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SoT: Silicon Oyster Technologies****
SoT: Section of Teachers****
SoT: School Of Theology****
SoT: Sons of Thunder****
SoT: Sacro Occipital Technique***
SoT: Sch of Theology***
SoT: Seller of Travel***
SoT: Society of Ornamental***
SoT: System Operation Test***
SoT: Sea of Tranquility***
SoT: School of Technology***
SoT: Sacral Occipital Technique***
SoT: Spirit of Tyler***
SoT: Strategic Objective Team***
SoT: Signs of the Times***
SoT: Spreadz of Terror***
SoT: Secretary of the Treasury***
SoT: Slightly Off Topic***
SoT: Special Ops Team***
SoT: Sticking Out Tongue***
SoT: Solid Organ Transplantation***
SoT: Stitches of Tibet***
SoT: Seekers of Truth***
SoT: Scouts of Tyria***
SoT: Sensory organization testing**
SoT: septal obliteration technique**
SoT: simple occlusion test**
SoT: Spatial Orientation Task**
SoT: Squamous odontogenic tumor**
SoT: Squamous odontogenic tumour**
SoT: statistical-overlap theory**
SoT: superior oblique tendon**
SoT: supplemental oxygen therapy**
SoT: supra-optic tract**
SoT: systemic oxygen transport**
SoT: The Sea of Tranquility**
SoT: Sacro Occipital Technic**
SoT: spontaneous ovarian tumorigenesis**
SoT: Student Opinion of Teaching**
SoT: Special Operations Training**
SoT: System on Textile**
SoT: sensory organization balance test**
SoT: solid-organ trans plantation**
SoT: Suppression of osmotic thirst**
SoT: Sacro Occipital Technik**
SoT: Small Outline Transistors**
SoT: Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology**
SoT: Source for Open Technologies**
SoT: Save Our Transit**
SoT: Special Occupation Tax**
SoT: Summary Offence Tickets**
SoT: Society of Toxicologists**
SoT: Sisters of Themiscrya**
SoT: Sex Offender Treatment**
SoT: Society for Toxicology**
SoT: Sorta Off Topic**
SoT: Search for Outstanding Teachers**
SoT: Scourge of Time**
SoT: Secrets of Tatooine**
SoT: Sounds of Today**
SoT: Statement of Transactions**
SoT: Salomon Outdoor Team**
SoT: Sequential Organization Test**
SoT: Sniper Observer Team**
SoT: Somewhat Off Topic**
SoT: Supply Operate and Transfer**
SoT: Segment of the Tile**
SoT: Single Operation Test**
SoT: Sensory Organization Tests**
SoT: Special Operational Team**
SoT: Spatial Orientation Trees*
SoT: Standards of Title*
SoT: Scottish Orienteering Tours*
SoT: Standard Outline Transistor*
SoT: Statement Of Transaction*
SoT: Subsystem Or Technology*
SoT: Sumi Otoshi TOS*
SoT: Supply Operate Transfer*
SoT: Support to Organization Training*
SoT: Swedish Online Team*
SoT: Statement Of Time*
SoT: System Of Trails*
SoT: Ship Operability Test*
SoT: Ship Operability Testing*
SoT: Satellite pour l'Observation de la Terre*
SoT: Science Observation Team*
SoT: Scope Of Testimony*
SoT: Secure Oil Tools*
SoT: Segregation Of Topsoil*
SoT: Single Offset Turn*
SoT: Single Offset Turn Tactic*
SoT: Snails Oahu Tree*
SoT: Socially Oriented Topics*
SoT: Spotlight On Terminator*
SoT: Storage Of Topsoil*
SoT: Support Organization for Trisomy*
SoT: System Operational Tasks*
SoT: Systeme pour l Observation de la Terre*
SoT: Systems Of Time*

Note: Acronym Finder has 64 verified definitions for SoT

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