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TCD: Trinity College Department****
TCD: Telephony Call Dispatcher****
TCD: The Clan Destined****
TCD: Technical Consulting Development****
TCD: Targeted Completion Dates****
TCD: Tourism and Cultural Development***
TCD: Training Consulting Division***
TCD: The Cestus Deception***
TCD: Traffic Control Devices***
TCD: Teachers and Deaf***
TCD: T Cell Depleted***
TCD: Thurston County Democrats***
TCD: Triangle Country Dancers***
TCD: Time Certificates of Deposits***
TCD: Telephone Communication Devices***
TCD: The Cable Directory***
TCD: Thefederalregister Com D***
TCD: Total Cost of Distribution***
TCD: Trans Cranial Doppler***
TCD: Total Cost of Development***
TCD: Teaching Company Directorate***
TCD: Test Content Description***
TCD: Thermal Conductivity Detectors***
TCD: The Chemistry Department***
TCD: Touring Club of Detroit***
TCD: Teller Cash Dispensers***
TCD: Tide Constituent Database***
TCD: The Translation Company Division***
TCD: Training Centre Direct***
TCD: T Cell Depletion***
TCD: Technical Code Development***
TCD: Transcranial Color Doppler***
TCD: Technology Center for the Delta***
TCD: Technology Center of DuPage***
TCD: Tea Concentrate Dispenser***
TCD: Tons Crushed per Day***
TCD: Translation Company Division***
TCD: The Credit Department***
TCD: Triple Circuit Damping***
TCD: Thermal Conductivity Detection***
TCD: Thermoplastic Composite Designs***
TCD: transcranial doppler ultrasonography**
TCD: Transit Corridor Development**
TCD: Total Contact Distance**
TCD: pan-T cell-depleted**
TCD: T cells depletion**
TCD: T-cell dependent**
TCD: T-cell--depleted**
TCD: tactile circumferential discriminator**
TCD: tactile communication device**
TCD: tardive cervical dystonia**
TCD: teat canal diameter**
TCD: terminal cell division**
TCD: Thermal conductively detection**
TCD: thigh circumference discrepancy**
TCD: thyroid cartilage displacement**
TCD: Time Calorie Displacement**
TCD: tissue culture dishes**
TCD: total cardiac diameter**
TCD: total cardiac dimension**
TCD: total care days**
TCD: Total cathepsin D**
TCD: total coronary diameter**
TCD: total cumulative dose**
TCD: total cycle duration**
TCD: Transcranial Doppler sonography**
TCD: transcranial Doppler ultrasound**
TCD: transcutaneous collection device**
TCD: transdermal contraceptive device**
TCD: Transient Channel Deficit**
TCD: transvenous cardioverter-defibrillator**
TCD: transvenous cardioverter/defibrillator**
TCD: transversal cerebellar diameter**
TCD: transverse cerebellar diameter**
TCD: Traumatic Coma Data**
TCD: tremulous cervical dystonia**
TCD: triadic conflict depression**
TCD: tritocerebral commissure dwarf**
TCD: tryptic core domain**
TCD: tumor cathepsin D**
TCD: tumor cell density**
TCD: tumor cell detection**
TCD: tumor cell dissociation**
TCD: tumor cyst device**
TCD: tumor-cell detection**
TCD: Tumor-cell dissociation**
TCD: The Collektive Destruction**
TCD: Telecommunications Consumers Division**
TCD: Two Colour Diagrams**
TCD: Total Column Densities**
TCD: Technisch Constructie Dossier**
TCD: Treatment Care Delivery**
TCD: Toyota Club Denmark**
TCD: Tonnes Crushed per Day**
TCD: the conventional transcranial Doppler**
TCD: Time cost of distance**
TCD: trans-cranial Doppler ultrasound**
TCD: transcranial color Doppler imaging**
TCD: transcranial colour Doppler sonography**
TCD: transcranial contrast Doppler sonography**
TCD: transcutaneous chemical collection device**
TCD: Transformation in Care Delivery**
TCD: transvaginal color Doppler ultrasonography**
TCD: trypsin, collagenase and DNAse**
TCD: TisDale Custom Drums**
TCD: Teton Conservation District**
TCD: Time Certificates of Deposit**
TCD: Trainers and Consultants Direct**
TCD: Tribal Conservation Districts**
TCD: technique--transcranial Doppler**
TCD: Technical Communication Documents**
TCD: Tissue Culture Dose**
TCD: Transferable Certificate of Deposit**
TCD: Tank Characterization Database**
TCD: Third Country Diplomats**
TCD: Triple Crystal Diffractometer**
TCD: The Center for Democracy**
TCD: Tentative Channel Designations**
TCD: The Chef Design**
TCD: Technical Cooperation for Development**
TCD: The Carpenters Daughter**
TCD: The Choking Doberman**
TCD: Trigger Clock Distribution**
TCD: Technologie Centrum Dippoldiswalde**
TCD: Traffic Control Diagrams**
TCD: Toxic Cleanup Days**
TCD: The Compact Disk**
TCD: Trading Card Dividers**
TCD: TOUCH Character Development**
TCD: Tropical Cyclone Discussion**
TCD: The Center for Digital**
TCD: Time Critical Data**
TCD: Trash Can Design**
TCD: Text Composition Document**
TCD: Transferable Certificates of Deposits**
TCD: Turbo Charging Dynamics**
TCD: Techniques for Detecting**
TCD: Transition Charge Densities**
TCD: Turkey Creek Division**
TCD: Test Case Drivers**
TCD: Transverse Cardiac Diameter**
TCD: Technology Crime Division**
TCD: Test Control Document**
TCD: Tomcat Client Deployer**
TCD: Team Certain Death**
TCD: The Crook Department**
TCD: Taiwan Cumulative Dose*
TCD: Tower Control Displays*
TCD: Trachea Caudal Displacement*
TCD: Trial Court Desktop*
TCD: Tactical Commanders Development*
TCD: Territory Conflicts and Development*
TCD: Texas Commission of the Deaf*
TCD: Texas Cross Draw*
TCD: Total Containment Device*
TCD: Training Course Development*
TCD: Transition Civilian Development*
TCD: Travel Control Devices*
TCD: Tax Compliance Department*
TCD: Teaching Companies Directorate*
TCD: Test Case Development*
TCD: The Cuneiform Dictionary*
TCD: The Typical Distribution*
TCD: Tiger Canada Distribution*
TCD: Titan Classic Defense*
TCD: To Train Conservation and Development*
TCD: Topical Cooling device*
TCD: Translation Companies Division*
TCD: Tumor Control Dose*
TCD: Technical Cooperation Department*
TCD: Terminal Configuration Date*
TCD: The Texas Cross Draw*
TCD: TIBCO Certified Developer*
TCD: Typical Conceptual Designs*
TCD: Thyratron Core Driver*
TCD: Technical Comparison Document*
TCD: The Climbing Dictionary*
TCD: technical compliance designees*
TCD: Terrestrial Communications Directorate*
TCD: Tevatron Clock Decoder*
TCD: The Canadian Directory*
TCD: The Cave Dwellers*
TCD: Tai Chuan Dublin*
TCD: Target Capability Date*
TCD: Ten Calendar Days*
TCD: Terminal City Dramas*
TCD: Texas Community Development*
TCD: Textureweb Consulting Desi*
TCD: Textureweb Consulting Design*
TCD: The Capital Dining*
TCD: The Celestial Doughnut*
TCD: The Charms of Duckweed*
TCD: The Childrens Department*
TCD: The China Department*
TCD: The Christian Directory*
TCD: The Commissioner of Defenestration*
TCD: The Commissioner of Directionlessness*
TCD: The Corporation of the District*
TCD: The Cricket Database*
TCD: The Cripplers Den*
TCD: The Crystal Designer*
TCD: Theater Combat Delivery*
TCD: Theme from California Dreams*
TCD: Titanic Collide with Dest*
TCD: Tooele County Department*
TCD: Torch Chemical Division*
TCD: Treatment Confinement or Disposal*

Note: Acronym Finder has 56 verified definitions for TCD

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