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STP: Secondary Treatment Plant****
STP: Strategic Technology Program****
STP: Server Time Protocol****
STP: Screw Terminal Panel****
STP: State Transportation Plans****
STP: State Transportation Planning****
STP: Stavanger Transportation Page****
STP: Spanning Tree PVST****
STP: Sustainable Technologies Programme****
STP: Sheilded Twisted Pair****
STP: SADC Trade Protocol****
STP: Signal Transfer Points****
STP: Secretariat of the Presidency****
STP: Self Training Program****
STP: Straniero Temporaneamente Presente****
STP: Spanning Tree Plus****
STP: Standards and Points****
STP: Showing That Personal****
STP: Systematic Training Programs***
STP: Short Term Prediction***
STP: Scalable Test Platform***
STP: Signalling Transfer Point***
STP: Street Trail Park***
STP: Sewage Treatments Plants***
STP: Spanning Tree Packets***
STP: Signal Transduction Pathways***
STP: specified time period***
STP: Seamless Transition Program***
STP: System Test Procedures***
STP: Shield Twisted Pair***
STP: Specifies the Type***
STP: Stay Together Please***
STP: Satellite Ticket Printers***
STP: Segmenting Targeting Positioning***
STP: State Technology Planning***
STP: Society for the Teaching of Psychology***
STP: Statewide Transportation Planning***
STP: Surface Transportation Policy***
STP: Systematic Transfer Plan***
STP: Scheme for the Promotion***
STP: Storm Total Precipitation***
STP: St Tammany Parish***
STP: Short Term Planning***
STP: Scare Tactic Players***
STP: Solves the Problem***
STP: Strategic Transportation Plan***
STP: Specialised Training Protein***
STP: superintendent training program***
STP: Stop the Pledge***
STP: Soil Test Phosphorus***
STP: System Test Plans***
STP: SOA Tools Platform***
STP: Sao Tome Principe***
STP: Signalling Transfer Points***
STP: Start of Packet***
STP: Sludge Treatment Plants***
STP: Special Tuning Parts***
STP: Standard Temp and Pressure***
STP: Support the Parkway***
STP: Sociedad Tolkien Peruana***
STP: Science and Technology Parks***
STP: Segmentation Targeting and Positioning***
STP: Standards Technical Panel***
STP: Scientific Team Project***
STP: School of Theoretical Physics***
STP: Signaling Transfer Points***
STP: Sailing to Philadelphia***
STP: Station Travel Plans***
STP: Stop the Presses***
STP: Skills Training Partnership***
STP: Straight Thru Processing***
STP: Summer Treatment Program***
STP: Shows the Physical***
STP: Science and Technology Park***
STP: Switches That Provide***
STP: Specialty Technical Publishers***
STP: Social Transition Program***
STP: Special Technical Publications***
STP: Super Thermal Power***
STP: Soldier Training Publication***
STP: System the Purpose***
STP: Soil Test Phosphorous***
STP: System Tray Play***
STP: Serve the People***
STP: Synthetic Turf Pitches***
STP: Soldier Training Publications***
STP: Squat the Planet***
STP: Swift Team Pages***
STP: Skills Training Program***
STP: Standard Test Procedures***
STP: Simple Temporal Problems***
STP: Solar Thermal Pump***
STP: southern truck parts***
STP: Seawater Treatment Plant***
STP: Strategic Transport Plan***
STP: Standard Temperature Pressure***
STP: Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata***
STP: SATA Tunneling Protocol***
STP: Software Technology Part***
STP: short term projects***
STP: Social Theory Politics***
STP: Stick Theme Park***
STP: Solve That Problem***
STP: Standards Technical Panels***
STP: Society of Toxicologic Pathology***
STP: Sodium Tri Phosphate***
STP: Stones Touring Party***
STP: Satellite Ticket Printing***
STP: Short Term Potentiation***
STP: Since the Proposed***
STP: Significant Tornado Parameter***
STP: Steel Tank and Pipe***
STP: Surface Test Pits***
STP: Stock Trading Plus***
STP: State Transportation Program***
STP: Singapore Taste Party***
STP: Soil Temperature Probe***
STP: Science Technology and Public***
STP: SharePoint Template Project***
STP: Stop Think Plan***
STP: Statistical and Thermal Physics***
STP: Standard Testing Procedures***
STP: Super Theft Protection***
STP: Sewerage Treatment Plants***
STP: space time processing***
STP: Safety Training Passport***
STP: Strategic Technical Partnerships***
STP: Significant Traditional Providers***
STP: Student Training Publications***
STP: Survey Test Pits***
STP: Special Trade Passenger***
STP: Strategic Technology Planning***
STP: Software Technology Program***
STP: Scheme to Promote***
STP: Space Time Product***
STP: Shovel Test Pits***
STP: Society of Turnaround Professionals***
STP: synchronized transaction processing***
STP: South Treatment Plant***
STP: Summer Training Program***
STP: Serenity Tranquility and Peace**
STP: Stormwater Treatment Practices**
STP: School Technology Plan**
STP: Segmenting Targeting and Positioning**
STP: Short Term Plans**
STP: System Training Program**
STP: Secondary Treatment Processes**
STP: Soul Truth Power**
STP: CSR)/signal-transduction pathway**
STP: Saimiri transformation protein**
STP: salt-tolerant protein**
STP: Secondary traumatic paraplegia**
STP: semitendinosus tendon polypropylene**
STP: serine/threonine/proline**
STP: serotonin transporter protein**
STP: serum total protein**
STP: short tubing/port**
STP: short-term plasticity**
STP: short-term protocol**
STP: shoulder tip pain**
STP: shoulder-tip pain**
STP: signal transduction particle**
STP: signal transduction pathway**
STP: single tryptophan proteins**
STP: Single-Tube Partition**
STP: skin test positive**
STP: Soft Tissue Patch**
STP: soft tissue profile**
STP: soft-tissue perineurioma**
STP: South Texas Plains**
STP: specific tear prealbumin**
STP: specific tear proteins**
STP: standard thermal process**
STP: standard threshold perimeter**
STP: Standard Treatment Program**
STP: strong training protocol**
STP: Suivi Therapeutique Pharmacologique**
STP: superior temporal polysensory**
STP: sustained touch-pressure**
STP: symptomatic" trigeminal pain**
STP: Scheme and to Promote**
STP: Stabilized Temperature Platform**
STP: saimiri transforming proteins**
STP: Sekolah Tinggi Publisistik**
STP: Standard Technical Publication**
STP: surveillance test procedures**
STP: Special Treatment Program**
STP: Submersible Turbine Pumps**
STP: Service Transaction Provider**
STP: Simultaneous Test Procedure**
STP: Solvent Treatment Plant**
STP: Strangers to Pain**
STP: Saturday Tech Podcast**
STP: Star Trek Props**
STP: specific terminal portions**
STP: Sweet T Productions**
STP: Salisbury Transport Plan**
STP: Scrap Tire Project**
STP: Spot in Program**
STP: Sewage Treatement Plant**
STP: Schottel Twin Propeller**
STP: Special Treatment Programs**
STP: short term treatment protocol**
STP: short-term poststimulus potentiation**
STP: short-term treatment protocol**
STP: sulcus , the supratemporal plane**
STP: superior temporal polysensory area**
STP: Strategic Tutoring Program**
STP: Summer Treatment Programs**
STP: Significant Traditional Provider**
STP: Site Treatment Plans**
STP: Scientist Training Program**
STP: Somos Todos Primos**
STP: Standards to Promote**
STP: Strength Through Peace**
STP: share the profits**
STP: Subregional Transportation Planning**
STP: Standard Transition Process**
STP: phenol-sulfating phenolsulfotransferase**
STP: Secrétariat Technique Provisoire**
STP: Surveillance Transmit Processing**
STP: Student Teaching Project**
STP: Shalimar Tar Products**
STP: Submarine Tailings Placement**
STP: SEDA Technology Programme**
STP: Special Tabulation Program**
STP: Staff Training Program**
STP: Strategic Technology Partners**
STP: Skydiver Training Program**
STP: Society for Teaching of Psychology**
STP: Subcontracted Transportation Provider**
STP: Sudbury Trail Plan**
STP: Shock Trauma Platoons**
STP: Self Test Program**
STP: Service Transfer Points**
STP: Strategic Technology Partner**
STP: Student Tracking Project**
STP: Secure Transaction Processing**
STP: Service Test Points**
STP: Skydiver Trainer Program**
STP: Systems Thinking Practice**
STP: Specialized Transportation Providers**
STP: Serenity Tranquillity and Peace**
STP: Software Test Plans**
STP: Student Technology Preceptor**
STP: Science and Technology Programme**
STP: Specified Test Piece**
STP: System Training Plans**

Note: Acronym Finder has 138 verified definitions for STP

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