trade Commission***
UTC: United Trust Corporation***
UTC: Utilities Telecommunications Council***
UTC: Uniform Traffic Citation***
UTC: Ultimate Transportation Corridor***
UTC: Universal Time Civil***
UTC: university testing center***
UTC: User Time Clock***
UTC: unisonic technologies co***
UTC: Universal Time Coordination***
UTC: United Technology Center***
UTC: University of Texas CBA***
UTC: United Transit Company***
UTC: Utah Travel Council***
UTC: Uniform Type Committee***
UTC: Universal Time Corrected***
UTC: University Technology Center***
UTC: University of Cluj***
UTC: Utilities Transportation Commission***
UTC: Unit Test Cases**
UTC: University of Texas Center**
UTC: unbound theophylline concentrations**
UTC: uremic tumoral calcinosis**
UTC: urinary-tract calculi**
UTC: uterine tubal cells**
UTC: Unified Transponder Concepts**
UTC: Use Techno Corporation**
UTC: Union Tennis Club**
UTC: Urban Tree Canopy**
UTC: Uniroyal Technology Corporation**
UTC: United Telephone Co**
UTC: Undifferentiated Thyroid Carcinoma**
UTC: United Trading Corporation**
UTC: Univ of Tennessee Chattanooga**
UTC: Unit Tap Constraint**
UTC: United Technologies Carrier**
UTC: United Tech Company**
UTC: Urban Technology Center**
UTC: Universal Task Coordinator**
UTC: Universal Trading Corporation**
UTC: Uracil to Cytosine**
UTC: University of Tennessee Center**
UTC: University Tutorial College**
UTC: Universities of Technology**
UTC: Underwritten Title Companies**
UTC: United Technologies Chemical**
UTC: Upper Tropospheric Clouds**
UTC: Univeral Time Coordinated**
UTC: Univ of Tenn Chattanooga**
UTC: University Theatre Center**
UTC: Up the Cobblers**
UTC: Universal Time Control**
UTC: Universal Time Convention**
UTC: Unique Trade Center**
UTC: UVM Transportation Center**
UTC: Uganda Transport Company**
UTC: University of the Thai Chamber**
UTC: University Training Consortium**
UTC: Urethane Technology Company**
UTC: User Talk the Cunctator**
UTC: Urban Towns Committee**
UTC: Universal Time Central**
UTC: University Townhouses Cooperative**
UTC: U Technical Committee**
UTC: University of Tennesse Chattanooga**
UTC: underwritten title company**
UTC: Undergraduate Theater Collective**
UTC: Unicode Technical Consortium**
UTC: Unglazed Transpired Collector**
UTC: Urban Tech Catalyst**
UTC: Use Town Center**
UTC: Umoja Track Club**
UTC: University of Transport and Communication**
UTC: University Transporation Center**
UTC: Urgent Treatment Clinics**
UTC: United Testing Company**
UTC: Unity Through Christ**
UTC: Universal Test Console**
UTC: Urban Technology Consulting**
UTC: Universal Training Concepts**
UTC: Upper Texas Coastal**
UTC: United Technologies Corporations**
UTC: UIC the Committee**
UTC: Ultimate Technology Course**
UTC: united taiwan corp**
UTC: UTD Technologies Corp**
UTC: Utility Telecommunications Council**
UTC: Undercarpet Telephone Cable*
UTC: Universale Temps Coordinaire*
UTC: Unfortunately the Coverage*
UTC: United Tuna Cooperative*
UTC: Universal Time Cosmic*
UTC: University Tenure Committee*
UTC: Urban Transport Component*
UTC: Uttaranchal Transport Corporation*
UTC: Uniforme Transport Code*
UTC: Unit Test Complete*
UTC: Universal Turning Centers*
UTC: Universel Temps Coordonne*
UTC: University Timetable Committee*
UTC: Unreal Tournament Classes*
UTC: Urban Transport Committee*
UTC: Utility and Transportation Commission*
UTC: Ufoakses Training Center*
UTC: Umang Taleemi Centres*
UTC: Undergraduate Theatre Collective*
UTC: Unit Technical Cost*
UTC: United Time Convention*
UTC: Universal Time CET*
UTC: URI Transportation Center*
UTC: Utilities and Transportation CommissionWashington*
UTC: User Transaction Cache*
UTC: United Technologies Corporation...SRM*
UTC: United Turbo Company*
UTC: universal time coordinate(d)*
UTC: Universal Time Coordinated (Coordinator? Coordination?)*
UTC: Universal Training Curriculum*
UTC: Universidade de Tecnologia de Chalmers*
UTC: Universite de Technologie Compie*
UTC: University of Tasmania Consultative*
UTC: University of Tennessee at Chata*
UTC: University of Texas Caenorhabdit*
UTC: University of Texas Chorale*
UTC: University of Toledo Chemical*
UTC: University of Toledo Computer*
UTC: University of Toronto Club*
UTC: University of Twente Chemical*

Note: Acronym Finder has 63 verified definitions for UTC

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