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TLA: Teaching and Learning Advancement****
TLA: The Three Letter Acronyms****
TLA: Target Location Accuracy****
TLA: The Little Acorn****
TLA: Time Last Accessed****
TLA: Technology Learning Activities****
TLA: Top Level Aggregator****
TLA: Teaching Learning Academy***
TLA: Tecsys Latin America***
TLA: Transitional Legislative Assembly***
TLA: The Lovely Assistant***
TLA: The Living Atmosphere***
TLA: Territorial Lands Act***
TLA: Trust Lands Administration***
TLA: Theater of Living Arts***
TLA: Tasmanian Landcare Association***
TLA: Teaching Learning and Assessment***
TLA: Turkish Librarians Association***
TLA: Textile Labour Association***
TLA: Third Level Allowance***
TLA: The League Association***
TLA: Tri-Alsa Library Association (Fort Wayne, IN)***
TLA: Tyson Library Association (Versailles, IN)***
TLA: Traffic Light Analysis***
TLA: Texas Ladies Aside***
TLA: The Lighting Agency***
TLA: Theatre Library Association***
TLA: Territorial and Local Authorities***
TLA: Tube Leveling Amplifier***
TLA: The Local Authorities***
TLA: Time Limited Agreements***
TLA: Three Letter Abbreviations***
TLA: Tax Limitation Amendments***
TLA: Tanzania Library Association***
TLA: Technology Leaders Association***
TLA: The Learning Alliance***
TLA: Temagami Lakes Association***
TLA: Truck Loggers Association***
TLA: Teaching and Learning Assistants***
TLA: The Landlord Academy***
TLA: Teaching and Learning Advisors***
TLA: This Leads in to A***
TLA: Texas Locksmiths Association***
TLA: Technology Leadership Academies***
TLA: Trial Lawyers Associations***
TLA: Technical Licensing Agreements***
TLA: Tissue Lysate Arrays***
TLA: Temporary Lodging Apartments***
TLA: Texas Locksmith Association***
TLA: Tennessee Lobbyist Association***
TLA: Timber Licensing Agreements***
TLA: Talk Listen Act***
TLA: Tournament Life Announcements***
TLA: The Teaching Learning and Assessment***
TLA: Teaching Learning Assistants***
TLA: Thai Library Association***
TLA: Tax Limitation Amendment***
TLA: Timber License Agreements***
TLA: The Leadership Alliance***
TLA: Texas Limousin Association***
TLA: The Three Letter Acronym**
TLA: Tallgrass Legacy Alliance**
TLA: temporal lobe atrophy**
TLA: the left atrium**
TLA: therapeutic local anesthesia**
TLA: theta-like activity**
TLA: three-layered appearance**
TLA: thymosin-like activity**
TLA: thymus leukemia antigen**
TLA: thymus leukemia antigens**
TLA: thymus-leukemia antigens**
TLA: to lip adhesion**
TLA: top level athletes**
TLA: total leg abnormalities**
TLA: total lesion area**
TLA: Total lipase activity**
TLA: total lung area**
TLA: totally lesioned animals**
TLA: Toxoplasma lysate Ag**
TLA: toxoplasma lysate antigen**
TLA: Toxoplasma lysate antigens**
TLA: transluminal laser atherolysis**
TLA: trypsin-like activity**
TLA: tumescent local anesthesia**
TLA: Technology Learning Assistants**
TLA: Termination Liability Assessment**
TLA: Technology Learning Activity**
TLA: Technology License Agreement**
TLA: Top Level Address**
TLA: Tourism Learning Areas**
TLA: Tumor Like Anomalies**
TLA: Talbot Lacrosse Association**
TLA: technique for local anesthesia**
TLA: temporary lecturer in anatomy**
TLA: thromboembolism of lung artery**
TLA: total cerebral lesion area**
TLA: The Last Assembler**
TLA: Tissue Like Aggregates**
TLA: Transponder Lease Agreements**
TLA: Teacher Leadership Academy**
TLA: Temporary Lodging Allowances**
TLA: T. gondii lysate antigen**
TLA: Theological Library Association**
TLA: Transition Leave of Absence**
TLA: Timber Licence Agreements**
TLA: Territorial Local Authority**
TLA: Tax Lot Accounting**
TLA: Three Letters Acronym**
TLA: the homologous antigen**
TLA: Tone Lise Alstad**
TLA: Traditional Learning Academy**
TLA: The Lucasfilm Archives**
TLA: Travel Latin America**
TLA: The Lung Association**
TLA: Test Language for Avionics**
TLA: Total Living Area**
TLA: Tenants and Leaseholders Association**
TLA: Three Letter Acronymns**
TLA: Travel and Living Allowance**
TLA: Thrust Lever Angle**
TLA: Total Landscape Area**
TLA: Turnarounds Latin America**
TLA: Three Letter Acronim**
TLA: True Life Adventures**
TLA: Three Letters Acronyms**
TLA: Transistor Logic Abstracter**
TLA: Thematic Learning Activity**
TLA: Transportation Lighting Alliance**
TLA: Turbo Laser Array**
TLA: Top Level Aggregators**
TLA: Two Level Analysis**
TLA: Texas Leadership Alliance**
TLA: Thread Local Areas**
TLA: Tunable Laser Assembly**
TLA: Tank Liquid Agitator**
TLA: Teen Living Assessment**
TLA: Texas Lady Angler**
TLA: Thai Logistics Alliance**
TLA: The Licensing Agency**
TLA: Time and Leave Administrators**
TLA: Travel Language Agency**
TLA: Three Letter Acronymn**
TLA: Torque Limiting Attachment**
TLA: Transmission Line Advanced**
TLA: Tube Levelling Amplifier**
TLA: Term Lease Agreement**
TLA: The Thai Logistics Alliance**
TLA: Timber Licence Agreement**
TLA: Transitional Living Areas**
TLA: Tax Laws and Advice*
TLA: Terminal Line Amplifier*
TLA: The Laboratory Analyses*
TLA: Theater Library Association*
TLA: Three Lakes Association*
TLA: Tree Lovers Association*
TLA: Teen Leadership Assistants*
TLA: The Last Adventure*
TLA: Theatre Logos Agency*
TLA: Technical Laboratory Associates*
TLA: Three Letter Acronims*
TLA: Top Layer Aggregation*
TLA: Towed Line Array*
TLA: True Log Amplifiers*
TLA: Thrust Lever Angles*
TLA: Tilted Line Array*
TLA: Transportation and Logistics Association*
TLA: Technical Leveling Authority*
TLA: Temporary Lodging Accommodation*
TLA: The Lawler Association*
TLA: Theriault Landmann Associates*
TLA: Toronto Lawyers Association*
TLA: Truck Logger Association*
TLA: True Log Amplifier*
TLA: Tufts Lawyers Association*
TLA: Training Level Assignments*
TLA: transport linear accelerator*
TLA: Technical Lead Agent*
TLA: Tailored Logistical Analysis*
TLA: technical language assistants*
TLA: Tempory Lodging Allowance*
TLA: Terraquest Limited Airborne*
TLA: The Land to be Affected*
TLA: The Latest Advisory*
TLA: The Lego Archive*
TLA: The Leptiminus Archaeological*
TLA: The Linguistic Association*
TLA: The Linköping Archive*
TLA: The Lojban Archive*
TLA: Topics Latin America*
TLA: Tritium at Los Alamos*
TLA: Tutorial Links for Academia*
TLA: Tyler Links to Association*
TLA: Type and Location of Augmentation*

Note: Acronym Finder has 80 verified definitions for TLA

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