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STR: Sewanee Theological Review****
STR: Salmon Trout River****
STR: Slurp the Robot****
STR: Sequential Transfer Rates****
STR: Special Topic Report****
STR: Somatic Trauma Resolution****
STR: Sensitive and Ready****
STR: Science and Technology Research***
STR: Significant Trade Review***
STR: Statybos Techninio Reglamento***
STR: Specialized Technology Resources***
STR: Student Training Records***
STR: System Technical Review***
STR: Short Term Rental***
STR: self tuned radio***
STR: Special Treatment Requirements***
STR: statybos techninis reglamentas***
STR: Support Time Recovery***
STR: States Trade Representative***
STR: Statistical Treatment Rules***
STR: Skeletal Targeted Radiotherapy***
STR: Suspicious Transaction Reports***
STR: Special Trade Representative***
STR: Session Termination Request***
STR: Sports Traveler Radio***
STR: Shimadzu Techno Research***
STR: Southern Tandem Rally***
STR: Soft Tissue Release***
STR: Software of Richmond***
STR: Sundarban Tiger Reserve***
STR: Sequence Tandem Repeats***
STR: Smart Tool Repository***
STR: Suspicious Transaction Reporting***
STR: Smooth Transition Regression***
STR: Support Time and Recovery***
STR: Section Township Range***
STR: Scoliosis Treatment Recovery***
STR: System Tests Reports***
STR: Smithsonian Tropical Research***
STR: Solar Thermal Rockets***
STR: Scientific Technical Report***
STR: Simple Tandem Repeat***
STR: Statement of Technical Requirements***
STR: Stirred Tank Reactor***
STR: Shawn Taylor Racing***
STR: Series Tennis Racquets***
STR: Standard Thai Rubber***
STR: Species Time Relationships***
STR: Standard Taxi Routes***
STR: Society for Textual Reasoning***
STR: Smokin Tunz Radio***
STR: Stock of Rockville***
STR: Society for Theatre Research***
STR: Spatio Temporal Reasoning***
STR: Service Transaction Requests***
STR: Semiconductor Technology Research***
STR: Surplus to Requirements***
STR: Simple Tandem Repeats***
STR: Software Trouble Reports***
STR: Small Tandem Repeat***
STR: Seven Transmembrane Receptor***
STR: South Tasman Rise***
STR: PCR)-short tandem repeat**
STR: saturation transfer ratio**
STR: scoptic threshold response**
STR: serum transferrin receptor**
STR: short tandem repetitive**
STR: short-term recognition**
STR: short-term retention**
STR: sight-threatening retinopathy**
STR: skin-twitch response**
STR: skinfold thickness ratio**
STR: skinfold thickness ratios**
STR: slow to recover**
STR: soft tissue rheumatism**
STR: soft-tissue radiography**
STR: Soil and Tillage Research**
STR: soluble transferrin receptor**
STR: spontaneous tumor regression**
STR: study-test-rest**
STR: subjective time rate**
STR: submucous turbinal resection**
STR: subscapular/triceps ratio**
STR: sulfur transformation ratio**
STR: superior temporal region**
STR: superior temporal regions**
STR: suprapubic transvesical route**
STR: Surface-temperature recording**
STR: surface-tension reducing**
STR: system training responses**
STR: systemic toxicity reactions**
STR: systolic thickening ratio**
STR: systolic time ratios**
STR: Subcontractor Technical Representative**
STR: Smoke Tree Ranch**
STR: Self Tuning Regulators**
STR: Specific Technical Requirements**
STR: Sports Turf Research**
STR: Sveriges Trähusfabrikers Riksförbund**
STR: Signature of Recent**
STR: Special Test Request**
STR: sagittal:transverse diameter ratio**
STR: segment elevation resolution**
STR: severity of tissue reaction**
STR: Short Tandem Repeat analysis**
STR: short tandem repeat loci**
STR: short tandem repeat polymorphism**
STR: Short tandem repeat sequences**
STR: short tandem repeat system**
STR: short tandem repeat systems**
STR: short tandem repeated sequences**
STR: shortening to torsion ratio**
STR: skin prick test reactivity**
STR: small tandem repeat markers**
STR: steroid/thyroid hormone receptor**
STR: subscapular-to-triceps ratio**
STR: subscapular-triceps skinfold ratio**
STR: subscapular/tricipital skinfold ratio**
STR: Small Tandem Repeats**
STR: Specific Target Results**
STR: School Technology Representatives**
STR: Screening Triage Referral**
STR: Schedule of Technical Requirements**
STR: Segment Table Register**
STR: Site Test Report**
STR: Serikat Tani Riau**
STR: Suspicious Transactions Report**
STR: Short Tandemly Repeated**
STR: subscapular to triceps**
STR: Screening Triage and Referral**
STR: Système de Traitement Radar**
STR: Szczecinskie Towarzystwo Renowacyjne**
STR: sind trab rurais**
STR: Ship Technology Research**
STR: Single Tandem Repeats**
STR: Southern Telecom Region**
STR: Scotopic Threshold Response**
STR: Smile Talk Raise**
STR: Simlipal Tiger Reserve**
STR: Senior Training Report**
STR: Single Tandem Repeated**
STR: Superman the Ride**
STR: Stark Tuning Rates**
STR: Similipal Tiger Reserve**
STR: s thai restaurant**
STR: Satellite Timing and Ranging**
STR: Save the Ramova**
STR: Send Terminate Request**
STR: Software Test Results**
STR: Standardized Taxi Routes**
STR: Systolic Time Ratio**
STR: Short Tandom Repeat**
STR: Signature and Tally Record**
STR: Student Ticket Review**
STR: Science and Technical Research**
STR: Service Treatment Record**
STR: System Test Report**
STR: Save The Rainforests**
STR: Southern Tropical Region**
STR: Sardo Tight Rack**
STR: Suspicion Transaction Report**
STR: Shared Transaction Repository**
STR: Suitability Test Report**
STR: Surface Temperature Recorders**
STR: Self Tuning Regulation**
STR: Shared Taxi Rank**
STR: Software Testing Reporting**
STR: Synthetic Tandem Repeats**
STR: State Technology Representative**
STR: SEP This Routine**
STR: State Transportation Requests**
STR: SDH Transmitter Receiver**
STR: Sør Trøndelag Regiment**
STR: Space Transportation Research**
STR: System Table Registers**
STR: speed trends racing**
STR: Subsurface Temperature Recorders**
STR: Syndicates of Rural**
STR: Satpura Tiger Reserve*
STR: scientific technology revolution*
STR: ST-segment resolution*
STR: state tax revenue*
STR: Studio Tom Real*
STR: Single Token Ring*
STR: Small Turbomachinery Research*
STR: Soft Tissue Relaxation*
STR: Sony Tough Receiver*
STR: Space Test Range*
STR: Separate Track and illuminating Radar*
STR: Simple Tandemly Repeated*
STR: Socks That Rock*
STR: South Texas Rangers*
STR: Space Telecommunications and Radioscience*
STR: Standardized Transplant Ratios*
STR: Surface warfare Trainer Review board*
STR: System Tech Racing*
STR: Systemic Treatment Record*
STR: Santeria the Religion*
STR: Signalling Terminal Remote*
STR: Space Time and Relativity*
STR: Spot Test Reagent*
STR: Statement of Technical Requirement*
STR: Studies in the Theory of Religion*
STR: Sublimation Transfer Ribbons*
STR: Sustained Turn Rate*
STR: Significant Temperature Rise*
STR: Start Threshold Reset*
STR: Supplementary Technical Requirements*
STR: State Tax Resources*
STR: Star Trek Reviews*
STR: Sales and Total Revenue*
STR: Science Technology and Resources*
STR: Scotty the Tyrannosaures Rex*
STR: Scotty the Tyrannosaurus Rex*
STR: Search Technology Reports*
STR: Sebastian Thomas Ryan*
STR: Sections on Travel Regulations*
STR: Sections on Tuition Reimburseme*
STR: Sections Township Range*
STR: Segment Test Review*
STR: Sheffield Town and Regional*
STR: Silicon Transformation Reaction*
STR: Sinking of the Titanic a Recordi*
STR: Smart Tactical Rocket*
STR: Software Test Report [FROM DOD-STD-2167A]*
STR: Space Taxi and Return*
STR: Spatial Technology Research*
STR: Spinymussel Tar River*
STR: Spirn Tarley Robinson*
STR: State Tribe Report*
STR: Subdaily Time Resolution*
STR: Superfund Technical Resources*
STR: Suzanne Tallichet Researcher*
STR: Swiss Technology and Rave*
STR: Swiss Technology Rave*
STR: System Transfer Review*

Note: Acronym Finder has 97 verified definitions for STR

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