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What does USG stand for?

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USG: University Systems Group****
USG: Utah State Government****
USG: Universitetets Studenter Gymnastik****
USG: United Services Group****
USG: Universities at Shady Grove***
USG: usinfo state gov***
USG: Utah Summer Games***
USG: Universal Subscriber Gateway***
USG: Unix Systems Group***
USG: United Star Gamers***
USG: Unione Superiori Generali***
USG: User Support Group***
USG: United States Gibson***
USG: Uzinele Sodice Govora***
USG: Urban Study Group***
USG: Universal Solutions Group***
USG: Used For Government***
USG: Urban Sector Group***
USG: United States Guards***
USG: Urban Sound Gallery***
USG: Ultra Slide Grease***
USG: United Student Government***
USG: Usembassy State Gov***
USG: Union of Superiors General***
USG: Under Secretaries General***
USG: Union Square Group***
USG: United States Governments***
USG: Universal Signaling Gateway**
USG: Unfired Steam Generators**
USG: ultra small gold**
USG: University Student Government**
USG: Urban Services Group**
USG: Universal Security Groups**
USG: Universe Security Group**
USG: University of Strathclyde Glasgow**
USG: Universal Sync Generator**
USG: United Security Group**
USG: unified systems group**
USG: University of Stuttgart Germany**
USG: United Sportproducts Germany**
USG: United Solutions Group**
USG: urine color , specific gravity**
USG: union syndicale geotechnique**
USG: UNIX System Group**
USG: University of Surrey Guildford**
USG: Users the Gadgets**
USG: Unique Signal Generator**
USG: User Steering Group**
USG: United States Gazetteer**
USG: User Services Group**
USG: Usability Solutions Group**
USG: Union Socialiste Gabonaise**
USG: Urea Super Granules**
USG: United Service Group**
USG: Union Station Gateway**
USG: Upland Sports Group**
USG: Unions of Superiors General**
USG: Umwelt Service GmbH*
USG: Union of Superior Generals*
USG: Universal Services Group*
USG: US Standard Gauge*
USG: Unified Student Government*
USG: Uganda Support Group*
USG: Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups*
USG: Union Sportive Gironaise*
USG: University of Saint Gallen*
USG: Uniform Strain Gradient*
USG: United Survey Group*
USG: Undergraduate Studies in Geology*
USG: Unidad Sindical de Guatemala*
USG: Union Solidarista Guatemalteca*
USG: United States Gasnet*
USG: United States Gazateer*
USG: United States Gazeteer*
USG: Universal Student Government*
USG: Universitat Sankt Gallen*
USG: University of Salzburg German*
USG: University of Southampton Geology*
USG: University of Strathclyde Grad*
USG: University of Stuttgart Geology*
USG: University Students Geological*
USG: Usenet Silly Groups*

Note: Acronym Finder has 25 verified definitions for USG

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