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What does TAL stand for?

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TAL: The Alberta Library****
TAL: Technical Assistance Liaison***
TAL: Temporary Administrative Law***
TAL: The Avon Ladies***
TAL: Think and Learn***
TAL: Togu Audio Line***
TAL: Traffic and Accident Loss***
TAL: Teach and Learn***
TAL: Tax Amnesty Law***
TAL: Traffic Advisory Leaflets***
TAL: Technology Assisted Learning***
TAL: Terai Arc Landscape***
TAL: Technology Aided Learning***
TAL: Tandem Application Language***
TAL: Tetherless Access Ltd***
TAL: Technical Absorbents Ltd***
TAL: Transitional Administration Law***
TAL: Trans Atlantic Abort Landing***
TAL: Textile Alliance Limited***
TAL: The Astronomical League***
TAL: Tumor Associated Lymphocytes***
TAL: Texas Alliance for Life***
TAL: The Accounting Library***
TAL: Textile Alliance Ltd***
TAL: Time Above Liquidus***
TAL: Take Action Limits***
TAL: Telescopes Available for Loan***
TAL: Trans Atlantic Landing***
TAL: tech access ltd**
TAL: lymphocytes/tumor associated lymphocytes**
TAL: Taste Aversion Learning**
TAL: tendo Achillis lengthening**
TAL: the ascending limb**
TAL: thick ascending limb of Henle**
TAL: thick ascending limbs**
TAL: thin agar layer**
TAL: thin ascending limb**
TAL: thoracic artificial lung**
TAL: time-activity laboratory**
TAL: Tokunagayusurika akamusi larva**
TAL: Transcutaneous Artificial Larynx**
TAL: transverse acetabular ligament**
TAL: traumatic aortic laceration**
TAL: Tufts Anaerobe Laboratory**
TAL: tumour-associated lymphocytes**
TAL: tyrosine ammonia lyase**
TAL: tyrosine ammonia-lyase**
TAL: Tubi Acciaio Lombarda**
TAL: tail anomaly lethal**
TAL: Timeslips Accounting Link**
TAL: thick ascending limb of the loop of Henle**
TAL: taste aversion learning task**
TAL: tumor-associated cells , lymphocytes**
TAL: tumor-associated lymphoid cells**
TAL: tumor-associated T lymphocytes**
TAL: thick ascending limb of Henle's loop**
TAL: Technical Audiological Laboratory**
TAL: Tasmanian Athletic League**
TAL: Technical Architectural Lighting**
TAL: The Anchor Line**
TAL: Tonga Airports Limited**
TAL: Technical Analysis Library**
TAL: Tree Adjoining Languages**
TAL: Turkish Air Lines**
TAL: Tori Amos Links**
TAL: Trans Africa Logistics**
TAL: Teaching All Learners**
TAL: Time Action Lock**
TAL: True Asian Leaders**
TAL: Technical Architectural Lightning**
TAL: Tustin Art League**
TAL: The Authoritative Literature**
TAL: Tonga Airports Ltd**
TAL: Tendon Achilles Lengthening**
TAL: Trio Acustico Latino**
TAL: Target Abstraction Layer*
TAL: The Tustin Art League*
TAL: temperature alarm low*
TAL: Thickness And Lithology*
TAL: Tropical Agricultural Legumes*
TAL: TANDEM Assembly Language*
TAL: The Awesome List*
TAL: Torah Accreditation Liaison*
TAL: Technical Architecture Lifecycle*
TAL: Transaction Application Layer*
TAL: Tube Alloys Limited*
TAL: Tacrolimus Approved for Liver*
TAL: Tan Ashley Like*
TAL: Teachers Art Links*
TAL: Terpstra Address List*
TAL: The Alabama Libraries*
TAL: The Arachnaut Lair*
TAL: The Arachnauts Links*
TAL: The Asia Library*
TAL: The Awsome List*
TAL: The Axiom Label*
TAL: Theatre Arts Library*
TAL: Thermal Anti Lce*
TAL: Tips Advice insights and Links*
TAL: Transfer Account Lodgement*
TAL: Trend Analysis Limited*
TAL: Tropical Air Lines*
TAL: Tupac Amaru Life*
TAL: Tweeters Ail List*

Note: Acronym Finder has 37 verified definitions for TAL

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