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What does UAP stand for?

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UAP: University Alliance Program****
UAP: United Advertising Publications****
UAP: Upgrade Advantage Program****
UAP: University Affiliated Programs***
UAP: Used Auto Parts***
UAP: University Administrative Procedures***
UAP: Universal Availability of Publications***
UAP: United Auto Parts***
UAP: Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena***
UAP: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena***
UAP: Unified Assessment Process***
UAP: United Australian Party***
UAP: User Advisory Panel***
UAP: Unique Acceptance Procedure***
UAP: User Authentication Protocol***
UAP: University Area Partners***
UAP: University Alliance Programme***
UAP: Upper Atmospheric Physics***
UAP: Undergraduate Advanced Project***
UAP: Union of Agricultural Producers***
UAP: Urban Arterial Program***
UAP: United Action for Peace***
UAP: University Assessment Panel***
UAP: Unique Advertising Proposition***
UAP: Upper Atmosphere Physics***
UAP: Undergraduate Advising Programs***
UAP: Upper Address Part**
UAP: umbilical arterial pressure**
UAP: undifferentiated abdominal pain**
UAP: unmyelinated axon profiles**
UAP: upper airway pressure**
UAP: urban air particles**
UAP: urban air particulates**
UAP: Utah Arthritis Program**
UAP: uronic-acid-rich protein**
UAP: Universal Access Provision**
UAP: Urban Agriculture Programme**
UAP: Urix Analytic Platform**
UAP: Union of African Parliaments**
UAP: Supraglottic airway pressures**
UAP: Unreimbursed Assistance Pool**
UAP: User Access Program**
UAP: United Against Piracy**
UAP: União Anarquista Portuguesa**
UAP: Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena**
UAP: Upper Airspace Program**
UAP: Universal Access Points**
UAP: University Authorities Panel**
UAP: Unprocessed Agricultural Products**
UAP: Universal Amplification Primer**
UAP: Universal Access Project**
UAP: Universal Application Process**
UAP: University Academic Plan**
UAP: UPLB Agroforestry Program**
UAP: United Anconeal Process**
UAP: University Approval Panel**
UAP: Unified Approval Procedure**
UAP: User Application Profile**
UAP: United Agriculture Products**
UAP: Utility Addressing Plan**
UAP: Universel Aux Publications**
UAP: Undergraduate Advising Program*
UAP: User Access Policy*
UAP: Urban Agriculture Program*
UAP: Unit of Affiliated Programs*
UAP: United Architects of Philippines*
UAP: Undergraduate Association President*
UAP: Unified Action Party*
UAP: Unified Application Process*
UAP: Ude Aviation Plant*
UAP: University Admission Preparation*
UAP: Unusual Aerial Phenomena*
UAP: User Access Points*
UAP: User Application Profiles*
UAP: University of Arizona Physics*
UAP: Udall Award Program*
UAP: Ultimate Astrological Profile*
UAP: University Admissions Process*
UAP: University Alliance to Protect*
UAP: University at Albany Photo*
UAP: University of Alberta Paleontology*
UAP: University of Alberta Petroleum*
UAP: University of Amsterdam Physics*
UAP: University of Arizona Page*
UAP: University of Arizona Paleoclima*
UAP: University of Arizona Paleoclimate*
UAP: University of Arizona Plant*
UAP: University of Arkansas Physical*
UAP: Unlimited Allentown Premier*
UAP: Urbana Atlas of Pathology*
UAP: Ursus Arctos Pruinosus*

Note: Acronym Finder has 44 verified definitions for UAP

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