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TSR: Telecoms Strategic Review****
TSR: Terminate-and-Stay Resident (program)****
TSR: Television Suisse Romande****
TSR: That Sum Represents****
TSR: Top Secret Recipes****
TSR: The Stoned Reptiles****
TSR: Toll System Replacement****
TSR: True Software Radio****
TSR: Total Solar Reflectance****
TSR: Terminate Stay Resident***
TSR: Texas Ski Ranch***
TSR: Total Shareholder Returns***
TSR: Trans Siberian Railway***
TSR: Teacher Service Record***
TSR: Tactical Scope Rings***
TSR: Teaching Staff Return***
TSR: Telephone Service Representative***
TSR: Test Storage Ring***
TSR: Texts and Studies in Religion***
TSR: Total Sound Reinforcement***
TSR: Telecom Service Request***
TSR: Terminate but Stay Resident***
TSR: Techno Systems Research***
TSR: Travelling Stock Reserves***
TSR: Two Stroke Racing***
TSR: Temporary Safe Refuge***
TSR: Timber Supply Reviews***
TSR: Tall Ships Race***
TSR: Transmitter Signal Recognition***
TSR: Totally Stuck in RAM***
TSR: Terabit Switch Router***
TSR: Total Spectral Range***
TSR: Thermal Server Rack***
TSR: Technical Standards Report***
TSR: Terminology Science Research***
TSR: The Sports Report***
TSR: Technical Support Representatives***
TSR: Treatment Services Review***
TSR: terminate and stay ready***
TSR: Teknisk Skole Ringsted***
TSR: Telephone sales representatives***
TSR: Total Service Resale***
TSR: Travelling Stock Reserve***
TSR: Terminal Stay Resident***
TSR: Tripura State Rifles***
TSR: The Stone Roses***
TSR: Technical Synthesis Report***
TSR: Travelling Stock Routes***
TSR: Total Sports Repair***
TSR: Telephone Service Representatives***
TSR: Tufts Student Resources***
TSR: Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction***
TSR: Tag Switching Routers***
TSR: Temporary Speed Restrictions***
TSR: True Scale Racing***
TSR: TX Status Register***
TSR: Transportation Security Representative***
TSR: Temporary Storage Register***
TSR: Traffic Survey Report***
TSR: Tutorial Services Room**
TSR: Technical Service Representatives**
TSR: target site revascularization**
TSR: tensile strength retention**
TSR: Testicular spermatozoal reserves**
TSR: textured silicone rubber**
TSR: Therapy Session Reports**
TSR: thoracic stretch receptor**
TSR: thrombin sensitive region**
TSR: thrombin-sensitive region**
TSR: thyroxine secretion rate**
TSR: Thyroxine secretion rates**
TSR: tissue standard ratios**
TSR: tissue-specific repressor**
TSR: to sternal recumbency**
TSR: to sustained respiration**
TSR: toe spreading reflex**
TSR: tonic stretch reflex**
TSR: total splenic resistance**
TSR: Total success rate**
TSR: total systemic resistances**
TSR: total systolic resistance**
TSR: tracheal sound recordings**
TSR: treadmill sprint run**
TSR: tumor size ratio**
TSR: tumor suppression rate**
TSR: tumor suppressor resistance**
TSR: two-state reactivity**
TSR: tyramine-sensitive rats**
TSR: True Stereo Reverb**
TSR: Tactical Strike and Reconnaissance**
TSR: They Sue Regularly**
TSR: anti-TSH receptor**
TSR: Temperature-sensitive replication**
TSR: the serine receptor**
TSR: Thick short root**
TSR: Temporary Skin Replacement**
TSR: Technical Summary Report**
TSR: Teacher Self Report**
TSR: temperature-sensitive repression**
TSR: Through Sleeper Renewal**
TSR: Transferable Subscription Rights**
TSR: Telecommunications Service Requisition**
TSR: Third System Review**
TSR: transcervical electrosurgical resection**
TSR: transmembrane solute mass removal**
TSR: TESOLers for Social Responsibility**
TSR: The Space Rangers**
TSR: Telemarketing Sale Rule**
TSR: Tri State Region**
TSR: Toy Shop Racing**
TSR: Two Stage Recycle**
TSR: Teatro Stabile in Rete**
TSR: Tag Switch Router**
TSR: Technical Staff Report**
TSR: The Speed Racer**
TSR: thick and short roots**
TSR: thrombospondin type 1 repeat**
TSR: The Scout Report**
TSR: Transmit Status Register**
TSR: Total Success Resources**
TSR: Teen Summer Reading**
TSR: Technical Support Requests**
TSR: Telephone Service Requests**
TSR: Technology Service Request**
TSR: Trading Services Revenue**
TSR: Tool Steel Recommendations**
TSR: Tiberian Sun Retro**
TSR: The Supreme Ruler**
TSR: Tip Speed Ratio**
TSR: Training System Resource**
TSR: training support request**
TSR: training support requirements**
TSR: Thoughts on the Recent**
TSR: Taper Secure Radial**
TSR: The Silver River**
TSR: Toxic Substances Research**
TSR: Total Smoke Release**
TSR: Trafo Schalt Relais**
TSR: Transportation Security Regulations**
TSR: Tactical Strike Reconnaissance**
TSR: Traction Safety Response**
TSR: Treatment Strategies in Rheumatology**
TSR: Tuningas Savom Rankom**
TSR: Technically Specified Rubbers**
TSR: Tactical Studies Research**
TSR: Technical Service Reports**
TSR: Telecommunication Service Requests**
TSR: Text to Speech Resource**
TSR: Tomahawk Scout Reservation**
TSR: Top Secret Role**
TSR: Tensile Stress Ratio**
TSR: Texas Sports Ranch**
TSR: Time Series Rainfall**
TSR: Timer Service Routines**
TSR: Transmit Status Requests**
TSR: Terminated and Stay Resident**
TSR: Transportation Safety and Regulation**
TSR: Type of Search Requested**
TSR: Technical Services Request**
TSR: The Supply Room**
TSR: Technical Standard Record**
TSR: Technical Support Reps**
TSR: Terminal Specified Routing**
TSR: The Silent Rangers**
TSR: Total Systemic Resistance**
TSR: Trans State Rail**
TSR: Tuning Sounds Records**
TSR: Technical Sub Rank**
TSR: Terminal Server Router**
TSR: Terminate Stay Ready**
TSR: Thyroid Secretion Rate**
TSR: Traffic Sign Reminder**
TSR: Transmission Scheduling Rights**
TSR: Tactical Strategy Rules**
TSR: Template Stair Router**
TSR: Test Sender Request**
TSR: The Spirit of Reincarnation**
TSR: Time Series Records**
TSR: Tobacco Settlement Respite**
TSR: Toronto Suburban Railway**
TSR: Tactical Surveillance and Reconnaissance*
TSR: Technical Specified Rubber*
TSR: Technology Support Representatives*
TSR: Temecula Sportbike Riders*
TSR: temporary shielding request*
TSR: texas state railroad*
TSR: The Social Registry*
TSR: The Spirit Reapers*
TSR: Thread the Student Room*
TSR: Time Sensitive Requirements*
TSR: Transmitter Status Register*
TSR: Tetrahedral Shaped Recess*
TSR: The Stinger REPORT*
TSR: Transmission Service Requests*
TSR: Treaty Storage Regulation*
TSR: Trucking Security Requirements*
TSR: Twin Shaft Regenerative*
TSR: Team Sascha Reinhardt*
TSR: Technical Satellite Repair*
TSR: Technology and Software Restricted*
TSR: Terminal Surveillance Radar*
TSR: Terminate and Stay Resistant*
TSR: Test Strategy Reports*
TSR: Texas Shooters Range*
TSR: They Sang of the Restoration*
TSR: Transcriptional System Regulation*
TSR: Tactical Simulations Rules*
TSR: Tactical Software Reliability*
TSR: TDR the Shadow Rising*
TSR: Term of Supervised Release*
TSR: Territoires Socialement Responsables*
TSR: Thunder Sword Resources*
TSR: Time Series Record*
TSR: Transmit Sync Register*
TSR: Transmitted Symbol Rate*
TSR: Transport Safety Regulation*
TSR: Transport Service Request*
TSR: Transportation Service Request*
TSR: Two Second Rule*
TSR: Team the Student Room*
TSR: Technology Support Roundtable*
TSR: Telephone Services Request*
TSR: Temp Sense Ready*
TSR: Tempus Sanctus Rosarius*
TSR: Tone Sender Receiver*
TSR: Top Secret Restricted*
TSR: Torpedo Spotter Reconnaissance*
TSR: Track Specification Record*
TSR: Traveling Student Revue*
TSR: Terminate and Stay Resident [software program]*
TSR: Thermal and Solar Radiometer*
TSR: Timberline Ski Resort*
TSR: Time Sensitive Reporting*
TSR: Takla Star Resources*
TSR: Team Sniff Ragbrai*
TSR: Technical Status/Support Review*
TSR: Telecommunications Service Requcsts*
TSR: Telemark Skiing and Rock*
TSR: Terminal Server Report*
TSR: Test Specification Requirement*
TSR: Texas Society for Respiratory*
TSR: The Sanch Report*
TSR: The Sandinista Regime*
TSR: The Silverball Room*
TSR: The Sociopolitical Ramifications*
TSR: The Sound Repository*
TSR: The Space Report*
TSR: The Spirit of Raving*

Note: Acronym Finder has 99 verified definitions for TSR

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