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SRF: Smoking Research Foundation****
SRF: Statutory Reserve Fund****
SRF: Student Relief Fund****
SRF: Surgical Risk Factors****
SRF: Student Report Forms****
SRF: Solar Reflecting Film****
SRF: Secure the Freedoms****
SRF: Set Returning Functions****
SRF: Strategic Research Foundation****
SRF: Sevin Rosen Funds****
SRF: Series Resonant Frequency****
SRF: Share for Federal****
SRF: Self Resonant Frequencies****
SRF: Survey Response Form****
SRF: Standardized Reporting Forms***
SRF: Service Requisition Form***
SRF: Swiss Retail Federation***
SRF: Slip Resistant Finishes***
SRF: Still River Fund***
SRF: Strategic Regeneration Framework***
SRF: Standardized Report Forms***
SRF: Self Report Family***
SRF: Sub Regional Fora***
SRF: Sonar Range Finders***
SRF: Schizophrenia Research Forum***
SRF: Strengthening Rural Families***
SRF: Special Research Fields***
SRF: Strategic Rocket Forces***
SRF: Small Research Facilities***
SRF: Scale Reduction Factor***
SRF: Standard Reference Frame***
SRF: Site Record Forms***
SRF: Square Root Filters***
SRF: Strategic Results Framework***
SRF: Services the Federally***
SRF: Stabilization Rotation and Function***
SRF: Special Risk Facilities***
SRF: Septage Receiving Facility***
SRF: Survey for the Future***
SRF: Solid Recovered Fuels***
SRF: Staff Report Filed***
SRF: Spatial Random Fields***
SRF: Supplementary Reserve Facility***
SRF: Sample Regression Function***
SRF: School Rumble Fans***
SRF: Smaller Research Facilities***
SRF: Sun Raster File***
SRF: Standards the Fully***
SRF: Self Resonance Frequencies***
SRF: Stimuli Responsive Fluids***
SRF: Status Report Frame***
SRF: Sample Record Forms***
SRF: Siberspace Rescue Fund***
SRF: Supported Residential Facility***
SRF: Social Rehabilitation Facility***
SRF: Student Record Folders***
SRF: SAJA Reporting Fellowships***
SRF: Shipment Release Form***
SRF: Shanghai Ricoh Facsimile***
SRF: Scottish Renewables Forum***
SRF: Spartan Reality Fight***
SRF: Subtracted Restriction Fingerprinting***
SRF: Software Release Form***
SRF: Serve as Financing***
SRF: Special Rehabilitation Facility***
SRF: Spectral Repeat Finder***
SRF: Skin Respiratory Factor***
SRF: Spectral Response Function***
SRF: Siebel Retail Finance***
SRF: Status Report Frames***
SRF: Synchrotron Radiation Facility***
SRF: Skin Reactive Factor***
SRF: Spatial Response Fields***
SRF: Sample Receipt Facility***
SRF: Smith Richardson Foundation***
SRF: Stabilization Reserve Fund***
SRF: Supercentenarian Research Foundation***
SRF: Social Responsibility Frameworks***
SRF: Substrate Reaction Forces***
SRF: summer research fellowship***
SRF: Specific Resistance to Filtration***
SRF: Self Reliance Foundation***
SRF: Spectral Response Functions***
SRF: Student Rainforest Fund***
SRF: Salmon Recovery Funding***
SRF: Specialised Resource Function***
SRF: Stream Research Facility***
SRF: Special Reserve Fund***
SRF: Spa Research Fellowship***
SRF: Standard Recode Files***
SRF: Second Rotation Forests***
SRF: Student Records and Fees***
SRF: Society of Research Fellows***
SRF: Safe Riders Foundation***
SRF: Spirit Release Foundation**
SRF: Serum Response Factors**
SRF: Ets-serum response factor**
SRF: sarcoplasmic reticulum fragments**
SRF: secondary risk factors**
SRF: secretin-releasing factor**
SRF: Senior Research Fellowships**
SRF: separate renal function**
SRF: serial rib fractures**
SRF: Serotonin Releasing Factor**
SRF: serum regulatory factor**
SRF: short-rotation forest**
SRF: Sinclair Research Farm**
SRF: skeletal relapsing force**
SRF: slow-release formulation**
SRF: social relationship functioning**
SRF: spatial response functions**
SRF: spontaneous repetitive firing**
SRF: Spontaneous rosette formation**
SRF: stained rumen fluid**
SRF: stimulus response function**
SRF: stimulus-response function**
SRF: stimulus-response functions**
SRF: strained rumen fluid**
SRF: strength reduction factor**
SRF: subjective rating forms**
SRF: supernatant relaxing factor**
SRF: surround receptive field**
SRF: Server Response Files**
SRF: Supported Residential Facilities**
SRF: Signaling Relay Function**
SRF: Self Realization Find**
SRF: Sustained Repetitive Firing**
SRF: Specifically Routed Frames**
SRF: Semi Reinforcing Furnace**
SRF: Seafarers Retirement Fund**
SRF: Special Reclamation Fund**
SRF: Special Relief Fund**
SRF: Scientific Research Facility**
SRF: Split Renal Function**
SRF: Sundarban Reserved Forest**
SRF: Speed Reduction Factors**
SRF: Security Risk Framework**
SRF: Service Requirements Form**
SRF: Site Reference Files**
SRF: sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane fragments**
SRF: score of risk factors**
SRF: serum response factor(s**
SRF: Shared Research Facilities**
SRF: Systematic Reconnaissance Flights**
SRF: Sustainability Revolving Fund**
SRF: Slow Release Fertilizers**
SRF: Society of Reproduction and Fertility**
SRF: S-phase-related fraction**
SRF: Salary Release Funds**
SRF: Stephen R Franks**
SRF: Summary Report Form**
SRF: Solid Resources Fee**
SRF: Strain Rate Feedback**
SRF: Ship Repair Facilities**
SRF: Shore Reception Facilities**
SRF: Specialized Resources Function**
SRF: Surge Reduction Filters**
SRF: Service Request Forms**
SRF: Signalling Relay Function**
SRF: Sewer Renovation Federation**
SRF: Sappy Romantic Flicks**
SRF: Society for Reproduction Fertility**
SRF: Salmon Restoration Federation**
SRF: SIRO Research Foundation**
SRF: Sample Request Form**
SRF: School Review Framework**
SRF: Supervision and Regulatory Fees**
SRF: Search Results Findings**
SRF: Southern Riparian Forest**
SRF: Symbol Registration Files**
SRF: Security Reporting Facility**
SRF: Special Rulez Force**
SRF: Solar Revolving Fund**
SRF: Sponsored Radio Features**
SRF: Saving Retirement Fund**
SRF: Sewer Revolving Fund**
SRF: Sugar Research Foundation**
SRF: SAARC Regional Fund**
SRF: Shelter for Refugees Families**
SRF: Somatotropin Releasing Factor**
SRF: Special Research Fellowship**
SRF: Start Read Feed**
SRF: Seminars at Fermilab**
SRF: Sequentially Redundant Faults**
SRF: Sony Raw Format**
SRF: South River Federation**
SRF: Sterling Rock Falls**
SRF: Severe Renal Failure**
SRF: Stimulus Repetition Frequency**
SRF: Student Recreation Facility**
SRF: Self Reporting Form**
SRF: Student Registration Form**
SRF: Sundarbans Reserve Forest**
SRF: State Renewal Fund**
SRF: Student Reg Fees**
SRF: Student Response Facility**
SRF: Science Resources Foundation**
SRF: Shuttle Refurbishment Facility**
SRF: Social Rehabilitation Facilities**
SRF: Safety and Regulation Forum**
SRF: Special Revenue Fed**
SRF: Subject Review Facilitators**
SRF: S Retirement Fund**
SRF: Sequence Read Format**
SRF: Snake River Fall**
SRF: Space Random Functions**
SRF: Structured Rural Finance**
SRF: Shoreline Reference Features**
SRF: Special Response Forces**
SRF: Staffordshire Resilience Forum**
SRF: Standard Refinery Fuel**
SRF: Strategic Results Frameworks**
SRF: Supervised Release File**
SRF: Saturday Rock Fever**
SRF: Save the Rancor Foundation**
SRF: Shatter Resistant Film**
SRF: Sloan Research Fellowships**
SRF: Special Resettlement Fund**
SRF: Spectral Response Fields**
SRF: Streaming Register File**
SRF: Sun Raster Files**
SRF: Scribe Reference Formatting*
SRF: Serum Responsive Factor*
SRF: Side Rearing Facilities*
SRF: Spatial Reference Frame*
SRF: Spectral Response Facility*
SRF: Safer Reading Forums*
SRF: Seedling Root Fluorescence*
SRF: Site Ranking Form*
SRF: Slow Recovery Fronts*
SRF: SMT Request Frame*
SRF: Solar Radiation Facility*
SRF: Student Record Form*
SRF: Serving the Following*
SRF: Solid Rocket Fuel*
SRF: Specific Routed Frame*
SRF: Status Reporting Frame*
SRF: Stochastic Random Function*
SRF: Study and Research Farm*
SRF: Surface Radiative Fluxes*
SRF: Serbian Relief Funds*
SRF: Smithsonian Research Foundation*
SRF: Special Reserve Facility*
SRF: Standard Recirculation Filter*
SRF: Stellar Repulsion Force*
SRF: Sharjah Ramadan Festival*
SRF: Solicitation Release Form*
SRF: Species Response Function*
SRF: Starting Ranking Function*
SRF: Stream Restoration Flows*

Note: Acronym Finder has 81 verified definitions for SRF

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