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UPA: University Planning and Analysis****
UPA: Urban Planning Area****
UPA: University Planning Analysis****
UPA: Urged to Play A***
UPA: Utenti Pubblicita Associati***
UPA: Union Professionelle Artisanale***
UPA: Urban Planning Agency***
UPA: Unione Provinciale Artigiani***
UPA: United Patriots of America***
UPA: Universal Programmer Analyser***
UPA: Urban and Public Affairs***
UPA: United Performing Association***
UPA: Uniform Parentage Act***
UPA: Universite Populaire Albanaise***
UPA: Undergraduate Psychology Association***
UPA: Unione Provinciale Agricoltori***
UPA: University of Pardubice***
UPA: Ulta Pulta Alliance***
UPA: Usability Professional Association***
UPA: Urban Policy Area***
UPA: University Postgraduate Awards***
UPA: Union of Plastic Artists***
UPA: Unwed Parents Anonymous***
UPA: Universal Parsing Agent***
UPA: United Power Association***
UPA: Updated Proposed Action***
UPA: University Personnel Association***
UPA: Unplanned Physical Activity***
UPA: University Physician Associates***
UPA: Ultra Portable Application***
UPA: User Part Available***
UPA: UltraSPARC Port Architecture***
UPA: United Peafowl Association***
UPA: United Piss Artists***
UPA: Unassigned Peptidases A02***
UPA: Urban Poor Associates***
UPA: Ultrafine Particle Analyzer***
UPA: Under Privileged Area**
UPA: 125I]urokinase plasminogen activator**
UPA: ultrasound peak amplitude**
UPA: urinary plasminogen activator**
UPA: urine plasminogen activator**
UPA: urokinase plasminogen activation**
UPA: urokinase plasminogen activators**
UPA: urokinase-plasminogen activation**
UPA: urokinasetype plasminogen activator**
UPA: urokinase-type PA**
UPA: Universities Personnel Association**
UPA: User Process Analysis**
UPA: Universal Protein Array**
UPA: under-privileged area score**
UPA: University Park Alliance**
UPA: urokinase type plasminogen activator**
UPA: University Pharmacotherapy Associates**
UPA: Utica Power Authority**
UPA: Uganda Peoples Army**
UPA: anti-urokinase type plasminogen activator**
UPA: anti-urokinase-type plasminogen activator**
UPA: particular plasminogen activator**
UPA: United Progress Alliance**
UPA: urinary-type plasminogen activator**
UPA: urokinase plasminogen activator system**
UPA: urokinase plasminogen activator type**
UPA: urokinase plasminogen activator-1**
UPA: urokinase type-plasminogen activators**
UPA: urokinase- type plasminogen activator**
UPA: urokinase-type plasminogen activator**
UPA: urokinase-type plasminogen activators**
UPA: urokinase-type plasminogen-activator**
UPA: Urokinase-type-plasminogen activator**
UPA: Uranium Producers of America**
UPA: Unfair Practices Act**
UPA: urokinase type-plasminogen activator**
UPA: urokinase-type plasminogen activator**
UPA: Unidad Profesional Azcapotzalco**
UPA: United Peoples Alliance**
UPA: Union Patronale Artisanale**
UPA: United Progessive Alliance**
UPA: Union Payroll Agency**
UPA: Urban Protection Agency**
UPA: endogenous plasminogen activator**
UPA: including plasminogen activator**
UPA: Ufficio Personale Associato**
UPA: Uplink Packet Access**
UPA: Universal Powerline Alliance**
UPA: United Poolplayers Association**
UPA: united pictures agency**
UPA: University Property Administration**
UPA: Uralic Phonetic Alphabet**
UPA: Urban Pioneer Awards**
UPA: Universal Purchasing Association**
UPA: Utah Press Association**
UPA: Unions for the Performing Arts**
UPA: Ulster Protestant Action**
UPA: Uniform Procedures Act**
UPA: Union of Poles in America**
UPA: Universal Planetary Alliance**
UPA: United Pilots Alliance**
UPA: United Powerlifting Association**
UPA: United Pankration Alliance**
UPA: Uganda Pearl of Africa**
UPA: Unified Program Agencies**
UPA: Urine Processor Assembly**
UPA: Uterine Prolapse Alliance**
UPA: Utility Partners of America**
UPA: Usability Professional Associations**
UPA: Utah Petroleum Association**
UPA: Universal Port Architecture**
UPA: User Program Area**
UPA: Universities Psychotherapy Association*
UPA: Unreimbursed Public Assistance*
UPA: UseNet Performance Artist*
UPA: Universal Partnership Agreement*
UPA: Universal Power Assembly*
UPA: Untied Progressive Alliance*
UPA: Urban Poverty Assessment*
UPA: Unholy P Alliance*
UPA: Unit per Assembly*
UPA: United Pictures of America*
UPA: Unconscious Paralleled Assumption*
UPA: Unified Planetary Assembly*
UPA: Uniform Prorate Agreement*
UPA: Union of the Peoples of Angola*
UPA: United Pool Association*
UPA: United Property Associates*
UPA: Universal Plastid Amplicon*
UPA: Universal Publication Agency*
UPA: Unsaturated Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids*
UPA: Utah Psychiatric Association*
UPA: UniCredit Processes Administration*
UPA: Urban Programme Authority*
UPA: URK Plasminogen Activator*
UPA: Usability Project and on A*
UPA: Utah Principals Academy*
UPA: unauthorized purchase actions*
UPA: University of Pennsylvania Anima*
UPA: University of Pittsburgh Army*
UPA: Unix Parallel Archive*
UPA: Upward Performance Appraisal*
UPA: Uta Personligt Ansvar*
UPA: Utilities Procurement Analysis*

Note: Acronym Finder has 41 verified definitions for UPA

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