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What does Tcf stand for?

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Tcf: Tree Canada Foundation****
Tcf: Transitional Care Facility****
Tcf: Torquay Christian Fellowship****
Tcf: The Coulston Foundation****
Tcf: Tulsa Community Foundation****
Tcf: The CIRI Foundation****
Tcf: The Carbon Fund****
Tcf: Trauma Care Facility****
Tcf: Traffic Calming Features****
Tcf: Tokyo Career Fair****
Tcf: Trinity Christian Fellowship****
Tcf: Turkish Chess Federation****
Tcf: The Technical Construction File****
Tcf: Taos Community Foundation****
Tcf: Technical Compute Farm****
Tcf: thumb correctional facility****
Tcf: Target Click Funds****
Tcf: The Campanile Foundation***
Tcf: Total Chlorine Free***
Tcf: The Textile Clothing and Footwear***
Tcf: The Travel Compensation Fund***
Tcf: The Campbell Farm***
Tcf: The Toledo Community Foundation***
Tcf: Tufts Christian Fellowship***
Tcf: Trenton Computer Festival***
Tcf: Topeka Correctional Facility***
Tcf: The Cunning Fox***
Tcf: Tables Charts and Figures***
Tcf: The Town Creek Foundation***
Tcf: Tokyo Club Foundation***
Tcf: Tourism Challenge Fund***
Tcf: The Collection Firm***
Tcf: Textile Clothing Footwear***
Tcf: The Telecommunications Carriers Forum***
Tcf: The Tufts Christian Fellowship***
Tcf: Thames Community Foundation***
Tcf: Teachers Christian Fellowship***
Tcf: The Thumb Correctional Facility***
Tcf: Tau Ceti Federation***
Tcf: Technology Commercialization Fund***
Tcf: Treating Customer Fairly***
Tcf: Twin Cities Federal***
Tcf: Technology Commercialization Forum***
Tcf: Turner County Fair***
Tcf: Thompson Community Foundation***
Tcf: Technical Construction Files***
Tcf: Texas Citizen Fund***
Tcf: Thin Crystal Film***
Tcf: Tompkins County Foundation***
Tcf: Total Clamping Force***
Tcf: Time Correlation Functions***
Tcf: Telecommunications Carriers Forum***
Tcf: Triangle Community Foundation***
Tcf: Tropical Conservation Foundation***
Tcf: Time Correction Factor***
Tcf: Transgenic Core Facility***
Tcf: The Cordoba Foundation***
Tcf: Texas Capital Fund***
Tcf: Tasmanian Community Foundation***
Tcf: Temperature Compensating Focuser***
Tcf: Tipton County Foundation***
Tcf: Tulsa Christian Fellowship***
Tcf: Thin Crystalline Films***
Tcf: Terascale Computing Facility***
Tcf: Targeted Capital Fund***
Tcf: The Connection Factory***
Tcf: Trillions of Cubic Feet***
Tcf: Tucson Cinema Foundation***
Tcf: The Twin Cessna Flyer***
Tcf: temenos client forum***
Tcf: Telephone Consultation Form***
Tcf: Tulsi Chanrai Foundation***
Tcf: Targeted Capital Funding***
Tcf: Tafuna Correctional Facility***
Tcf: The Christensen Fund***
Tcf: The Commerce Foundation***
Tcf: The Champion Foundation***
Tcf: Temperature Correction Factors***
Tcf: Tau Charm Factory***
Tcf: Thin Client Framework***
Tcf: Technical Cooperation Fund***
Tcf: Team Corporate Finance***
Tcf: Textile Clothing and Footware**
Tcf: Temperature Correction Factor**
Tcf: LEF)/T cell factor**
Tcf: LEF)/T-cell factor**
Tcf: LEF-1)/T-cell factor**
Tcf: MAPK)-ternary complex factor**
Tcf: SRE)/ternary complex factor**
Tcf: target coverage factor**
Tcf: Tartar Control Formula**
Tcf: TATA core factor**
Tcf: temperature conversion factors**
Tcf: thymus crude factor**
Tcf: thyroid cartilage flap**
Tcf: Tigroid cell foci**
Tcf: tissue chamber fluid**
Tcf: total conjunctival flaps**
Tcf: tricipital cutaneous fold**
Tcf: Tris-citric-fructose**
Tcf: true collateral flow**
Tcf: tumor cytolytic factor**
Tcf: tumor cytotoxic factor**
Tcf: twisted collagen fibrils**
Tcf: Two Colour Fluorescence**
Tcf: two-color fluorescence**
Tcf: typewriter correction fluid**
Tcf: Time Correction Factors**
Tcf: Toutle Christian Fellowship**
Tcf: The ChariTREE Foundation**
Tcf: Temporal Correlation Functions**
Tcf: Terminal Control Facility**
Tcf: Tropical Coastal Fisheries**
Tcf: APC)/beta-catenin/T-cell factor**
Tcf: Apc-beta-catenin-T-cell factor**
Tcf: beta-catenin/T cell factor**
Tcf: beta-catenin/T-cell factor**
Tcf: LEF)-T cell factor**
Tcf: Taylor Community Foundation**
Tcf: Tempe Community Foundation**
Tcf: Technical Consultancy Firms**
Tcf: temperature coefficient of frequency**
Tcf: transcellular chemotactic factor(s**
Tcf: transversely coupled resonator filters**
Tcf: Tribal Council Funding**
Tcf: tumor cytotoxic factor(s**
Tcf: Tonner Character Figures**
Tcf: The Cool Foundation**
Tcf: Tien Cultural Foundation**
Tcf: T cell-specific factor**
Tcf: T lymphocyte chemotactic factor**
Tcf: Taiwan Consumers Foundation**
Tcf: Tennant Company Foundation**
Tcf: The Chicago Farmers**
Tcf: Twin Coil Ferrite**
Tcf: Trend Continuation Factor**
Tcf: The Comedy Festival**
Tcf: The Computer Forum**
Tcf: Toho Carbon Fibers**
Tcf: Technical Complexity Factors**
Tcf: Topic Connection Factory**
Tcf: Tri City Falcons**
Tcf: THAT the Conservation Fund**
Tcf: Tsukuba Cultural Foundation**
Tcf: This Collection from the First**
Tcf: Twoje Centrum Futbolu**
Tcf: Temperature Compensated Focuser**
Tcf: The Complete Fundraiser**
Tcf: Tribal Commando Force**
Tcf: The Tsukuba Cultural Foundation**
Tcf: Tissue Culture Fluid**
Tcf: Trauma Coordinators Forum**
Tcf: Terminal Configuration Facility**
Tcf: Through the Curriculum Foundation**
Tcf: Teacher Credentials Fund**
Tcf: Test Control Facilities**
Tcf: Tilburg Center of Finance**
Tcf: Tsunami Children Foundation**
Tcf: Tactical Combat Forces**
Tcf: Tango Class Files**
Tcf: Totally Chorine Free**
Tcf: Trojan Christian Fellowship**
Tcf: Toronto Calcutta Foundation**
Tcf: Total Chloride Free**
Tcf: Target Communication Framework**
Tcf: The Checkered Flag**
Tcf: Transparent Cryptographic File**
Tcf: Triton Club France**
Tcf: Technical Cooperation Facilities**
Tcf: Training Course Fee**
Tcf: Transport Card Forum**
Tcf: Trinidad Community Foundation**
Tcf: Table of Contents File**
Tcf: Tank Checkout Facility**
Tcf: The Caddie Foundation**
Tcf: Tractor Club Finland**
Tcf: Testing Control Facilities**
Tcf: Toshiba Ceramics Furnace**
Tcf: Tall Cone Flashing**
Tcf: Trethomas Christian Fellowship**
Tcf: Technical Cooperation Facility*
Tcf: The Chronic Foundation*
Tcf: Tissue Cage Fluid*
Tcf: Travellers Compensation Fund*
Tcf: Technical Capacity Facility*
Tcf: Trillion Cubit Feet*
Tcf: T Cartter Frierson*
Tcf: Tasmanian Community Fund*
Tcf: The Christian Forum*
Tcf: Transoft Component Framework*
Tcf: Travellers Club Finland*
Tcf: Twin Cities Fire*
Tcf: Temporary Chaplain to the Forces*
Tcf: Test Configuration File*
Tcf: Texas Clean Fleet*
Tcf: The Corbett Foundation*
Tcf: Through the Citizens Foundation*
Tcf: TNC and the Conservation Fund*
Tcf: Togliatti Community Foundation*
Tcf: Traffic Control Facility*
Tcf: Transformation of the Change Foundation*
Tcf: Tubular Centrifugal Fan*
Tcf: Teacher Credential Fund*
Tcf: Tenant Contract Farming*
Tcf: Thermally Controlled Facility*
Tcf: Tragedy Comedy Fairytale*
Tcf: Triad Christian Foundation*
Tcf: Trinity Childrens Foundation*
Tcf: Trinity College of Florida*
Tcf: Taylor Country Farms*
Tcf: The College of Forestry*
Tcf: Tape Certification Facility*
Tcf: The Conservative Foundation*
Tcf: The Casey Foundation*
Tcf: Transporter Canister Facility*
Tcf: The Cartoon Factory*
Tcf: The Catalogue of Fossils*
Tcf: The Channel and the Floodplain*
Tcf: The Chapek Family*
Tcf: The Cloud Factory*
Tcf: The Coal Foundation*
Tcf: The Complete Fishing*
Tcf: The Congregational Federation*
Tcf: The Crystal Fair*
Tcf: The Cydonia Files*
Tcf: Theme from Casper the Friendly*
Tcf: Third Civil Frequency*
Tcf: Tilden Coal Field*
Tcf: Time Calibration Facilities*
Tcf: Trinidad Colorado Features*

Note: Acronym Finder has 91 verified definitions for Tcf

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