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What does UMC stand for?

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UMC: University Memorial Center****
UMC: university medical ctr****
UMC: Ukrainian Mobile Comms****
UMC: Ulrich Medical Concepts****
UMC: Union Management Committees****
UMC: United Motors Company****
UMC: United Methodists Church****
UMC: University Medical Centres****
UMC: United Methodist Commission****
UMC: Ubiquitous Mobile Computing****
UMC: Unit Management Committee****
UMC: united milk company***
UMC: United Medical Centers***
UMC: United Methodist Christ***
UMC: Ultimate Marketing Corporation***
UMC: United Methodist Chapel***
UMC: Unconventional Models of Computation***
UMC: United Medical Corporation***
UMC: University of Maryland College***
UMC: University of Michigan Center***
UMC: Utrechts Medisch Centrum***
UMC: Universitair Medische Centra***
UMC: University Multimedia Center***
UMC: Utah Medical Center***
UMC: University of Missouri at Columbia***
UMC: University Minnesota Crookston (Crookston, MN)***
UMC: Underwater Mateable Connectors***
UMC: United Meridian Corp***
UMC: United Manufacturing Company***
UMC: Useless Macro Collection***
UMC: Ultra Machining Company***
UMC: Ultrasonix Medical Corp***
UMC: Untouchables Motorcycle Club***
UMC: Urban Mitzvah Corps***
UMC: United Microelectronic Corporation***
UMC: Univ Medical Ctr***
UMC: United Methodist Connectional***
UMC: United Methodist Congress***
UMC: Urban Management Center***
UMC: University Medical Campus***
UMC: Utility Monitoring Central***
UMC: United Microelectronic Corp***
UMC: United Mining Corp***
UMC: University Marketing Communications***
UMC: Uppsala Monitoring Center***
UMC: Union Management Committee***
UMC: Underground Music Collective***
UMC: Ultra Motorcycle Company***
UMC: Unconventional Model of Computation***
UMC: United Mercantile Co***
UMC: Universal Motion Components***
UMC: United Metodist Church***
UMC: United Metallurgical Company***
UMC: Universal Marketing Company***
UMC: Uranium Mining Company***
UMC: University of Minnesota College**
UMC: undefined mononuclear cells**
UMC: Universal Measuring Centres**
UMC: urine-methanol concentration**
UMC: usual medical care**
UMC: united minerals corporation**
UMC: Urban Micro Credit**
UMC: Universal Manufacturing Company**
UMC: University Mechanical Contractors**
UMC: United Microelectronics Company**
UMC: University of Mississippi Center**
UMC: Universal Manufacturing Corporation**
UMC: urinary milk of calcium**
UMC: Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation**
UMC: University Materials Council**
UMC: Unfair Means Cases**
UMC: User Modeling Components**
UMC: UCAR Management Committee**
UMC: Uintah Mountain Club**
UMC: Universitas Mons Calpe**
UMC: Utility Media Center**
UMC: Union Music Catalogue**
UMC: Unneeded Materials and Chemicals**
UMC: county medical center**
UMC: Utrecht Medical Center**
UMC: Undisputed Marching Clique**
UMC: Ultra Motorcycle Co**
UMC: University Mail Code**
UMC: UMX Macros Collection**
UMC: United Minorities Council**
UMC: United Multi Care**
UMC: Ugly Mean Chickie**
UMC: united microelectronices corp**
UMC: Universal Multizone Crystallizator**
UMC: Uniform Membership Card**
UMC: United Manufacturing Corporation**
UMC: Untied Mixed Credit**
UMC: United Methodists Condemn**
UMC: Universal Motors Corporation**
UMC: Ukrainian Mathematical Congress**
UMC: Union Metalic Cartridge**
UMC: Ultra Micro Computer**
UMC: Underfloor Modulating Controller**
UMC: United Methodist Charity**
UMC: Universal Maintenance Center**
UMC: Upgraded Main Computer**
UMC: Ultimate Mastery Clan**
UMC: Unique Marketing Concepts**
UMC: University Management Course**
UMC: Universitas Muhammadiyah Cirebon**
UMC: United Missionary College**
UMC: Unitedwayyouth Mb Ca**
UMC: universal motor controller**
UMC: Urban Management Centre**
UMC: Undergraduate Musicians Council**
UMC: Underwater Manifold Centre**
UMC: Underinsured Motorist Coverage*
UMC: Underwater Manifold Center*
UMC: Unicorn Management Consultants*
UMC: united microelectronics cp*
UMC: Universal Microwave Corporation*
UMC: University Mailing Code*
UMC: Urban Ministry Conference*
UMC: United Media Corporation*
UMC: utd microelectrs cp*
UMC: Unisphere Management Center*
UMC: Unassigned Multiplex Channel*
UMC: Unibus Micro Channel*
UMC: Unidirectional Molding Compound*
UMC: Uninsured Motorist Complaint*
UMC: United Management Company*
UMC: University Medical Centrum*
UMC: University of Miami College*
UMC: Ukrainian Management Committee*
UMC: Under Ministry Control*
UMC: Undergraduate Medicine Committee*
UMC: Underground Ministry of Culture*
UMC: Unit Movement Coordinators*
UMC: United Methodists to Critically*
UMC: Universal Match Corp*
UMC: usinage mecanique comtois*
UMC: Utah Masonry Council*
UMC: University of Minnesota Crooksto*
UMC: Upper Midwest Conference*
UMC: Ulsam Metropolitan City*
UMC: Underground Mine Classification*
UMC: Underground Mines Classification*
UMC: Union Map Catalogue*
UMC: Union Mining Company*
UMC: United Methodist Chururch*
UMC: Univeristy of Minnesota Center*
UMC: Universal Mining Company*
UMC: Universite de Moncton Campus*
UMC: Universite de Montreal Centre*
UMC: University of Maryland Chemistry*
UMC: University of Memphis Chemistry*
UMC: University of Memphis Christian*
UMC: University of Michigan Classics*
UMC: University of Michigan Comprehen*
UMC: University of Minho Computer*
UMC: University of Minnesota Chemistry*
UMC: University of Minnesota Chess*
UMC: University of Minnisota College*
UMC: University of Minnisota Computer*
UMC: University of Mississippi Chemistry*
UMC: Uranium Mine Canada*
UMC: Uranium Mining Companies*
UMC: Utica Mining Company*

Note: Acronym Finder has 45 verified definitions for UMC

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