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What does TLE stand for?

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TLE: Team Learning Experience****
TLE: Teaching and Learning Equipment***
TLE: The Learning Edge (Englewood, CO)***
TLE: Thai Language Extension***
TLE: Total Learning Environment***
TLE: Total Lunar Eclipse***
TLE: Total Lipid Extract***
TLE: Telephone Line Emulator***
TLE: Teacher Learning Exchange***
TLE: Temporal Lobe Epileptics***
TLE: Tire and Lube Express***
TLE: Tactical Law Enforcement***
TLE: Temporary Lodging Expenses***
TLE: Trunk Line Equipment**
TLE: left-temporal lobe epilepsy**
TLE: Target Localization Error**
TLE: temporal lobe epilepsy**
TLE: temporal lobe epilepsies**
TLE: thrombin-like enzyme**
TLE: thrombin-like enzymes**
TLE: tooth life expectancy**
TLE: total life expectancy**
TLE: total lipid extracts**
TLE: transducin-like enhancer**
TLE: traumatic life experience**
TLE: trypsin-like enzyme**
TLE: time limit expired**
TLE: Testimonia Linguae Etruscae**
TLE: Target Location Errors**
TLE: Threshold Logic Element**
TLE: Tubular Loudspeaker Enclosure**
TLE: The Toulouse Lectures in Economics**
TLE: transducin-like enhancer of split**
TLE: Transactional Learning Environment**
TLE: Thai Linux Extension**
TLE: Terminating Local Exchange**
TLE: The Link Exchange**
TLE: Temporary Lobe Epilepsy**
TLE: Talker the Latest**
TLE: Temporal Lobe Epilepsisinde**
TLE: The Learning Enterprise**
TLE: The Linux Experience**
TLE: Time List Elements**
TLE: Tsukuba Low Emotional**
TLE: Teaching and Learning Excellence**
TLE: Template Language Extension**
TLE: Table Lookup Engine**
TLE: Thin Layer Electrochemical*
TLE: True Link Equalizer*
TLE: TXIA Level Electrode*
TLE: Template Language Extensions*
TLE: Temporary Living Expense*
TLE: Tumid Lupus Erythematosus*
TLE: Tc1 Like Elements*
TLE: Technical Leadership Exchange*
TLE: The Local Extension*
TLE: Transducin Like Enhancers*
TLE: Truck Load Equivalents*
TLE: Taxonomic Literature Edition*
TLE: Teaching and Learning Enhancemen*
TLE: Technical Liaison Executive*
TLE: The Laboratory for Extraterr*
TLE: The Laboratory for Extraterres*
TLE: The List of Employment*
TLE: The Lords of the Earth*
TLE: The Lovely Emerald*
TLE: Thinking for a Living Efficiency*
TLE: Time Life Explorer*
TLE: True Life Encounters*

Note: Acronym Finder has 47 verified definitions for TLE

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