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What does UFO stand for?

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UFO: United Fanzine Organization****
UFO: unconventional flying objects****
UFO: Unknown Flying Object****
UFO: Ultra Fast Optics****
UFO: United Future Organization***
UFO: Uniform Fee Only***
UFO: Upholstery Fabric Outlet***
UFO: Underground Freak Out***
UFO: Ultimate Fitness Object***
UFO: Un Finished Objects***
UFO: Ukiah Field Office***
UFO: United Fly Organisation***
UFO: Universitair Functie Ordenen***
UFO: UnIvErSaL FiGhTeRs OnLiNe***
UFO: Uniquely Flexible Office***
UFO: Universal Format Outputter***
UFO: United Feline Organization***
UFO: Ubiquitous Findable Objects***
UFO: Urban Future Organization***
UFO: Ultra-high frequency Follow-On***
UFO: Uidentifisert Flygende Objekt***
UFO: Use for Organization***
UFO: Uidentificeret Flyvende Objekt***
UFO: Uralmash Forever Online***
UFO: Users of Free Operating***
UFO: United Functions and Objects***
UFO: Unidentifiable Flying Object***
UFO: United Filkers of Ontario***
UFO: Unidentified Foreign Objects***
UFO: Ultimate Field Office***
UFO: United Film Organizers***
UFO: Urban Fest Osijek***
UFO: United Filmmakers Organization***
UFO: United Filipino Organization***
UFO: Undergraduate Fellowships Office***
UFO: Ulead File for Objects***
UFO: Unusual Flying Objects***
UFO: Unusual Floral Organs***
UFO: University Funded Organizations***
UFO: University Fellowships Office***
UFO: Unlimited Frisbee Organization**
UFO: UHF Follow On (satellite)**
UFO: Universal Form Objects**
UFO: Unindentified Flying Object**
UFO: Ultralight Flyers Organization**
UFO: Unicorn Formatting Objects**
UFO: Ultra female overexpression**
UFO: Unable to Find One**
UFO: Unidentified Flying Obects**
UFO: United Filmmakers Organisation**
UFO: Unidentified Flowering Object**
UFO: Unified Film Organisation**
UFO: Unbekend Fleanend Objekt**
UFO: Understanding Fiber Optics**
UFO: Universal Freight Organization**
UFO: united food outreach**
UFO: Unidentified Flying Outrage**
UFO: Ultimate Fan Organization**
UFO: Un Funded Organization**
UFO: USB Fantom Onair**
UFO: Uidentifisert Flygande Objekt**
UFO: Universal Fellowship Orono**
UFO: Unidentified Frozen Object**
UFO: United Faggers Otopsie**
UFO: Unifour Flying Objects**
UFO: Underground Fencing Organization**
UFO: Unindentified Flying Objects**
UFO: Unidentifed Flying Objects**
UFO: Unge Frivillige Organisationer**
UFO: Undergraduate Film Organization**
UFO: Uncompetitive Fast Off**
UFO: Ultra Fajny Odcinek**
UFO: Underground Futuristic Organisation**
UFO: Unidentified Fungal Oddity**
UFO: United Flying Organization**
UFO: Ultimate Flow Optimizer**
UFO: Undergraduate Funding Office**
UFO: Unidentified Frying Objects**
UFO: Un Filtered Offering**
UFO: Universidade Federal de Ouro**
UFO: Unexplained Flying Object**
UFO: Unique Funky Orchestra**
UFO: Universal Fake Orchestra**
UFO: Utah Flyers Organization**
UFO: Unidentify Flying Object**
UFO: Unidentified Foul Odor**
UFO: Unidentified Found Object**
UFO: Unit Families Officer**
UFO: Unite Filmmakers Online**
UFO: University Film Organization**
UFO: Upazila Fisheries Officers**
UFO: Undergraduate Forensics Organization**
UFO: Unidentified Flag Operation**
UFO: unidentified fraudulent objects**
UFO: United Friends Organization**
UFO: Upazilla Fisheries Officer**
UFO: Unbelievable Financial Opportunity**
UFO: United Film Organisation**
UFO: Unified Functions and Objects*
UFO: United for Order*
UFO: United Fotographers Organization*
UFO: Unwanted Flowering Objects*
UFO: UCAR Finance Office*
UFO: Urban Forced Operations*
UFO: User Friendly Odorless*
UFO: Ultimate Frisbee of Osaka*
UFO: Unexplained the First One*
UFO: Unidentified Family of Origin*
UFO: Utah Filk Organization*
UFO: Unbred Film Observers*
UFO: Under Forty Organization*
UFO: Unidentified Flashing Object*
UFO: United Federation of Officials*
UFO: United Film Office*
UFO: United Funk Organization*
UFO: Universal Fibre Optics: integration of fibre optics in buildings*
UFO: University Finance Office*
UFO: University Firm Order*
UFO: Ultimate Frisbee Outreach*
UFO: Ultimate Fuel Optimizer*
UFO: Uncompahgre Field Office*
UFO: Unidentifyed Flying Object*
UFO: Universa Fluganta Objekto*
UFO: Unknown Form Object*
UFO: Unlimited Financial Opportunity*
UFO: Urban Future Organisation*
UFO: User Friendly Organization*
UFO: Uidentified Flying Object*
UFO: Universal Force Operations*
UFO: UHF Follow On satellite (Navy)*
UFO: Ultra Fine Output*
UFO: ultra high frequency (UHF) Follow-on Satellite System*

Note: Acronym Finder has 39 verified definitions for UFO

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