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TIA: Telecommunication Industry Association****
TIA: Tennessee Industrial Association****
TIA: Training in the Information****
TIA: Telephone Industry Association****
TIA: Tribhuwan International Airport****
TIA: The Transportation Intermediaries Association****
TIA: TECHNOLOGY Industry Association****
TIA: The Insane Asylum****
TIA: Turbidimetric Immuno Assay****
TIA: Transitorische Ischämische Attacke****
TIA: Technology Innovation Accelerated****
TIA: Terrorist Information Awareness****
TIA: Transportation Intermediaries Association****
TIA: The Tortilla Industry Association****
TIA: The Information Awareness***
TIA: This Is Awesome***
TIA: Transient Ischaemic Attacks***
TIA: Training Impact Assessment***
TIA: Telecommunications Industry Associations***
TIA: Travel Industry of America***
TIA: Tariffa Igiene Ambientale***
TIA: Taxi Industry Association***
TIA: Technology Impact Awards***
TIA: Tennis Industry Association***
TIA: Trade and Industry Advisory***
TIA: Taxation Institute of Australia***
TIA: The Inaugural Address***
TIA: Trypsin Inhibitor Activity***
TIA: Tradition in Action***
TIA: Transportation and International Affairs***
TIA: Trans Ischemic Attack***
TIA: Telelcommunications Industry Association***
TIA: The Tire Industry Association***
TIA: Transportation Impact Analysis***
TIA: Technology Innovation Agency***
TIA: Technology and Industry Alliances***
TIA: Telecommunications Information Administration***
TIA: Telecommunication Information Administration***
TIA: Training Industry Association***
TIA: Telecommunication Industries Association***
TIA: Thanking in Advance***
TIA: Trans Impedance Amplifier***
TIA: Trustnet in Action***
TIA: Terrorism If Any***
TIA: Thank in Advance***
TIA: The International Alliance***
TIA: Trans International Airlines***
TIA: The Internet Archive***
TIA: To Transient Ischemic Attack***
TIA: Teachers in Architecture***
TIA: Telecom Industry Association***
TIA: Total Impervious Area***
TIA: Traffic Intersection Awareness***
TIA: The Institute of Aesthetics***
TIA: The International Assassin***
TIA: Toys in the Attic***
TIA: Theoret Informatics Appl***
TIA: Tulsa Interfaith Alliance***
TIA: Time Interval Analysis***
TIA: Total Instructional Alignment***
TIA: Terminology and Artificial***
TIA: The Internet Adaptor***
TIA: Technology Integration Academy***
TIA: Travel Institute of America***
TIA: Toyota International Association***
TIA: Territorial Impact Assessment***
TIA: Taxable Income Adjustment***
TIA: Transportation Is A***
TIA: The Tourism Industry Association***
TIA: Total Informational Awareness***
TIA: Tentative Interim Amendments***
TIA: Tourism Industry of America***
TIA: Traffic Impact Area***
TIA: The Infinite Actuary***
TIA: Telephony Interface Adapter***
TIA: Thai Investors Association***
TIA: Tracinski the Intellectual Activist***
TIA: Thursday Island Australia***
TIA: The Iceberg Archives***
TIA: Test and Integration***
TIA: Technology Investment Agreements***
TIA: Transient Ischemia Attack***
TIA: Transportation Intermediary Association**
TIA: Telecommunications Industries Associations**
TIA: 3H]thymidine incorporation assay**
TIA: CVA)/transient ischemic accident**
TIA: CVA)/transient ischemic attack**
TIA: CVA/transient ischaemic attack**
TIA: estimated-transitory ischemic attack**
TIA: IL-2R)/p55(Tac)-inducing activity**
TIA: stroke/Transient ischaemic attack**
TIA: stroke/transient ischemic attach**
TIA: stroke/transient ischemic attack**
TIA: stroke/transient ischemic attacks**
TIA: terpenoid indole alkaloid**
TIA: Thrombosis-inducing activity**
TIA: thymidine incorporation assay**
TIA: thymidine-inosine-allopurinol**
TIA: toluene isocyanate amine**
TIA: tonic inspiratory activity**
TIA: Total insulin area**
TIA: Total intestinal aganglionosis**
TIA: Total intravascular albumin**
TIA: total intravenous anesthesia**
TIA: total iron area**
TIA: trabecular iris angle**
TIA: trabecular-iris angle**
TIA: Traditional Indian Alliance**
TIA: training-induced activity**
TIA: transient ischaemic accidents**
TIA: transient ischaemic attacked**
TIA: transient ischaemic attacs**
TIA: transient ischemic accident**
TIA: transient ischemic accidents**
TIA: transitorial ischemic accidents**
TIA: transitory ischaemic attack**
TIA: transitory ischemic attack**
TIA: transitory ischemic attacks**
TIA: trunk inclination angle**
TIA: trypsin inhibiting activities**
TIA: trypsin inhibitor activities**
TIA: trypsin inhibitors activity**
TIA: trypsin inhibitory activity**
TIA: trypsin-inhibition activities**
TIA: trypsin-inhibitory activity**
TIA: tumor-independent arterioles**
TIA: tumor-induced angiogenesis**
TIA: Teaching in Architecture**
TIA: Transportation Investment Areas**
TIA: Transient Ischemic Attach**
TIA: thin layer immunoassay**
TIA: Thornaby Independent Association**
TIA: Telecommunications Industry Assn**
TIA: Task Interface Agreement**
TIA: The Telecommunications Industry in Association**
TIA: Trans Ischaemic Attack**
TIA: TTC for Information**
TIA: The Indemnity Agreement**
TIA: Transportation Impact Assessment**
TIA: Tax Institute of Australia**
TIA: Television Interface Adapter**
TIA: Title Insurance Agency**
TIA: Telecommunications Institute of America**
TIA: Transportation Improvement Account**
TIA: Tank Irrigated Area**
TIA: Tokyo International Airport**
TIA: stroke/transient cerebral ischemic attack**
TIA: target induced astigmatism vector**
TIA: training-induced neuronal activity**
TIA: trans-sialidase inhibition assay**
TIA: transient cerebral ischaemic attack**
TIA: transient cerebral ischaemic attacks**
TIA: transient cerebral ischemic attack**
TIA: transient cerebral ischemic attacks**
TIA: Transitory cerebral ischaemic attack**
TIA: tumor cell-induced angiogenesis**
TIA: Tallaght Intercultural Action**
TIA: Translation of Information Architecture**
TIA: Technology Impact Analysis**
TIA: Telecommunications Industry of America**
TIA: Tiemann Investment Advisors**
TIA: T cell intracellular antigen**
TIA: T-cell intracellular antigen**
TIA: Telecommunications International Association**
TIA: Transient Ischemic Attck**
TIA: Timber Industry Alliance**
TIA: Technology and Internet Assessment**
TIA: Travel Industry Associates**
TIA: Telecommunications Industry Asia**
TIA: Thatconsists of A**
TIA: Tanzania Institute of Accountancy**
TIA: Trans Impedance Amplifiers**
TIA: cell-restricted intracellular antigen**
TIA: T-cell-restricted intracellular antigen**
TIA: Thanks in Adavance**
TIA: Taxation in Australia**
TIA: Types of Information Available**
TIA: Tennessee Infrastructure Alliance**
TIA: triangle interfaith alliance**
TIA: Thoroughbred Information Agency**
TIA: Tatem Industrial Automation**
TIA: Traffic and Are**
TIA: Thanks in Avance**
TIA: The Institute of Actuaries**
TIA: Travel Industry Act**
TIA: Terrorist Incident Annex**
TIA: Today the Interfaith Alliance**
TIA: Tax in Australia**
TIA: Thankx in Advance**
TIA: Task Impact Assessment**
TIA: Trungram International Academy**
TIA: Training Incentive Allowance**
TIA: Tennessee Inventors Association**
TIA: Tulsa Industrial Authority**
TIA: Tax Information Authorization**
TIA: Tentative Interim Agreement**
TIA: The Internet Agency**
TIA: Transient Ischaemic Accident**
TIA: Tire Industry Associations**
TIA: Tourism Institute Australia**
TIA: Traffic Information Area**
TIA: Tenant Inspection Advisers**
TIA: Tiny IDE for Ada**
TIA: Tourism Industry Assocation**
TIA: T Industry Association**
TIA: Technology Integration Associates**
TIA: The Trustee Investments Act**
TIA: Tactical Information Assistant**
TIA: Team India Advisory**
TIA: Transportation Industrial Alliance**
TIA: Trying to Induce A**
TIA: Typographers International Association**
TIA: Tailoring Interpretation Agreement**
TIA: Technical Interim Amendment**
TIA: Telecommunications Industry Alliance**
TIA: Television Improvement Association**
TIA: Tennis Industry of America**
TIA: Team Installasjon AS**
TIA: Technology Innovation Acceleration**
TIA: Telecomm Industry Assocation**
TIA: Territorial and International Affairs**
TIA: Telemarketing Industry Association**
TIA: Thai Invention Association**
TIA: Troy Investment Associates**
TIA: Telecommunications Industri Association**
TIA: Tactical Interview Advisor*
TIA: Technical Information Associates*
TIA: Telecommunications Infrastructure Advisory*
TIA: Telephony Implementation Agreement*
TIA: Thacher Island Association*
TIA: The Innovations in American*
TIA: Their from Addresses*
TIA: Total Internet Access*
TIA: Travel Industry Assn*
TIA: Technology Integrated Activities*
TIA: Temperature Inversion Analysis*
TIA: Travel Industy Association*
TIA: Triage Information Agent*
TIA: Telephone Industry Associations*
TIA: This the Internal*
TIA: Thousand Islands Association*
TIA: Transient Ishemic Attacks*
TIA: Tulman Investment Advisory*
TIA: Taking Implications Assessments*
TIA: Taxes in America*
TIA: Telecommunications Industrial Association*
TIA: Telecommunications Industry Associatuiub*

Note: Acronym Finder has 73 verified definitions for TIA

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