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What does SWAG stand for?

Found 67 meanings of the SWAG acronym and abbreviation
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SWAG: Star Wars Artists Guild****
SWAG: Statewide Water Advisory Group****
SWAG: Scottish Waste Awareness Group***
SWAG: Sports Writers Association of Ghana***
SWAG: Status of Women Action Group***
SWAG: Sacramento Watersheds Action Group***
SWAG: Scientific Wild A Guess***
SWAG: Scientific Wild Assed Guess***
SWAG: Souvenirs Wearables and Gifts***
SWAG: South West Area Group***
SWAG: Silly Wild Assed Guess***
SWAG: Shoalwater Wilderness Awareness Group***
SWAG: Social Work Action Group***
SWAG: Specialist Workforce Advisory Group**
SWAG: Silly Wild Ass Guess**
SWAG: South West Alpaca Group**
SWAG: Sexuality Women and Gender**
SWAG: Scientific Wild-Eyed Guess**
SWAG: South Worcestershire Archaeological Group**
SWAG: Skye Windfarm Action Group**
SWAG: Sex Work Assistance Guide**
SWAG: Systematic Wild-Ass Guess**
SWAG: Studies of Women and Gender**
SWAG: Sex Worker Action Group**
SWAG: South Witham Archaeological Group**
SWAG: State Web Administrators Group**
SWAG: Spoken Word Archive Group**
SWAG: Some Wild Assed Guess**
SWAG: Specialist Working Advisory Group**
SWAG: Student Wildlife Association of Gatton**
SWAG: Sustainable Wool Advisory Group**
SWAG: Safety Wearing Apparel Group**
SWAG: South West Amiga Group**
SWAG: Scientific Wild Arsed Guess*
SWAG: social work alumni group*
SWAG: Social Workers Action Group*
SWAG: South Westminster Arts Group*
SWAG: South Wiltshire Area Grants*
SWAG: Student Worker Action Group*
SWAG: Sunny Worthing Arts Group*
SWAG: Scientific Wild Arse Guess*
SWAG: Sharing Warmth Around the Globe*
SWAG: Simple Wide Ass Guess*
SWAG: Simple Wild Assed Guess*
SWAG: South West Arts Group*
SWAG: Statewide Website Advisory Group*
SWAG: Senior Women Advisory Group*
SWAG: Storm Water Advisory Groups*
SWAG: Sub Watershed Advisory Group*
SWAG: Savage Wood Additivity of Group*
SWAG: Scottish Waste Advisory Group*
SWAG: South Wales Aerospace Group*
SWAG: South West Agile Group*
SWAG: Simulated Waste Access to Groundwater*
SWAG: Sports Wear and Gear*
SWAG: Scientific Wide Angle Guess*
SWAG: Scientific Wide Assets Guess*
SWAG: Scientific Wild Aspirin Guess*
SWAG: Scientific Wild Assets Guess*
SWAG: Scientific Wildly Arbitrary Guess*
SWAG: Scientific Wildly Assessed Guess*
SWAG: Scientific Wildly Astute Guess*
SWAG: Senior Wing Advisory Group*
SWAG: Simple Wide Assets Guess*
SWAG: Simple Wide Association Guess*
SWAG: Simple Wild Ascii Guess*
SWAG: Simple Wild Assets Guess*

Note: Acronym Finder has 94 verified definitions for SWAG

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