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TLI: The Literacy Initiative****
TLI: The Transport Layer Interface****
TLI: The Loglan Institute***
TLI: Tetra Laval International***
TLI: teacher leadership institute***
TLI: Toastmasters Leadership Institute***
TLI: Total Logistics Inc***
TLI: Transamerica Leasing Inc***
TLI: Teaching and Learning Insights***
TLI: Targeted Lending Initiative***
TLI: Teaching Learning Interactive***
TLI: Tharos Laboratories Inc***
TLI: Total Life Impact***
TLI: The Listening Inventory***
TLI: Trophic Level Index***
TLI: The Literacy Imperative***
TLI: Tech the Logistics Institute***
TLI: Term Life Insurance***
TLI: Teaching and Learning Institute***
TLI: Technology Learning Initiative***
TLI: Textes Langages Imaginaires***
TLI: The Taipei Language Institute***
TLI: The League International***
TLI: True Life International***
TLI: The Language Institute***
TLI: Transgenic Lymphocyte Immunization***
TLI: T lymphocyte immunophenotyping***
TLI: Tibetan Language Institute***
TLI: 3)H]thymidine labelling index**
TLI: 3H-thymidine labeling index**
TLI: 3H-thymidine labelling index**
TLI: 3H]thymidine labeling index**
TLI: 3H]thymidine labelling index**
TLI: CY+total lymphatic irradiation**
TLI: regimen--total lymphoid irradiation**
TLI: Taurine-like immunoreactivity**
TLI: temporal lobe injury**
TLI: thin layer immunoassays**
TLI: thymidine labeling index**
TLI: thymidine labeling indice**
TLI: thymidine labeling indices**
TLI: Thymidine Labelling Index**
TLI: thymidine labelling indices**
TLI: thyroid lymphoid infiltration**
TLI: total labelling index**
TLI: total lymphatic irradiation**
TLI: total lymphoid irradiations**
TLI: transferrin leak index**
TLI: transient lateral inhibition**
TLI: trypsin-like immunoreactivity**
TLI: tubular labeling index**
TLI: tumour lymphocytic infiltration**
TLI: TUNEL labeling index**
TLI: twisted loop ileostomy**
TLI: The Lucidity Institute**
TLI: Terminal Latency Index**
TLI: Test Laboratories International**
TLI: Texas Logic Inc**
TLI: True Leadership International**
TLI: Top Level Items**
TLI: Trial Lawyers Inc**
TLI: 3H-thymidine-labeling index method**
TLI: total lymph node irradiation**
TLI: total lymph-node irradiation**
TLI: total lymphoid gamma irradiation**
TLI: total lymphoid irradiation alone**
TLI: tyrosine hydroxylase-like immunoreactive**
TLI: Tropical Legumes I**
TLI: Tertiary Level Institutions**
TLI: Transport Logistics International**
TLI: Telematics and Logistics Institute**
TLI: Televisions Locales Independantes**
TLI: The Tibetan Language Institute**
TLI: Taiwan Language Institute**
TLI: Thymidine Labeling Index**
TLI: Tommy Lewis Industries**
TLI: Transport Layer Interfaces**
TLI: Teaching Learning Institute**
TLI: dThd labeling index**
TLI: Texas Leadership Institute**
TLI: total lymphoid fields**
TLI: Top Level Interrupt**
TLI: Towry Law International**
TLI: The Toastmasters Leadership Institute**
TLI: Teen Literacy Initiative**
TLI: Total Lymphoid Irradiated**
TLI: The Teaching Learning Institute**
TLI: Teleport London International**
TLI: Transort Level Interface**
TLI: The Leading Institute**
TLI: The Legal Intelligencer**
TLI: Tropical Landscaping International**
TLI: TEAMWORK Leadership Institute**
TLI: Toastmasters Leadership Institutes**
TLI: Thermionics Laboratory Inc**
TLI: Total Lightning Information**
TLI: Technological Leadership Institute**
TLI: Telford Light Infantry**
TLI: Thought Leaders International**
TLI: Tie Line Interface**
TLI: Telephone Line Identifier**
TLI: Teron Lighting Inc**
TLI: Transystem Logistics International**
TLI: The Leading International**
TLI: Through the Looking**
TLI: TOPDOC Loadable Instructions**
TLI: Transport Logistics Inc**
TLI: The Light Inside**
TLI: Third Level Institutions**
TLI: transmission line impedance**
TLI: Tailored Lighting Inc**
TLI: Telehealth Leadership Initiative**
TLI: The Teen Literacy Initiative**
TLI: The Texas Leadership Institute**
TLI: There is a Lot of Information**
TLI: Treaty Limited Items**
TLI: Thuraya Line Integrator*
TLI: Tucker and Lewis Index*
TLI: Tariff Line Items*
TLI: Tank Level Indicating*
TLI: TOUGH LOVE International*
TLI: Traded Life Interest*
TLI: Terminating Line Identity*
TLI: Terrain Line Interpolation*
TLI: Traded Life Interests*
TLI: TRECA Learning Interchange*
TLI: Tape Library Interface*
TLI: Thomas Legislative Information*
TLI: Tank Lines Incorporated*
TLI: Taxonomic Literature Index*
TLI: Teen Love and Infatuations*
TLI: The Land of Illinois*
TLI: The Landfills of Illinois*
TLI: The Landforms of Illinois*
TLI: The Landslide Inventory*
TLI: The Legal Institute*
TLI: The Loka Institute*
TLI: The Lord of Illusions*
TLI: Thoroughbred Link Index*
TLI: Time Life Intro*
TLI: Tons of Linux Information*
TLI: Township Lines of Illinois*
TLI: Transfer Library Interface*
TLI: Transparent Language Incorporated*
TLI: Transport Layer Interface (AT&T)*
TLI: Travenol Laboratories Incorporated*
TLI: Tri Lateral Investments*

Note: Acronym Finder has 42 verified definitions for TLI

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