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UAC: Universidad Autónoma de Campeche****
UAC: United Aerospace Corporation****
UAC: Urban Agriculture Council****
UAC: University Audit Committee***
UAC: Utility Advisory Committee***
UAC: Unified Access Communications***
UAC: Utah Association of Counties***
UAC: Union Aerospace Corporations***
UAC: Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation***
UAC: Union Aerospace Company***
UAC: United Airlines Company***
UAC: University Affiliate Centers***
UAC: Utah Admin Code***
UAC: Usability Accessibility Center***
UAC: Urban Affairs Center***
UAC: Utah Administrative Code***
UAC: Utah Arts Council***
UAC: University Area Commission***
UAC: University Air Center***
UAC: University Activities Center***
UAC: User Agent Clients***
UAC: Universal Air Cargo***
UAC: Uganda AIDS Commission***
UAC: Uniform Administrative Code***
UAC: Union Activities Council***
UAC: Uganda Amnesty Commission***
UAC: Universal Anglican Church***
UAC: United Arts Council***
UAC: Umbilical Artery Catheter***
UAC: United Amerindian Center***
UAC: Undergraduate Advising Center***
UAC: Unie Amaterskych Cyklistu***
UAC: Utah Agricultural College***
UAC: Ukrainian Antarctic Center***
UAC: Utility Advisory Commission***
UAC: University Advisement Center***
UAC: Underwriting Agencies Council***
UAC: UAS in Asterisk Config***
UAC: United Asset Coverage***
UAC: United Action for Children***
UAC: University Advisory Council***
UAC: Undergraduate Assessment Committee***
UAC: United Air Charters***
UAC: Uwchlan Ambulance Corps***
UAC: United Astrology Conference***
UAC: United Aircraft Company***
UAC: Unified Aircraft Corporation***
UAC: United Astrology Congress***
UAC: Ugandan AIDS Commission***
UAC: Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee***
UAC: User Advisory Council***
UAC: Unique Application Code***
UAC: Ulster Automobile Club***
UAC: User Assistance Center***
UAC: United African Church***
UAC: Union Affiliated Contractors***
UAC: Unionville Alliance Church***
UAC: Unified Audit Committee***
UAC: Urgent Appeal Case***
UAC: Upper Airspace Control***
UAC: University Advisory Committee***
UAC: Ultimo Aquatic Centre***
UAC: Undergraduate Advisory Committee***
UAC: Unaligned Access Control***
UAC: Universal Automatic Computer***
UAC: University Accreditation Commission**
UAC: Universal Acceptance Corporation**
UAC: U amniotic cells**
UAC: Umbilical arterial catheters**
UAC: umbilical artery catheterization**
UAC: umbilical artery catheters**
UAC: uniform attenuation correction**
UAC: upper alimentary cancers**
UAC: upper arm circumference**
UAC: urinary albumin concentration**
UAC: urinary albumin concentrations**
UAC: urine albumin concentration**
UAC: urine alcohol concentration**
UAC: Unitary Air Conditioner**
UAC: University Advising Council**
UAC: Unit Approval Committee**
UAC: Urban Advisory Council**
UAC: Uniform Annual Charge**
UAC: undifferentiated type adenocarcinomatous component**
UAC: United Air Care**
UAC: United Arab Command**
UAC: Urban Affairs Commission**
UAC: Upflow Anaerobic Contact**
UAC: Uniform Advisory Committee**
UAC: United Anglers of California**
UAC: Union Acceptance Corporation**
UAC: human amnion cells**
UAC: human amniotic cells**
UAC: midupper arm circumference**
UAC: Unit Assessment Committee**
UAC: Uganda Airlines Corp**
UAC: Uniform Annual Charges**
UAC: Unified Arab Command**
UAC: Unbalanced Asynchronous Class**
UAC: Undergraduate Affairs Council**
UAC: Umvoti AIDS Centre**
UAC: United Antiterrorist Coalition**
UAC: University Admission Center**
UAC: undeb amaethwyr cymru**
UAC: University Activity Council**
UAC: University of Arizona College**
UAC: Understanding and Acceptance**
UAC: Universal Access Concentrators**
UAC: Utilities Advisory Commission**
UAC: Users Advisory Committee**
UAC: Undergraduate Advisory Council**
UAC: User Action Code**
UAC: Utilization and Cost**
UAC: United Air Cleaning**
UAC: University Academic Council**
UAC: University Accreditation Committee**
UAC: Unincorporated Area Council**
UAC: UTA Advising Center**
UAC: Union Advisory Committee**
UAC: Universal Air Conditioner**
UAC: Universities Admissions Centres**
UAC: Upwey Anglican Church**
UAC: Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives**
UAC: Urantia Association of Colombia**
UAC: User Acoount Control**
UAC: Unemployment Action Center*
UAC: Union Activities Committee*
UAC: University Accommodation Center*
UAC: University Activities Commission*
UAC: University Admissions Committee*
UAC: Upper Air Control*
UAC: Urban Alliance Clan*
UAC: United Asian Coalition*
UAC: Uniden America Corporation*
UAC: Unincorporated Area Councils*
UAC: University Access Committee*
UAC: University Activities Committee*
UAC: University Alzheimer Center*
UAC: Utilities Agencies and Corporatised*
UAC: Undergraduate Admissions Center*
UAC: Underwater Archaeological Consortium*
UAC: Union Athletique Chatelineau*
UAC: United Astrological Congress*
UAC: University Aquatic Club*
UAC: Upper Airspace Center*
UAC: Urban Affairs Council*
UAC: Urea Amide Channel*
UAC: Uyole Agricultural Center*
UAC: Unified Area Command*
UAC: United Action Caucus*
UAC: Usage And Custom*
UAC: United Aerospace Command*
UAC: Universal Application Corruptor*
UAC: Ucisik Ahmet Cuneyt*
UAC: Ufficio Atti e Contratti*
UAC: Ultimate Album Covers*
UAC: Unidata Advisory Committee*
UAC: unit air coordinators*
UAC: Universities with Agriculture Colleges*
UAC: University of Adelaide Computer*
UAC: University of Akron College*
UAC: University of Akron Computer*
UAC: University of Alabama Chapter*
UAC: University of Alabama College*
UAC: University of Alabama Crystallog*
UAC: University of Alberta Campus*
UAC: University of Alberta Chemistry*
UAC: University of Alberta Chinchaga*
UAC: University of Amsterdam Chemistry*
UAC: University of Arizona Computer*
UAC: University of Arkansas Center*
UAC: University of Arkansas Chinese*
UAC: University of Arkansas College*
UAC: University of Arkansas Cooperation*
UAC: University of Auckland Computer*

Note: Acronym Finder has 50 verified definitions for UAC

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