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What does SSDD stand for?

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SSDD: Same Story Different Day****
SSDD: Social Security Disability Determination****
SSDD: Stainless Steel Double Door***
SSDD: Services and Development Department***
SSDD: Software Systems Design and Development***
SSDD: SDD Software Design Document***
SSDD: Single Sided Double Density***
SSDD: System Subsystem Design Description***
SSDD: Same Song Different Day***
SSDD: Same Sh Different Day***
SSDD: System Segment Design Document***
SSDD: South Shore Drainage District***
SSDD: Same S Different Day**
SSDD: single strand differential display**
SSDD: Same Shit Different Decade**
SSDD: Small Scale Dairy Development**
SSDD: Small Scale Digital Device**
SSDD: Space Systems Development Division**
SSDD: steroid sulfatase deficiency disease**
SSDD: System Software Design Document**
SSDD: Social Support Deterioration Deterrence**
SSDD: System Subsystem Design Document**
SSDD: System Subsystem Design Descriptions**
SSDD: Six Sigma for Design and Development**
SSDD: System Software Design Description**
SSDD: Software System Design Document**
SSDD: Sapientia Sapienti Dono Data**
SSDD: Staff Student Development Department**
SSDD: Small Scale Digital Devices**
SSDD: Same Spam Different Day**
SSDD: Small Software Development Division**
SSDD: Systems Simulation and Development Directorate**
SSDD: SequeLink Shadow Data Dictionaries**
SSDD: same story different dude**
SSDD: shame shit different day**
SSDD: Software Specification Design Documents**
SSDD: Source Selection Decision Documents**
SSDD: Space Systems Development Department*
SSDD: Staff and Student Development Department*
SSDD: System Simulation Development Directorate*
SSDD: System/Segment Design Description*
SSDD: Same Shiet Different Day*
SSDD: Sub System Design Document*
SSDD: Severe Seasonal Depression Disorder*
SSDD: Same Schist Different Day*
SSDD: Same Shilling Different Day*
SSDD: Same Silliness Different Day*
SSDD: Same Soap Different Day*
SSDD: Same Spinach Different Day*
SSDD: Same Spleen Different Day*
SSDD: Science and Sustainable Development Directorate*
SSDD: Scientific Staff Doctor Dennis*
SSDD: Steve Strasnick Digital Dreams*
SSDD: Steve Strasnicks Digital Dreams*

Note: Acronym Finder has 11 verified definitions for SSDD

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