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What does THC stand for?

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THC: The Human Canvas****
THC: Tetra Hydro Cannabinol****
THC: Therapeutic Health Care****
THC: Teaching Hospital and Clinics****
THC: Total Health Care****
THC: Total Humidity Controller****
THC: Tribal Health Clinics****
THC: Tuindorp Hustler Click****
THC: Terminal Handling Charges****
THC: Total Harmonic Current****
THC: Thomas Health Care****
THC: Toronto Harbour Commission***
THC: Toronto Harbour Commissioners***
THC: Transitional Housing Corporation***
THC: The Hunters Clan***
THC: The Highland Company***
THC: The Happyhouse Church***
THC: Total Health Concept***
THC: Tree House Construction***
THC: Tennessee Holocaust Commission***
THC: Team Hunting Crew***
THC: The Hispanic Connection***
THC: The Health Councils***
THC: Tishman Hotel Corp***
THC: Tentative Human Consensus***
THC: The Hands of Chaos***
THC: The Holding Company***
THC: Therapeutic Help from Cannabis***
THC: The Hemp and Cannabis***
THC: That Has Created***
THC: tribal hearts calling***
THC: The Holy Crusaders***
THC: Total Horse Care***
THC: Teen Health Centre***
THC: Teen Health Center***
THC: Temperature and Humidity Controllers***
THC: The Headshot Company***
THC: Taj Heritage Corridor***
THC: The Holbrook Club***
THC: The Hemp Coalition***
THC: The Houston Chronicle***
THC: Toronto Hemp Company***
THC: Toe Hopping Country***
THC: Totally Homogonous Cryptography***
THC: Township Health Centres***
THC: Theologische Hochschule Chur***
THC: Teminal Handling Charge***
THC: The Hemp Company***
THC: Total Hydrocarbon Content***
THC: The Hospital Cooperative***
THC: Temperature Humidity Chamber***
THC: The Hellfire Club***
THC: Transitional Housing Coordinator***
THC: Total Hydrocarbon Concentration***
THC: The Hardcore Crew***
THC: Torch Height Control***
THC: The Heartical Crew***
THC: Thermal Hydrologic Chemical***
THC: The Hacker Crackdown***
THC: Tippecanoe Homebrewers Circle***
THC: The Toronto Hemp Company***
THC: Tudum Hattrick Cup***
THC: The Hydrologic Cycle***
THC: Tetra Hydro Canabinol***
THC: The HellFire Clan***
THC: The Hell Corpses***
THC: Teatro Humanidad Cansada***
THC: Toronto Housing Company***
THC: Tulsa Harvest Church***
THC: The Helmet Crew***
THC: Thermal Hydrological Chemical***
THC: Third Hell Corps***
THC: trigger happy clan***
THC: Texas House Concerts**
THC: Triple Half Column**
THC: delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: T hybridoma cells**
THC: tall hair cells**
THC: target heparin concentration**
THC: teaching health centres**
THC: Teen Health Clinics**
THC: thrombin-hirudin complex**
THC: thulium-holmium-chromium**
THC: thulmium-holmium-chromium**
THC: total hemocyte count**
THC: total hemolytic capacities**
THC: Total hindlimb capillary**
THC: total hospital charges**
THC: total hospital costs**
THC: totipotent hemopoietic cell**
THC: traditional hospital care**
THC: Transient hypoxic contraction**
THC: Transient hypoxic contractions**
THC: triphasic horizontal cell**
THC: Tromadol HCL capsule**
THC: turtle heart cells**
THC: typical hyperostosis cranii**
THC: Teens Hate Chains**
THC: Turbo Hadamard Codes**
THC: Techno House Convention**
THC: Treasure Hunters Community**
THC: Total Herd Control**
THC: The Heroes Company**
THC: The Halo Council**
THC: chromaticity horizontal cells**
THC: total induced hive current**
THC: triple head gamma camera**
THC: Thermal Hydraulic Channels**
THC: topnotch health clubs**
THC: 1-delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol**
THC: 1-tetrahydro-cannabinol**
THC: delta 1-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol**
THC: Think Helping Children**
THC: Tetro Hydro Canabinium**
THC: Tetra Hydro Cannabinolo**
THC: Toronto Housing Corporation**
THC: Transitional Hospitals Corporation**
THC: Traditional Health Centres**
THC: The Hemp Canadian**
THC: The Hutton Commentaries**
THC: Textile Hall Corporation**
THC: The Herb Continues**
THC: Traditional Healing Centers**
THC: texas high country**
THC: Thomas Ho Company**
THC: The Heros Company**
THC: Total Haemocyte Counts**
THC: Talyx Healthiness Centre**
THC: The Hubble Constant**
THC: Tetra Hydra Cannabinol**
THC: The Habibie Center**
THC: Therapeutic Humane Cannabis**
THC: TOUCH Home Care**
THC: The Howard Center**
THC: Total Hydrocarbons CO**
THC: 3'-hydroxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: 3,4-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: 9-ene-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: 9-nor-delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: 9-trans-delta-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: delta'-trans-Tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: delta-6-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabiol**
THC: delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol**
THC: delta9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: minus)-trans-delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: trans-delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol**
THC: Total Haemolytic Complement**
THC: Taylor Hall Council**
THC: Translation Hand Controller**
THC: Techno House Clubbing**
THC: Tommy Harris Company**
THC: Takoma Horticultural Club**
THC: Thoughts for Children**
THC: The History of Cartography**
THC: Total Hydro Carbons**
THC: Turkish Hunters Com**
THC: The Handheld Circuit**
THC: Tajna Hodowla Cytrtny**
THC: Tribal Harmonix Collective**
THC: Truth Healing Compassion**
THC: Triangle Herding Club**
THC: Tattooed Hitomi Carnage**
THC: Teaching Homes for Christ**
THC: Temple Health Connection**
THC: Tommy Hilfiger Canada**
THC: Transitional Hospital Corporation**
THC: Terminal to Host Connection**
THC: The HAATI Coastie**
THC: The Herb Connection**
THC: Transport Holding Company**
THC: Tamil Heritage Centre**
THC: Through Hole Components**
THC: Turks Head Clan**
THC: The Herb Collective**
THC: The Hookers Club**
THC: Toronto Harbor Commission**
THC: The Harlequin Cube**
THC: The Hipolit Cegielski**
THC: Tetra Hydra Cannibinol**
THC: Total Hydrogen Carbon**
THC: Township Hospital Centers**
THC: Traditional Healer Centres**
THC: Tucson Hemp Coalition**
THC: Taiwan Holiness Church**
THC: Thrust Hand Controller**
THC: The Highland Council*
THC: Transfer Hardship Committee*
THC: Trip Hop Concept*
THC: The Happyface Cult*
THC: The Hardcore Contest*
THC: Threshold Homomorphic Cryptosystem*
THC: Total Hydrocarbon Carbon*
THC: Towards Higher Consciousness*
THC: Transplantable Hepatocellular Carcinomas*
THC: The Harris Corporation*
THC: The High Chaparral*
THC: Teal Hatch Club*
THC: Tennessee Honors Council*
THC: Textile History Consortium*
THC: The High Causer*
THC: the hubert company*
THC: The Tetrahydrocannabinol Carboxylic*
THC: Trigger Happy Chillers*
THC: Team Hard Cider*
THC: Temporary Health Care*
THC: Thana Health Centre*
THC: That the Humboldt Cooperative*
THC: The Healing Cane*
THC: The Homoeopathic Companion*
THC: The Titan Hoop Club*
THC: Tier Hockey Com*
THC: Two Homeboys Chillin*
THC: Taking Hits Constantly*
THC: Tesoro Hawaii Corporation*
THC: TelCorp Holdings Corp*
THC: The Hamilton Centre*
THC: Tacoma Horsehide Concea*
THC: Tail of Halleys Comet*
THC: Tech Head Computers*
THC: Telecommunications Host Processor*
THC: Tembel Hedonic Commune*
THC: Tembels Hedonic Commune*
THC: The Hahn Company*
THC: The Hampton Classic*
THC: The Henkel Corporation*
THC: The Highlander Clan*
THC: The History of Costume*
THC: The Hobart Corporation*
THC: The Hockey Channel*
THC: The House Carpenters*
THC: The Humour Collection*
THC: The Hydroelectric Center*
THC: Theme from Head of the Class*
THC: Theme from High Chaparral*
THC: Thoughts of a Historian Caught*
THC: Tom Harrison Cartography*
THC: Tom Hobbs Communications*
THC: Tower Hill Coal*
THC: Towers of Hanoi Chaco*
THC: Trabuco Hills Class*
THC: Travelodge Hotel in Clarksville*
THC: Turkey Hill Coal*
THC: Twilighters Heroes Camp*
THC: Two Harbor California*

Note: Acronym Finder has 63 verified definitions for THC

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